Fuji X-M1 hands-on videos


The Fuji Guys continued their tradition with two new videos on the recently announced Fuji X-M1 mirrorless camera:

And one more by WhatDigitalCamera:

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  • Dad

    Stupid Nikon, by now you should know how much market share you have lost to Fuji… I want to know how hard could it be to make a retro housing for you sissy 1 system.

    • looh

      Must have no clue how many Nikon 1s are out there, Dad?

      Just get one for Daughter and see. She won’t be as happy with a Fuji because none is WHITE.

      • Drazen B.

        Great return to a silly and ill constructed first comment in this post.

        And I agree about Nikon 1 system in general, its got so much going for it both now and the future.

        Not that Fujifilm cameras are any bad, far from it, but the Nikon 1 is fantastic little system.

        • deb_ch

          At least Nikon delivered a braver approach to system cameras than Canon did..

          Still, for me, the Fuji cameras rock. And so do the Olympus Pen and OM-D. Sony might be nice in terms of picture quality but their menu is so annoying and I don’t really dig their lenses.

          Best in lenses so far is Olympus. But, well, that’s just my opinion of course ,-)

          Both, Fuji and OM-D are much bigger than a Nikon 1 system, so – maybe not quite comparable. I like to put the Nikon 1s in the Pentax auto110 (film) and Pentay Q camera section (although I don’t really know anybody using the Qs). I certainly love those little auto110 cams with their tiny f2.8 lenses (18, 24, 50 + 70mm)

          • It’s like any other system out there. It’s all matter of what one needs. Sure, Nikon 1 system IMHO as former die hard Nikon user is, sensor too small, but AF is nice. Lot of people do not like Pentax Q but I see more girls walking around Japan with Q than a lot of older cameras in m43

            As a Fuji shooter now, I see this camera will have draws to people who want IQ and less fashion. Pentax Q and Nikon 1 look more like fashion add ons than imaging gear, and it sells.

    • zzz

      agree…. We need compact camera with a larger sensor.

    • MJr

      Nikon 1 with retro housing ? I’m guessing you’re not working in marketing.

  • Alex

    I sell all my Nikon for Fuji =)

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