Three new Pentax DSLRs by the end of the year, fourth full frame camera a possibility

Some Pentax rumors coming from the Russian Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo  2012 - the first three cameras are supposed to be announced by the end of 2012:

  1. New entry level DSLR (maybe this rumor about a new mirrorless camera got lost in translation?)
  2. A new DSLR placed between the K-r and K-5 models (Pentax K-r is already discontinued)
  3. A replacement of the K-5 model (some reports indicated that the K-5 is discontinued)
  4. The fourth statement was not clear, but the representative mentioned not to sell old K-mount full frame lenses, hinting that the fourth camera could be a full frame Pentax DSLR. Rumors about a full frame Pentax camera have been circulating for a while - see this and this post.

Via PentaxForums

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  • What’s the point

    Why is it that the different colors are considered more important than everything else?

    • Alex

      You tell me. There isn’t anything about different colors in this rumor, only the fake image that was around the web few weeks ago, and Photorumors decided to reuse it.
      They’re also reusing the 1st April joke.

    • BornOptimist

      For me it’s just as important as art-filters -meaning totally un-important.

  • BP2012

    Oh lord won’t you buy me a Pentax FX.
    My friends all shoot Canons, I must make amends.
    Worked hard all my lifetime no help from my friends.
    So, oh lord won’t you buy me a Pentax FX.

    • Zaph

      Which color, my son?

  • Does this mean Sony’s going to release a FF before that because they’re likely the FF sensor supplier?

    • Really hope it’s the new 36MP sensor and not the old 24MP one. If they price it cheap enough compared to the D800, would be very interesting… I of course will be breaking the translucent mirror off 😀

      • Bare

        If they put a 24MP FF sensor in a A99 surely it won’t be old 24MP.

  • daniel charms

    An interesting tidbit from that Russian forum post: the rep also said that Ricoh have doubled the engineering staff at Pentax. So I guess they’re taking R&D pretty seriously.

    The three new non-FX DSLR-s might mean they’re moving towards a system similar to Canon or Nikon: a cheap entry-level camera (like the Nikon D3x00) with dozens of shiny colours to choose from (the rumoured K-z), something on the level of xx0D/D5x00, and something like the x0D/K-5.

  • Warpig

    I think the “not selling old K lenses” means that they might bring back the de-crippled mount so the aperture ring could be fully operational, wich is very good, to me at last.

    Or a hint…

  • MB
  • grnd

    Actually it is said there about “4 new Pentax DSLRs in 2012_FINANCIAL_ year”

    And also some more corrections:
    “there was a stress made on fullframe-compatibility of the new lenses as scheduled to come up according to the current roadmap”

    + it is told that K-01 has a feature of autofocus during video shooting – user should keep the AF button pressed while shooting

  • FMJ

    Pentax doesn’t price their camera cheap, so i don’t think their first FF will be cheap(er) than its competitors.

    but are all the modern k-mount lens FF compatible?

    if not, Pentax has to bring a line of new lens?

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