Canon full frame compact camera?


In addition to "SLR EOS M", "PowerShot" and "IXUS", Canon France has two interesting placeholders on their website: one is labeled as "Compact 24x36", the second is called "Compact APS". Is Canon really preparing to a launch a new APS-C based (not a big surprise here) and a full frame compact camera? Could this actually be the "BIG" upcoming announcement and not the EOS 70D? Definitely an interesting development a day after Sony introduced their RX1R compact full frame camera.

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  • peter

    Refers to old analog cameras…calm down!

    • Zos Xavius

      Actually its interesting. The compact full frame link works but goes to a page with blank pull downs. You might be right, but it seems odd they would even put that there on a website that was designed fairly recently and then to have no further information. Placeholder might be the right term here….

      • Ufupuw

        There is a similar page at, with a ’35mm compact cameras’ link. The link points to…. the Canon Sure Shot 150u, a compact film body released 9 years ago.

        • Ken Rockwell


      • peter

        yes it seems odd, but such things happen in the www. There´s a lot of wishful thinking when it comes to big sensor compacts. Canon will for sure come out with an aps-c sensor compact in the near future, but this is definetly no hint at it. Don´t even think about fullframe compacts in the near future.

  • saywhatuwill

    If it is and the price is right, I’ll buy it.

    • fjfjjj

      Plastic body, 58mm f/6.3 lens, no viewfinder, no RAW, built-in 2GB memory, MSRP $199.

  • madmax

    A camera is much more than a big sensor inside! Ergonomy, viewfinder, screen, lens, construction quality, all are very important. Shame on Canon if they again launch a M series-like, sub-featured camera with a bigger sensor.

    • Yeah shame if someone comes up with an interchangeable lens full frame cmpact that can take all kinds of lenses.

      • madmax

        I guess you would be very happy having a shoe box with a BIG sensor attached to it. Do you have size related problems?

        • Dpablo Ricasso unfiltered

          Yes. I would like that very much. Or just a sensor big enough for a 6×7 even. Someone tell Hasselbleed.

        • lollus

          lol that was funny, and you are right, a camera is so much more than a sensor, and most recent cameras are overpriced toys.

        • lol… the internet is full of whining babies who will easily dismiss a camera that can take very good photos just because of the way it fits in your hands or some silly reason like that. The problem is you guys don’t know what’s good from what’s bad… so you have too many choices and complain instead.

          • madmax

            We are “whining babies”? 😉 Seriously, probably you also got firmness problems in your camera gear. Get a good technician to replace sensor and search a good third party grip.

          • Sorry, I meant to say whining babies who can’t even figure out how to register a handle.

          • yawn

            Everytime someone puts you down you always use that same lame line.. getting a little old don’t you think?

          • Telling me to have my sensors replaced by a technician is putting me down?

            After hearing these sorts of things I wonder if these blogs are frequented by lab experiments.

          • Guest

            That was not my point you idiot. My point was about how you use the same stupid line all the time. Is that too much to get through your thick head?

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