Fuji’s last X-Pro1 firmware update was faulty


Fujifilm issued a statement that the last X-Pro1 firmware update was faulty. It seems that the problem is serious since they ask customers to contact Fuji support if the firmware was already installed:

We are very sorry that we have found a malfunction on the movie function in the upgraded firmware version 3.00 posted on 23 Jul 2013. We are improving the firmware and we will post it again once we complete the improvement. We deeply apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause.

Please contact your local support center if you have already upgraded your X-Pro1 with the version 3.00.

Few readers contacted me with various issues after they updated to the latest firmware. The latest firmware is no longer available online.

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  • Yee

    Mine (X-PRO1 with firmware 3.0) is alright. I can still record video just like before.

  • Curacion

    My X-Pro1 works fine, but I don’t record video very often. For me AF-speed (60mm rocks after the update!) and focus peaking are far more important than video 😉

    • Clint

      Ditto. The XPro sucks for video anyway….I never use it.

  • christopherbouladon

    Will the correction Fuji is to issue solve the problem without having to bring the camera to a local support center?

    • J O

      I spoke to Fuji UK and they suggested Fuji will release an update at the weekend to fix the bug, either a new 3.0 or an incremental update.

  • malchick743

    Fuji DCs can yield good results, but problem with its many models seems to be the firmware part, also GUI interface is IMO average and firmware on various models are not too stable…

    It’s time for Fuji to collaborate with another company with expertise in developing in-camera firmware/GUI interface

    • Guest

      Fuji has firmware problems? Say it ain’t so! They should spend money hiring competent firmware developers instead of flooding the market with new model after new model. From the first X until now, they’ve all had firmware “quirks” in one form or another.

  • Ratty Mouse

    Fujifilm programmers are some of the most pathetic hacks around. The X100’s list of bugs was *unprecedented*! Hyper Utility, a piece of garbage that even Microsoft could look down on.

  • christopherbouladon

    Thanks Jo! this means no bringing the camera to a local support center.

  • Baldi

    But who takes video with the X-Pro ?

    • CHD


  • David

    Only movie bug?

    • No, I got reports for other issues as well.

      • B. D. Colen

        What are they?

        • Focusing issues, freezes, etc. I am not sure if they are all related to the firmware update.

          • B. D. Colen

            Thanks. I had many problems with the installation, but all seems smooth – and improved – with the firmware finally installed.

  • Nathan

    The VERY FIRST THING that you check before firmware rollout is that you can update or downgrade the firmware after the “new” firmware package is installed in the target device. THERE SHOULD NEVER BE ANY CASE IN WHICH FIRMWARE UPDATE FAILS AFTER FIRMWARE UPDATE.
    To have a problem like this, you have to be utterly and completely incompetent. Not inept, not mistaken, not careless. This is DAY ONE of college embedded systems programming type stuff. This is the sign on the wall over your instructor’s podium.
    I have an Olympus E-30 for macro and was looking to upgrade to something completely different this year. Fuji was in the running as an alternative to micro four thirds or crop sensor (aps-c) as I don’t like shooting macro on full frame cameras. Fuji’s out for me. I don’t have time for this amateur hour crapola.

    • Nathabn

      Whoops, my bad.

      • Bob Fielder

        @Nathan: Are you sure about that? Happens to a lot of companies. It shouldn’t happen, but acting so surprised shouldn’t happen either.

        • Sky

          Examples, please? Exactly which camera manufacturer released firmware update that was buggy to the point where they recommend contacting manufacturer support?

    • Glen

      Nathan. Have you just got your period?

    • fjfjjj

      Are you a student? Or a professional engineering curmudgeon working in a dark corner of some back office group, far away from the customers, wondering why people find your combination of confrontational communication style and strict adherence to principles so disagreeable?

  • Rob Bannister

    I have shot video, just because you dont doesnt mean others are like you. Ive had my d800 shooting timelapse and used this as a second stills and video camera. Yes the xpro1 and xe1 have issues with video Im trying to get resolved at the moment but it is useful as a second cam. This may chance as the BMPCC comes out. The issues Im having are that even in manual modes the exposure still bumps. You can see the brightness change as you move from bright to dark areas…

  • regular

    This type of issues never happened to my rolls of Neopan400 :-/
    And when I wanted to upgrade, I just changed my brand of film.

  • B. D. Colen

    I am NOT a Fuji fanboy – I like the cameras. They are tools. They are tools that work quite nicely for me. That said, much of this yowling about incompetence, blah blah blah is quite ludicrous. Name another camera company that listens to owner feedback, and keeps improving its cameras – and not just incrementally, by updating firmware. Yes, it would be nice if they launched the cameras with all the improvements and features in place. But that said, they do continually improve them. The latest firmware improvements for the Xpro1 are the equivalent of turning it into an Xpro1s – without owners having to buy a new camera. Perfect? No. But some of these comments are quite inane.

  • Sky

    *facepalm* Why, oh WHY Fuji can never get firmware right? Either issues with the production units, or serious issues with updates…

    I thought they learned through last series of disasters?

  • Marques

    Updated on the 23rd and had no problems but today while doing some videos my x-pro1 started behaving like the image shown in this post, while review the video, and started seeing what looks like a hot pixel on the right side of the screen slightly above the center line that does not show on video or captured stills and only appears after half pressing the shutter and while not pressing the shutter, during autofocus it dissapears, and only shows in low light situations when in bright light or well lit places it doesn’t show. This just started happening today after I read about the firmware glitch and after some tests with video it started showing that pixel, the thing is that I have to wait till they release a new firmware and see if it is something caused by the 3.0 FW or I have to call fuji for a repair. Did any of you experienced something like this??

  • KOM

    SO, is there anyone contacted the local support center?

    what is the solution? Will the 3.00 burn the cmos?

    The support center is far from me, I really don’t want to go there.

    If it is only software issue, maybe I will just wait for the new firmware.

  • fjfjjj

    The price of choosing an upstart in the digital system camera business with a penchant for aggressive software updates. I’m willing to pay it.

  • Facepalm

    >facepalm< inadmissible, inadmissible, inadmissible. Why rush updates where they are not tested! really tested not for IT kids, but by photographers or someone that know cameras. Why consumers look for errors at first glance and the Fuji/IT kids don't? inadmissible, we are always the Beta testers from companys that dont have any respect for their clients. Tired of this. It is good that sometimes happen to conformists, for them it's okay.

  • KOM
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