Pentax to announce another rugged model and a new 360 degree digital camera

In addition to the 645D replacementanother DSLR and a third mirrorless solution (after the Q and K-01), Pentax is also planning to announce an updated ultra-rugged WG camera and a completely new 360 degree digital camera - probably something similar to this Tamaggo 360° imager. The Pentax WG-2 was the last rugged, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and sh*tproof camera announced in February, 2012.

Recently the price of the Pentax Q dropped by 40%. Maybe the new mirrorless camera will be just a refresh of the Q line and not an entirely new product.

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  • CullT

    Please let it be a k5 replacement teaser .. I know it’s a big wish, but I’m allowed to do it.

  • Spag

    Waiting for “What’s a Pentax?” to troll for some good laughs…

    • What’s a Pentax?

      If you want a good laugh, check Pentax quality control. It doesn’t exist. The review of the Pentax K-01 on confirms this.

      Pentax is now more expensive to use than Nikon and Canon. Pentax prices are too high for the too little that is being offered.

  • What’s a Pentax

    Now let’s see……What shall I complain about today?

    • What’s a Pentax?

      Pentax products never live up to their hype. Unless you can hype disappointment.


      I’m glad you guys remember me, but it’s not cool to use another person’s screen name.

      Ned is that you? How does it feel to be complete corporate tool?

      I’m glad I left Pentax and went Full Frame.

      Nikon brings out the D800/e, some really cool lenses, Canon the 5D MKIII and Pentax responds with an updated Q.

      Great strategy!

      Pentax, winning by defeat?

      • Stu

        What’s a Pentax – failing by trolling himself.

        There, fixed that for you.

      • Harold Ellis

        they dont compete. look at sale numbers. sure they are in some kind of profit, because it is all cheap chinese electronic sold for more then (50$) BOM.

        It makes them only look relevant because publishing info on the net is cheap.

  • pentaxer

    a new Q with bigger sensor!

    • BP2012

      Yes, I also think it’s gonna be something in NEX-F3 class priced between Q and K-01

  • Gex

    Just improve your AF Pentax… Just improve your AF….

    PS. And please don’t feed us with more crap like the K01…

    • befocus

      ever tried it before state that? is a nice camera, and seeing it actually is not ugly at all, the only flaw is the lack of an evf, but my friend use it with a lcdVF and is like having a huge bright vf

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