Fuji looking into the possibility of a full frame mirrorless camera, some XF lenses will be compatible

Fujifilm X-Pro1 sensor

Fujifilm X-Pro1 sensor

In a recent interview Fujifilm's operations manager Hiroshi Kawahara said that the company is looking into the possibility of a full frame mirrorless camera. With the exception of some wide angle models, the current XF lenses are designed to cover a full frame sensor.

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  • jqsk

    A FF Fuji X would be really, really cool.

    • This way sounds very logical to me. And if the lenses are designed to cover a full frame sensor, i can’t be more happy.
      I just have to sell all my Nikon stuffs.

  • Donji Hogfan

    High MP X-Trans!

  • fuckfuji

    just fucking learn how to improve the focus system first fuji

    • Rolleiflex

      That and the foliage problem. As for the focus, I heard that the new firmware helped with the speed and MF usage.

      • Pdf Ninja

        Last I heard the watercolor foliage problem was an issue with Adobe CameraRaw/Lightroom related to Fuji’s RAW format. JPEGs are fine, so are other RAW processors, such as SILKYPIX. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Rolleiflex

          It’s documented on FredMiranda that the foliage problem happens with all raw developers in specific situation, but the severity varies (LR is the worst). That’s why some photographers can still shoot with Fuji because it does not happen often and foliage is not important at time. Still, it’s such a glaring fault.

        • keith

          agree ninja.

    • Ryu

      Just stick with your Nikon dude!

    • Ozbaz

      I have used the focus system and it is not that bad. If the new firmware improves it further then it will be more than usable. Can we just build a bridge and get over this over blown criticism of the Fuji focus system

      • E


      • It’s not overblown. Have you tried using a Fuji x for street or photojournalism. The focus is slow and it misses 40% of the time. I often have to wait foe the focus to lock or refocus cause it misses the focus. Especially in close distance.

        Maybe if you were shooting brick walls and sleeping cats/dogs, the focus maybe fast enough, but it is slowww compared to its competitors.

        • Robert Falconer

          Not anymore it doesn’t.

          2.0 – while not industry beating – is now plenty fast … and far more accurate in low light. I haven’t been able to fool it once yet!

          A full-frame X-Trans sensor will turn the industry on its ear overnight.

        • Jon

          Focus is fine for me in street photography. Learn how to use the camera and stop crying. Its not a dslr. Cheers.

          • anyone can use zone focusing, I’m talking about the actual AF, even manual AF by wire is pretty useless. Learn to read and stop bitching, standards have moved up.

          • Jon

            I was talking about AF. It works fine with street photography. I’m not sure what you mean by manual AF… manual autofocus does sound pretty useless in general because it doesn’t make any sense. Seriously bro, learn how to use the camera. It’s actually quite wonderful once you learn how to use it. Cheers x2

        • Ben

          Hmmmm…. my M’s are also pretty slow to autofocus…. how did those guys do it?

          • Don’t worry just keep practicing you’ll get used to your M lens. And btw M lens don’t have autofocus, they’re a manual focus lens, you have to adjust the focus ring with your fingers, maybe that’s why your finding it hard to autofocus.

            Anyway if you think that’s slow you should try manual focusing with a Fuji x100.

    • KS

      Check out the recent firmware update 2.0 for X-Pro1. Heaven and earth difference. Maybe I’m exaggerating but at least 50% from what I’ve seen.

      • Seb

        Well, i found it to be exactly the same as before. Maybe its because i know how to use a CD-AF and it was more than fast enough for me before already, but im not noticing any improvement in speed at all. People just have to learn how to use that Camera.

  • Mark

    I’m not totally sure that this is correct. If you place the 35mm 1.4 under a long light (like a office fluorescent light) you can see the area of coverage. To me it does not appear to cover a full frame at all. They would have to make a crop mode like Nikon has.

    Personally I think the advantage is overstated. There isn’t much a 50mm 1.4 would add to the already amazing 35mm 1.4.

  • fjfjjj

    Completely shocking revelation that the current XF lenses cover 24x36mm, if it’s true. Then again, maybe they mean “covers full frame” like Nikon meant it when they produced the “skinny” 70-200mm AF-S.

  • nice

    I will be waiting Fuji, hurry up!

  • mythbuster

    Fuji X lenses are 1st class in the actual format but I doubt they will perform the same in a FF sensor (vignetting, corners resolution…). For me the X system is now good enough, no need to go FF.

  • Ozbaz

    I agree that a good aps c lens could be very different on a full frame. However, it full frame has been part if their plan all along them maybe the lenses will be fine on FF. I would love to see a Fuji competitor to the Sony RX1. They could make ff lenses which can be used on the xpro1 etc like ef lenses can be used on a crop sensor camera. They are just bigger.

