Hasselblad Stellar camera box and strap

Hasselblad Stellar camera 1

The new leaked image of the Hasslblad Stellar shows that the camera will most likely come with a leather strap and a nice (wooden?) box. More images of the Stellar can be found here.

There are also several domain names registered by an European company that contain the words "Hasslblad" and "Stellar":

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  • Tonedeaf Ricelamprey

    I cannot believe this is real. Hasselbald–the joke that keeps on giving.

  • aqua

    Seems like Hasselblad is now in antiques and jewellery business.

  • Drazen B

    Somebody decided to fool us with the Breitling watch box, cutout foam and the camera-prototype-gone-wrong?

    Just WTF is that thing there?!

  • fjfjjj

    Hasselblad: A Swedish name for a Japanese camera wearing a tacky Italian suit.™

  • dacian

    the Sony RX100 box and box and strap

  • NKK

    It’s Hassy in its coffin

  • FDF

    Their strategy seems to be improving. The name was a dead giveaway with Lunar (for Lunatics).

  • Louis

    Its put me off the whole Hasselblad brand, I just cannot believe they are going ahead and producing cameras to basically con the public, frankly it’s disgusting. Its says a lot about the company, Phase one or Pentax, Mamiya have me on board from now on.

  • beavis

    Hasselblad – a grip making company…

  • popeyoni

    That is a very nice box. The camera not so much.

  • Michael Steinbach

    The non-entity continues it’s downward death spiral.

  • TinusVerdino


    It’s online it’s real, no longer a joke. (Or some swedish students really have too much time).

  • Still no heads rolling… wonder what else it’ll take.

    • fjfjjj

      The inability to flip the new Hasselblad at a profit.

  • Sahaja

    Trouble is that a digital compact camera – no matter how good – is basically a throw away item in a couple of years, The 500c/m was designed to be used for decades. Who wants to pay Hasselblad prices for something that will be so quickly outdated?

  • PeterO

    All you naysayers are ill informed. I read recently in the journal “Meinehosensindvoll” that good leather straps, wooden grips and fancy pants boxes actually increase visual acuity twofold. These cameras are actually good investments. Think DeLorean.

    • Mike

      Maybe we’ll see Michael J. Fox using one in a movie too.

  • Libby Stack

    You can’t polish a turd and make it shine.

    • Lawrence Sheperd

      You can if you freeze it first! 🙂

  • Jared

    The giant H logo is so gaudy.

  • Mike

    Hasselbad Faillar

  • Kynikos

    Is that real Corinthian leather?

    • Mardock

      Yep. And it comes with a tiny piece of Ricardo Montalban’s corpse.

      “Look, Boss … the Hasselblad, the Hasselblad…!”

  • Dez

    Hasselblad is the new Hasselhoff! :))

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