“Big” Canon announcement in the next few weeks?

Canon EOS 3D DSLR camera

This Canon EOS 3D camera was found on eBay, I think it's fake 🙂

The latest rumors: "Canon have been inviting some people from dealers for a 'big' product launch within the 6-8 week timeframe".

Maybe the new product will be this Canon EOS 3D DSLR camera that showed up on a Chinese website few weeks ago?

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  • whensly

    That’s a toy keychain, i have one minus the 3D on it.

    • CHD

      whensly aka Captain Obvious.

    • FDF

      Wrong, that’s a 8G USB key.

  • Vlad T

    Is it going to be a new camera with body made in 3D printer?

  • tertius_decimus

    Nikon D1 → Canon 1Dx
    Canon 300D → Nikon D300
    Nikon D3 → Canon 3D

    Originality at its best.

    • El Aura

      How many single digits numbers are there? And how many numbers with only one significant digit with at most four digits? If we exclude zero that is nine single digit numbers to be distributed over four principal Canon DSLR categories and four principal Nikon DSLR models. So far Canon left almost all digits below five (with the exception of one) to Nikon, which means only ‘1’ has been used by both companies. The only one left are eight and nine but there other considerations than avoiding re-using a number used by a competitor. Similar things can be said for the two, three and four digits numbers (with one significant digit).

  • HotDuckZ

    Do I need 3D monitor for that camera? lol.

    • Andy

      That’s a good point actually. It would be a bad idea to call it the EOS 3D as there are bound to be a few people who will confuse it with a 3D camera. Maybe 2D would be a better name. They probably wouldn’t go with 4D as number 4 is bad luck in east asian countries.

  • Ivar

    Citing byThom.com: “I expect to
    see no more than two DSLRs launched in the remainder of 2013: the D400
    and the D4x. The D4x seems to be almost a lock, with really only the
    timing and the sensor choice being unknown at this point.”

    If Nikon happens to make another big MP camera it would definitely put a big pressure on Canon.

    So I think this rumour is quite substantiated.

    • or the other way around – if Canon announces a new camera, Nikon will introduce something similar son after

      • Vin

        Agree, Nikon may only have 1-2 new DSLR’s up there sleeve for the rest of the 2013 calender year. They are waiting until Fall, or if Canon releases something that closely resembles, then Nikon will have to show their card. It seems that both companies have been holding there cards pretty close this year.

  • Captain Obvious

    Who needs a BIG announcement when we have all these smaller mirrorless cameras being released.

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