Hasselblad goes into damage control mode

After being ridiculed on the Internet (somebody even came up with the term "Hasselbling" Hasselblad came out and try to defend their new Lunar mirrorless camera. In an interview with BJP, company's representatives tried to explain their position and idea behind the Lunar:

"I've heard a lot of crazy things about this camera. People are talking about ‘rebranding'. I think rebranding is something really different than what we've done. We have, in this industry, many examples of what rebranding actually is. In their case, it's not a partnership, it's an original equipment manufacturer process, because their cameras aren't really different. They use a different logo, but the cameras are made of the same material, are sprayed with the same paint, and are assembled in the same factory, with the same low-cost labour forces. It's not a partnership. What we're doing is creating different cameras. What we are doing is buying different components from the best suppliers, and applying our knowledge and expertise to create a different camera. This is not a NEX 7 camera, just because we are buying components from Sony. The hardware is just a small part of the whole. It's not because we're using a Sony sensor that it makes the Lunar a Sony camera."

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  • knap

    why they don’t just get in the jewelery business?

    otoh, i have a renault mègane they can pimp up a bit, so i can sell it as expensive as if it were a bentley

    • El Aura

      You know that Aston Martin is pimping up a Toyota iQ to sell it at about three times the price (under the name Aston Martin Cygnet):

      • Andy

        Well the Aston Martin Cygnet has a specific purpose and it does it pretty well. The EU dictates that your car models must average a certain mpg and I assume that it’s tough to do that when your line-up only consists of V8 and V12 sports cars.

        • ProtoWhalePig

          It’s still just a Toyota with an Astom Martin badge.

    • As exemple


      Volvo with Renault engines…

      Rolls Royce with BMW engines…

      Lamborghini with VW engines…

      Bugatti with VW engines…

      The tradition is not what it was.

  • Tindley

    Hey Danny Meyer opened Shake Shack, Mario Batali has sauce in a jar, and Michael Graves sells at target along with Marc Jacobs. Why shouldn’t Hasselblad get in the toilet too. I mean go down market. Just slap a little lipstick on the pig and a big price tag and as P.T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

  • Mat

    They can do so much better. I feel they are just trying to get into a market they are completely unfamiliar with. They should look at what Fuji is doing rather than Sony. The XPANII is a great start, epson made a cheap rangefinder and still does, so could Hasselblad! They would sell so many more if they took that rout. Ive never considered a Hasselblad, but if they came out with a medium format for around $4000 with a kit lens, now were talkin….. I know prestige is something when your buying these cameras, but I also know too many people who shoot with Hasselblads, and how easy I can pick one up off eBay is.

    • camerageek

      If they had done MF at $4K that would be news as the cheapest MF system currently available is about $10K.

      In truth if this were a Mirrorless with say a 45mmx45mm senor with acceptable AF (doesn’t need to be OMD/NEX fast, just accurate) or a great manual focus with say a 80/2.8 Zeiss as the normal for $6k-$9k then we would be happy. But to rebrand a NEX-7 (reports from Photokina say when the camera is turned on the rear screen says it’s a Sony NEX-7) and just design a new case is frankly idiotic.

  • “Pimp my Body”

    • Pimpelblad


      • e_impact

        LOL – love your name

  • Gho2sH

    probably Hasselblad need to change the game. They should call this thing “The Sony Nex-7 Limited Hasselblad edition”, so $5500 is only for buying a 1 of 100 which another one were bought by ken_r*ckwell.. .

    • Kock Renwell

      The Hasselblad Lunar takes pictures as well as my Minolta Maxxum 7 but I don’t have to go to Wal-Mart to get the pictures developed. The lens mount is perfect and smoother than even my Nikon D4x or my Leica M3. The Lunar focuses perfectly every time and even takes my Canon FD lenses. Hasselblad forgot to mark the power button, but you can print out the power button symbol below and stick it onto the case. It took me hours of research to make the power button logo, so please support this site.



      • Gho2sh


        but it is lack of the U1,U2 total recall and Nikon brand on it’s body.

  • Sergio Spinola

    If I could effort it I would own a Leica M9 Titanium. I do not see the difference, I love my Nex 7, and if the price is not too overboard, I would be very happy to buy a second body beautifully dress by Hasselblad. The carbon body is a kill. Good job, now….., if only the price…..

  • Al Brown

    Just one word: Edsel.

    • clca


  • Opps!

    Hasselbling disgrace ! What a marketing disaster to promote itself with out substance. This so call design develpment (with nice material) is so superficial

  • Opps!

    Hasselblad: Are these cameras intended for the Rich or true Artist ? Maybe you should think a little more about your marketing and branding strategy before destroy your core value.

  • an onymous

    I for one don’t care too much that Hasselblad are trying to make something in similar fashion with Leica/Panasonic, but the very arrogant tone of Hasselblad’s new business development manager, Luca Alessandrini with very pathetic explanations is right out silly and a misjudgement if not even an insult on the intelligence of their potential customers and other camera lovers who all sees the King is naked.

