Hasselblad’s drawings for a compact camera based on the Sony RX100

Hasselblad will probably also market a small compact camera based on the Sony RX100 ($648) - one of the best compact cameras today. Digifotopro overlaid one of Hasselblad's drawings and it matches perfectly with the RX100 design:

This is how the Sony RX100 looks from the front and the top:

Here is the original drawing for the Hasselblad A-mount camera:

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  • Z

    No … not that phallic grip again …

    • Red Fez

      It’s geared towards chick and those of us men who just love the shape of a classic American hot dog. Ding ding, wieners for all.

  • This camera is a joke…

  • Camaman

    This one will be only $3500. 🙂

  • David K.K. Hansen

    For the Hasselblad A-mount camera, why on earth (or moon) is there a picture of a SWC camera next to the drawings? Besides for them both having a lens, there isn’t any other aspect they share!

    Oh poor Victor. Never in his wildest nightmares could he have ever predicted that one day his name would represent cameras like these.

  • Opps!

    Hasselbing disgrace ! What a marketing disaster to promote itself with out substance. This so call design develpment (with nice material) is so superficial 🙁

  • KT

    Great, for the same price you’ll have the choice of buying the Sony RX-1 with a full-frame 24 MP sensor or the Hasselblad version of the RX-100 with a wooden handle. Hummm, choices, choices…. so choose wisely.

  • gt

    They’re really disrespecting the intelligence of consumers with these products

  • Hasselblad is catching a lot of flak for these modified Sony designs. If all they do is re-package, then they will lose their historic place in photography.

    But there is a chance they may do well with these cameras. Sony’s cameras have had technical excellence (good sensors and electronic components) but poor usability – awkward and/or missing controls, poor firmware, missing options – the kind of stuff Nikon generally gets right. So if Hasselblad gets that stuff right, they might gain a reputation as the camera Sony should have built. I’d strongly consider a NEX 7 in a better body with better controls for a $500 premium. But US$ 6500 is an insane price for me. No doubt they look at what Leica gets for the M series and thinks “why not us?” I hope they are just testing the water to see how much they can get away with. And it might work – look at the prices people pay for designer shoes, handbags and watches. But if people laugh at them and call them “suckers” then I believe they will have really destroyed the brand.

    They might pull it off. But it won’t be photographers that buy the camera – it will be the wealthy that want’s everyone to know how rich he is.

    • Calibrator

      > I’d strongly consider a NEX 7 in a better body with better controls for a $500 premium.

      I consider the NEX 7 already overpriced in it’s simple body.

      Good electronics, yes, but not overly expensive to make (sensor size not full frame and they make a lot of the electronics themselves) and all of the mechanics are cheap.

      The whole mirrorless affair is a big profit deal – no wonder they all of them (except the DSLR market leaders) concentrate on it.

  • Hassellol

    If Hasselblad are smart, they’d stop now.

    The Lunar is an abortion, but this defies logic – take a compact and add bulk to it. Christ, did everyone at the Hasselblad office invite Sony over, take a tonne of acid and asked to interpretive dance a new camera?

  • Peter

    Oh please Hasselblad just stop with this! Why are you persisting to push these awful designs on us. Admit you’re wrong and go back to the drawing board.

  • Renato S.

    Please, can someone make a montage like the other Hasselblad? hahahahahahaha…

  • Victor Hasselblad

    Oh no! They strike again…

  • Leica is the same

    Ok, I dispise Hasselblad for doing this…
    BUT… Doesn’t Leica pull the SAME BS with Panasonic as well with D-lux..?!
    Charging it twice as much as the LX5…
    Just saying…

    • SameSameButDifferent

      At least Leica has always taken a rather low profile marketing approach of those rebranded Panasonic cameras. Leica’s main marketing has always been their rangefinder and recently the S-system, those rebranded Panasonics are just there to complete the product lineup for maximising profit.

      However, Hasselblad in this case totally misjudged the situation and have no shame but to unveiled and show such idiotic product with such huge publicity,and even have the boldness to price the camera with identical internals for 5 times the price(when the Sony NEX-7 is by no means cheap camera at the first place).

      On top of that, you paid 5 times more, but ultimately get a product 100 times worse looking. Leica did the same? Not really.

    • BP2012

      Leica is making lens and not grips for those Panasonic cameras. That’s a big difference.

  • Yet another arrogant company. Remember what happened to Kodak?

    • Calibrator

      Kodak is a different case: They sniffed to much on their developer bottles.

  • Camaman

    This is waaaay worse than what Leica did.
    They hide their rebrands and just make money silently.

    And Hasselblad trying to deny this is a re-brand? Who are they kidding. Very Very disrespectful.
    I hope they stop Sony, cause it will destroy their image.
    And then Sony will buy them, and make a better disguised product…

  • Why

    The RX100 may have a good sensor but it’s a toy as long as it has no viewfinder. I hope Hassy will add one and keep the cost in check.

  • Narretz

    What has been bugging me all the time is that none of the grips on these cameras look comfortable or ergonomical. Not so much with this sketch, but the other looked like it would be really awkward to hold them.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    What Panasonic and Leica are doing is much more of a cooperation (like Hasslichblad claims to do here with Sony) than a simple re-branding.
    Panasonic delivers the electronics (not sure who makes the sensor) and Leica supplies the lenses. Then they finish the product to their own specifications and branding requirements. Yes, the Leica costs a bit more, but also comes with good software.
    Leica doesn’t just simply put a badge on a Panasonic. And apparently there is a small but discernible edge in IQ for the Leica versions, so they must be doing something more too.

    Sticking a grip on and a badge is re-branding, short and simple. I really hope Hasselblad proves us all wrong and their products prove to be significantly better in every way than their ‘donors’. I really do. I’ve owned a 500c, a 503CW and a 205TCC, all were great cameras. If they had just kept these new designs understated and professional looking, with a ‘somewhat premium’ price tag, I’m sure they’d have been welcomed with interest. But “improving” a great, pocketable compact by sticking a massive chunk of dead tree on it reeks of pure desperation.

  • Daan

    There is a different result from product driven people and money driven managers. Hasselblad was 6 x 6 and for a lot of photographers liked it, a lot! And than a manager changed the format because there was more money in other formats..

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