Prototype of rumored Pentax 360 degree digital camera shown at Photokina

Back in May I reported a rumor that Pentax is working on a new 360 degree digital camera. Quesabesde spotted a prototype of the camera at Photokina:

"It is a device consisting of two circular chambers, presumably with a coverage of 180 degree each, capable of generating a spherical image with a single shot."

Update: DCWatch published two more images with simulated screen capture from the 360 degree camera:


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  • NIck

    You will need to put the self timer and hide behind a rock or something else!

    • Joe

      Haha. Nice.

  • BP2012

    Is this thing usable only for self-portraits? 🙂

    • MB

      No, you could use it for weight lifting too!

      • SS

        Than we have to buy it in pairs, one for each hand !

  • JC

    Pray to God the security industry will pay some interests in this thing, or NASA will put it on next Mars Probe…. Good luck making money off it.

    • BP2012

      You are right, it could be a very interesting product for some specific industrial purposes.

      • Michael

        If this turns out decent, Google will buy it. Google’s setup of taking 360 degrees shots aren’t good.

  • Paul

    It’s probably intended for people like real estate agents who want to do quick panoramas of the rooms in the house they are selling. It would need to have fairly fool-proof software to correct the distortion though.

    • Andre

      Real estate agents and foolproof shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. 😀

  • Can you do Around the World and Walk the Dog?

    • Martijn

      +1 LOL

  • I believe Nikon made 180 image lenses for a tire manufacturer for the QA portion of the tire assembly line. The image snaps a picture of the inside of the tire. My Google-Fu is weak at the moment. Perhaps Pentax wants to get into industrial optics. Interesting.

  • Lars

    Well, it looks interesting at least, more like a funky speaker than anything else. But they could have gotten some help with the translations… “One shot takes all around” and “Rundum-Blick mit einem click”.. Well actually the German translation makes more sense and it rhymes as well..

    I just can’t get the “One shot takes all around” phrase out of my mind. Sounds like some chinese guy trying to sell you crazy drugs…

  • Art K.

    They should call it – Yo-Yo Cam

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