Lytro promising “breakthrough” products in 2014


In interview with SFgate, Lytro's CEO Jason Rosenthal promised a series of new “breakthrough” products in 2014:

“We’re working on what we think will be our Model S" (referring to the latest Tesla model that earned a nearly perfect score from Consumer Reports) “We have a packed product roadmap for next year, we’ll introduce multiple what I think are just breakthrough products. I’m super excited and the world will be as well.”

Lytro added several new features to their first light-field camera (priced $399-$499), but many (including myself) are not convinced that this is the camera of the future. Let's see what they will announce in 2014.

Via The Verge

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  • Stuart E. McConaghy

    “Let’s see what they will announce in 2014.”


  • fjfjjj

    “Super excited” is a registered trade mark of the San Francisco Douchebag Entrepreneurs Association, used by permission.

  • TinusVerdino


  • Sky

    Do they actually plan to design a camera this time? Not a lipstick with build-in sensor.

  • Gex

    Do they actually sell any of those sticks..?

  • camaman

    You people are just mean. Go back to playing fake pro photographers and leave people having fun using futuristic gadgets alone.

    I look forward to seeing what this will be.
    Hopefully they make it 4x the resolution so that it can be used in more situations and output demands

    • Yonas

      Somebody is butthurt 🙁

  • cornelius785

    I’d like to something like KaleidoCamera addon become a reality. In short, an attachment sits between the lens and body that tranforms the camera into a lightfield (and more) camera. I’d love to have something like this. It’d certainly allow them to tap into the DSLR market as opposed to competing against the DSLR, point-and-shoot, etc. market segments.

  • joe_l

    I suspect that one innovation they´ll introduce will be 3-D output processing of standard Lytro files.

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