    Hasselblad may go on with their new project as I believe the customers they are aiming at are different, few and most probably have the money and may be able to sell a few, but the defense is inexcusable.

    Just check out this video, anyone can see the firmware of the new Hasselblad Lunar display states “NEX-7” which means the the whole interior is a complete intact Sony NEX-7, the only differences may be software related, such as value de-/increment of ISO, shutter speed, different menu, etc… all which are not related to the hardware and just need a simple reprogramming.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    In one word: Hasslichblad
    (it’s perfect if you speak German)

    It is the kind if “design” you’d expect if some bored middle aged housewife dies an evening course in design for 2-3 months with a nice inkjet-printed certificate at the end. If this lady then also happens to be sleeping with someone high up in the investment firm, then she is well set to become their new “designer” of choice. I have actually seen this happen in a company… The results were very grim for everyone involved.

    I can see what they are trying to do. And sure, Leica does the same with Panasonic, but the Leicasonics at least look nice, come with some premium software and have a bearable markup. Leica knows that their customers knows the origin of their cameras and doesn’t try to arrogantly insult their intelligence.

    Sure, I would have loved a digital x-pan, but I think it is simply too difficult to construct if you beat in mind the angles at wich the light will hit the photo sites at the far ends of a panoramic sensor with a lens so close to the focal plane.

    In my humble and uneducated opinion, Hassy should have launched their DSLR first, simply because that is a smaller step down from the current H series and it will look like a cheaper alternative to the big guns. It would also be much less of a ‘shock’ to introduce their new ‘styling’ in a DSLR type body as the body shape would be far more accommodating to this design direction. Then once this has been received well ( or at least with less hostility…) they could gradually introduce the other lower end products. But only if the DSLR lives up to its -expected-reputation. Hasslichblad may think it is easier to break into the mirrorless market, but by doing it with an overpriced marketing massacre, they have already robbed any future products of credibility. What a shame. This happens far too often when business people take over companies without having any kind of real understanding of the brand legacy or values associated with it and only look at profits.

    I can just picture a fat cat sitting in his office, trying to push through this “design” because his mistress came up with the name “lunar” (she’s sooooo adorably clever….) and convinced him by pointing out that the control wheels really look like “mini moon buggy wheels”. Awwwww not just blonde and big boobs, she’s clever too…

    • Eugenio


  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Hey Admin,

    How about getting one of your click through resellers to pony up an NEX-7 as a prize for the reader who sends in the best (or most hilarious, but I’d say Hassy would win then…) re-badge design to make the NEX-7 look Hasselblad-worthy? 😀
    Like you did with the D4 design competition on Nikonrumors.
    Come on… You know you want to…

    • I am not sure anyone will be willing to support a giveaway that makes fun of Hasselblad.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Ah… Yes… I can see how that would not work. 😀

        Since so many people here (including arrogant little me) seem to know exactly what they want or don’t want, maybe Hassleblad should launch a design competition themselves. Even if just to get a feel for what their potential customer base wants.

        If they could come up with a FF true rangefinder with elegant looks at a price that is 20% lower than Leica, and with a Hassleblad badge on it…. Rawr!!

  • KGB

    Leica and RED have both released their black and white only cameras recently. No color mode, black and white. One trick ponies via the way-back machine….
    Hasselblad buys components from various manufacturers, nothing new or unusual there, but, when they construct their final product, you get a Hasselblad, with all the bells and whistles that comes with the name.
    Now, why not go and point and laugh at Leica and RED for their forward thinking of giving you a wonderful, groundbreaking black and white camera you didn’t even know you wanted?
    I’ll go out on a limb and say not a single commenter has ever even held a Hasselblad let alone bought one, so I’d say the complaints are moot.
    Now, before the expected complaints, no, I’ve never owned a Hasselblad either, but I have every reason to expect their Lunar will be very different from a Sony Nex-7 and produce Hasselblad quality photographs.
    It’s just a camera remember, and it will not shoot only black and white…

  • Jojo

    If you look at the report on this camera from UK’s AP magazine, their report includes a picture of Hassleblad CEO holding the camera. It looks as if even he doesn’t find the grip very useful!


  • 6 x 6

    Hasselblad was 6 x 6.

    • Zeissdarling

      To expand on that – if any company came out with a square digital sensor Rollei style or a more compact Hasselblad, with a high rez of say 40mp.. they would become legend and sweep the board. Why concentrate on the gadget-fetish wannabe photographer instead of the art/photography student market .. which surely has more influence on the other photogs and is more dedicated?

      • 6 x 6


  • Zeissdarling

    If the software and processor is different and it takes various Hassleblad lenses they have a point .. in luxury camera market terms, but otherwise there’s a lot of foolery going on. Seems the companies are still hedging their bets in chucking out mirrorless cameras and obviously H wants a piece of the action. But why pay this money for that sensor size?

    • Sahaja

      “Hassleblad lenses”? – there is no such thing. The Hasselblad name was long ago.bought out by investment companies and has changed hands several times since. They don’t make anything themselves.

  • Hasselhof

    Even Holga makes more sense…

  • Canon 46M
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