  • Suggestion

    Pretty cool revalation! It makes sense, considering there are smaller “M mount” lenses that cover FF. But I suspect that this would push these lenses to their limits (probably we would have very soft coners when wide open). So my suggestion is a sensor slightly smaller, with a crop factor around 1.2x. I think that an X-Trans sensor this size would certainly be able to offer us the same or even surpass the IQ of a “traditional” Full-Frame sensor in some aspects (except DOF). That would bring us the con of having unusual focal lenghs, like 42mm, 72mm, etc. In other hand many advantages and it coud be good for the size and the final price of the whole thing.
    Let’s imagine that with the same dimentions, X-pro1 had this 1.2x croped sensor and only EVF (instead of HVF). I would have no doubt, I’d buy it! That would make the extra U$700,00 worth it!

  • Tijmen

    Very, very interesting for sure!
    Fuji is killing it right now. Can’t wait what they’re going to come out with the next two years. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I’m shooting Fuji within 2 years – even earlier maybe/

  • Z

    First to FF mirrorless interchangeable … that would rock FUJI …

    • Sky

      I still think Sony will be first – they got everything ready. From sensor through body to the system and adapters.
      Only think missing is actual NEX stills camera using FF sensor.
      And only reason it’s not here is waiting for a market to cool down in order to have a real *bang* with the release.
      My bet goes for first half of 2013. Probably closer to June/May.

      Fuji meanwhile is in the middle of nowhere. They struggle with making cameras that work (yay, AF!), not even saying about having anything to support FF sensor system. Or even: getting the FF sensor itself.

      • fjfjjj

        The only thing missing? How about a decent menu system, or traditional controls?

  • meme

    Fuji doesn’t have the balls or the resources to pull it off at this time..
    Leave it to the electronic giants.

    • E

      Are u serious? They have been one of the giants for years! Maybe not for the dslr world but in film,medium format, lenses for broadcasting, and innovation….hellyes. If they wanted to they could and will if they want to.

      If fuji delivered an x100 type fixed lens ff frane camera under 2500. Many would come…even 3grand

      • Rolleiflex

        Dream on buddy. Fuji doesn’t have any budget body to speak of. Hassy switched to Fuji from Zeiss and you can see how their sale got worse. So if they actually come out with a fixed lens FF camera, don’t think it would be cheaper than the RX1. I would say at least 25% more expensive.

        • mythbuster

          …and for sure a 100% better

        • fjfjjj

          “meme” and “Rolleiflex” are the same person

          Fuji has more balls than any company in this industry right now. Open your eyes.

    • Dr Croubie

      Fuji may or may not have the resources (I reckon that they do, but I haven’t seen their balance sheet). But they’ve got more balls than most of the big players. Just look at the EOS 6D and the J1 for examples of “we don’t want to cannibalise sales of our better stuff, so we’ll just release something that sucks”. We need more companies with balls to challenge the big 2, because other no competition = no innovation.

    • Ryu

      Do you know that Fujifilm corp. is bigger than Nikon and canon? Admittedly their camera division is not the bulk of the company but if they chose to throw in their resources, they can easily do that.

  • FF and a look a like Leica and I will buy it.

    • Sky

      I’d prefer it to look more like X100 then Leica.

      • +1 Digital Leicas don’t look as nice as x100

  • “…some current, wider, focal-length lenses would not be fully compatible with full-frame…”

    So much for my 18mm lens working on FF camera. (Since 18mm is widest made at moment.)

    Hopefully pancake lens coming out will work on FF mirrorless.

    • Ryu

      I think they have layout this FF plan for awhile already… This might explain why the upcoming 23mm is substantially bigger than the current Lens of the x100. Which in theory they could have easily just made interchangeable version for the x pro 1 if they intended to stick with aps c format.

      • this was my first thought when I saw the pic of the huge 23mm. though on aps-c it would have been the perfect focal lenght for me, not so much on FF. I doubt the 35mm would perform on FF. So the wait for proper 35mm(which I’m missing now, as 35mm make a 50 on xp1) will start again.
        Any thoughts on the Zeiss?

  • Excellent

    Finally someone is doing this! What’s the point you may ask? I want to use my legacy lenses on a proper body with proper manual focus assist. I have been using Canons so far but there is room for improvement. However, Fuji must get past its software glitches, both in the UI and in the RAW format.

  • I would preorder 🙂

  • Gethin

    Why don’t fujifilm pursue video more actively. They made motion picture stock for years after all. They don’t even mention video in the ad for the x e1

  • Henry

    And an affordable price.
    That’s what we need!
    Did Zeiss Ikon (Cosina) hear this?……

  • AM

    Easiest thing for Fuji to do is a full sensor sized x100. Keep the body as small as possible, hybrid VF, weatherproof, style as existing, and price it at $2000-2500, and they’ll A- have a nitch market winner and B- establish themselves seriously in the FF market with (another) iconic camera.

  • Michael

    I guess if Fuji goes FF they will quit making XPro1 and make a FF version out of it.

    To make LEICA customers switch over to FUJI.

    First leaks should be seen in theel beginning of next year.

    Available around the same months as XPro1 but 2013.

    That will be a real step up from the XE-1.

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