Hasselblad Stellar now on the Web


It seems that one of the Hasselblad Stellar websites I mentioned yesterday is already online for some regions. You can access it through this proxi (thanks Tinus).

Additional screenshots:




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  • Sean

    Still ridiculous, but I have to say, this camera somehow seems much cooler and more reasonable than the NEX-7. Maybe it’s the case, or the fact that the Lunar looks like a train full of garbage crashed into a garbage factory. Either way, I think this looks nicer.

    • I agree, if someone put a gun to my head and force me to buy one of the two HassySony, I will get the Stellar.

  • bklynpigeon

    it looks pretty cool, but obviously its not worth the money and not targeted to the average consumer.

    its basically the partnership Panasonic and Leica has a few years ago. but not the 300% price bump.

  • waterengineer

    Do we know? Did “H” request any internal changes to the camera: firmware improvements, better lens, anything, before the contract with Sony was signed?

    • MB

      Why? Those were not made or intended for taking pictures so why bother, just expensive and that’s it…

    • Karl Urban

      ..and how would that help at all, may I ask?

  • camaman

    Sony is sooo prepping them for takeover.
    Better buy Hassy stock soon.

    • fjfjjj

      Let me know when you’ve succeeded in buying Hassy stock.

    • Karl Urban

      Why would anyone buy a Hassy stock in their right mind, anyway?

  • popeyoni

    Not only does it look ridiculous, but the big handle defeats the purpose of a compact camera.

  • Ray

    Victor Hasselblad is surely rotating in his grave!

  • ouyio makatori

    I really like my rx-100 but this is like a sick practical joke. Even the different types of beautiful exotic woods that they use in the handle are rendered ridiculous by what appear to be hardware store pop rivets holding them on. It really looks like something a 15 year old would make in wood shop class. I am sure some young MBA’s are proudly running through PowerPoints that demonstrate the “profit potential” of “moving down market” “creating a halo effect” from the Hasselblad brand, while minimizing production costs “through strategic third party partnerships”. Oh sorry for that noise. That was just me barfing my brains out.

    • Alan Green

      yes. being able to see those screws holding the handle on is…what’s the word? ridiculous for a camera that costs more than $50.

  • Mike

    It actually looks good. But I wonder if there is an ordering option to “omit box” and save $500.

    • fjfjjj

      Or “omit grip” and save $2000?

    • Martin Piccinati

      Yeap there is… just head to Sony’s web site… 😛

  • Peter

    It looks like someone glued the handle of a camping knife onto a Sony

    • Simich Puppa

      More like a revolver or gun handle…

  • fjfjjj

    I appreciate the unique marriage of the endangered exotic hardwood handle and the dreary thermoplastic lens housing. It is reminiscent of the marriage of Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall — short, spectacular, and prescient of death.

  • Pierluigi chinellato

    I take that is also a mistake on the specs.. “Used battery” should say battery used. Ohhh hassy is not looking at details anymore

    • babola

      The whole camera is used and obused…not just the battery 😉

  • Chinese made wooden handle for RX100 on EBAY available in three, two, one ………..

  • Frank

    Rebranding like this is doomed to fail and ruin the reputation of H; a reputation built on sixty-five years of engineering excellence. I wonder, if their selling of a $1,000 camera for $3,000 – what kind of profit are they making on everything else? What does this absurd pricing say about ever single thing that H sells? Is this proof that their cameras (eg H4D-40) should by selling for 1/3 of their current prices?

  • Funny how they got rid of any mention of “Sony” but left the Zeiss names in. Maybe the lens is not good enough to call their own 😀

    • photoviking

      What’s funny is how easily you’ve forgotten Hasselblad’s long rich history with Zeiss. Come on film guy, surely you’ve shot a V series ‘Blad, right?

      • You’re just showing the limits of your understanding here… Hasselblad ended their collaborations with Zeiss and moved on to Fuji and they were happier with Fuji. Know why? I can tell you because you don’t know.

        And the rx100 lens is a sony lens ok’ed by Zeiss for a fee. Can’t believe there are people out there thinking it’s a carl zeiss lens lol. Bet you also think the DLux series has Leica lenses ROFL

        I don’t care about the history of any company… but if you’re trying to get smart with me you’ll have to put in a lot more effort.

        • photoviking

          Uh oh, looks like someone wasn’t paying attention way back when the Lunar was announced. Tsk, Tsk, shame on you Internet photo expert!

          Remember how Hasselblad was the camera used on the moon landing? That was a V-series ‘Blad which used Zeiss lenses. The Lunar and Stellar product names weren’t simply pulled out of a hat!

          These new boutique cameras, at least according to Hasselblad’s marketing team, harken back to the company’s history and by association, their partnership with Zeiss.

          I know you Aussies think you’re special because your toilet flushes in the opposite direction of the rest of the world, but you need to get over it and realize, at the end of the day, it’s just a toilet.

          • johnny

            I doubt it. If Hasselblad really teamed up with Zeiss today, the lens on the $7k Lunar would be definitely Zeiss, too. However, it’s not. They simply rebranded SONY’s camera with whatever lens came with it.

  • Ryanide

    While this is completely ridiculous, it does confirm how great the Sony RX-100 is. Now I feel even better about buying my SONY and the black looks 100X better any day!

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