Hasselblad to announce two compact and a DSLR cameras by the end of the year

Hasselblad full frame camera

A recent job listing on Hasselblad's website includes some hints that the company, who recently introduced the Lunar mirrorless camera to the market, is planning to announce two more compact and one DSLR cameras by the end of the year:

"You will be responsible for the worldwide sales of consumer-oriented line of Hasselblad products starting with a mirrorless Lunar and followed already this year with 2 compact cameras and a DSLR.


Another job listing has a similar description:

"We have set extremely high targets for 2013 with planned releases of at 3 new cameras and supporting camera accessories, and we need more talent to help us on this exciting journey."


My guess is that similar to the Lunar, the new Hasselblad cameras will be based on existing Sony products (maybe RX100M2 or RX1R for the compacts) - some drawings already surfaced last year when both companies announced partnership "to enrich product offerings":

Hasselblad compact camera

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  • babola

    The advertised job is a suicide…

    • Pablo Ricasso returned

      So true 😉

    • Carlo Urbacchi

      Exactly – just who would want that job?
      Unless you’re on of those ex-car salesmen with thick skin and can take the verbal attacks and insults.

      • Calibrator

        > Exactly – just who would want that job?

        Some poor sap who is unemployed right now…

    • tertius_decimus

      Job for salesman, 80 level. Requires 12 points of both insult and physical attack resistance.

    • Marco Santa Cruz

      actually after the Lunar… it’s kinda hard to think that the bs that might come next, would be as horrible.

  • Malibar J

    So they still haven’t learned a lesson from their dwindling Lunar sales?
    They want to push out 2 more camera debacles the same year?

    • Calibrator

      These three new cameras are for their other three customers…

    • fjfjjj

      You have Hasselblad sales data? Share with us.

  • decmlu


  • Maverick

    I’d do it. Gimme the cameras for free too

  • Tony Bologna

    Something tells me a drug test will not be a prerequisite for this position.

    • Dpablo Ricasso unleashed

      Oh good. Then I’m IN!

  • fjfjjj

    Hasselblad: A Swedish name for a Japanese camera wearing an ill-fitting Italian suit.

    • waterengineer

      LOL! Funny because it is true.

  • Sergej

    Hasselblad is commiting public suicide!

  • maco

    Another kitchen stuff?

  • Andrew R

    So we can look forward to bling-bling versions of the SLT-A99, RX100 II and RX1R, then.

  • camaman

    Must be that Sony is gonna us them the phase out their DSLRs. By reducing the output volume, cutting new R&D, dressing it up in wood and carbon.
    They do have a shot to sell them to Hasselblad hungry pros out there and milk the Dslr game for a premium some more.

  • tertius_decimus

    Expect A99 (or even A900) with $15000 price tag. Poor Victor Hasselblad, he must be generating electricity by spinning in his coffin. 🙁

    • If they put out an A900 with a D800 (or better) sensor in it… I’d buy one 🙂

      • tertius_decimus

        For $15000?

        • Maybe not for $15000. But $4000 yes. Maybe even $7000 if it could shoot 10fps like a D4 or 1Ds. I’ve got a sizeable investment in Zeiss Alpha glass as well as Minolta G glass. And I’d rather stick with the system I know and love versus upgrading to an a99 (joke camera) or switching and having to fiddle through the awkward Nikon DSLR UI or get frustrated by the poorly laid out Canon controls on one of their DSLRs. I’ve owned 6 Minolta/Sony digital cameras and they’ve become a part of the way that I work.

          The a99’s cheap feel and lousy EVF make me cringe every time I shoot with one 🙁

          • tertius_decimus

            Many people would likely agree that Hasselblad badge-engineering is flat out stupid. Lunar for $7000? Stellar for $1,958.63? Really? Wonder what price figures ‘Blad will set on that DSLR…

            By all means, it’s the most catastrophic brand-dropping ever. 🙁

            I agree that favourite equipment makes one’s workflow more comfortable but there are no ideal systems. As Nikonist myself, I love Canon’s simple ergonomics and Sigma’s Foveon sensor, but I can’t deal with anything other than Capture NX converter.

  • Pat Mann

    Anecdotally, you can say there is one person who is not going to buy one of these cameras. That would be me. Not a big sample, but some extrapolation is probably justified.

  • Markintosh_x

    God, what is wrong with this guys:(((

  • Bill

    Apparently Rolls Royce are introducing a new small car. It’s based on a previous model Hyundai but with some very special walnut panels stuck on, sorry I mean fitted.

    Apparently the price will be quite competitive by Rolls Royce standards.

    • c.d.embrey

      Have you heard about the Aston-Martin Cygnet ?? http://www.astonmartin.com/cars/aston-martin-cygnet

      • Nick

        But the cygnet was never designed to be sold – it’s just to comply with EU regulations on emissions across all the cars offered for sale (not sold) by a European manufacturer.

  • c.d.embrey

    Hasselblad will be gone in a couple of years. This looks like a typical destroy the company to make profit for a Hedge Fund move.

  • FDF

    So.. they’ll call these Martian, Venetian and Mercurian?

    • geg


  • CJ

    They determined to destroy a good name in the end.

  • BklynPigeon

    every camera company makes poor decisions…

    I dont think Hasselblad is spending much on R&D. its just a Sony camera with a Hasselblad frame..

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    just quit while you’re… just quit!

  • zerotator

    poor people comments, little minds, never been to scandinavia? how about being open minded for a change?

    • boo

      Open minded for a $2495 RX100?

      I feel sorry for Scandinavia.

    • tertius_decimus

      How does this reboxed Sony with outwordingly ridiculous price tag make Sweden shine?

  • Manubawa

    I can hear victor hasselblad sobbing

  • joe

    this is so sad hasselblad! build your own camera with the help of sony and don’t repack them and sell them for extreme money! this is LAME!
    …and how should anybody sell such a lame product!?

  • Giorgio

    Probably I can suggest to Hasselblad, that I still use, to rethink a wonderful Sony model from the 2004. The Cybershot R-1 was the first camera with a fix Zeiss short zoom f.2.8 24/120 an APS-C sensor and a body very interesting, the mirror was digital, of course, but the display was on the top, like on Hassalblad! The model lasted only 8 months, than started the Minolta like reflex cameras…..

  • waterengineer

    Doesn’t Fuji make the current Hasselblad “D” series?

  • Mangap

    Hasselblad must give something better for the price.
    Otherwise many people will not buy it.

    make something really good. so nobody will give bad comments on Hasselblad

  • Mark James Luzzi

    More tarted up Japanese camera’s with bad style and high prices

  • henryezra

    even the Pentax K01 look much much better than these designs …

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