Those are the Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens camera modules for smart phones

Sony QX10 lens camera modules for smart phones
Sony DSC-QX100_DSC-QX10_lens camera modules for smart phones DSC-QX100_lens camera modules for smart phones

Those are the first leaked images of the rumored Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens camera modules for smart phones. This new type of product will incorporate lens, sensor, SD card slot Bionz processor into one unit that will connect to your smart phone via Wi-Fi/NFC wireless connection. The camera will be controlled form the phone's LCD screen. This device will work on both Android and iOS based devices. The lens-camera unit will be magnetically attached to the phone:

Sony camera attachment for smart phones

Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 specifications: the bigger module will have the RX100MII sensor inside and a Zeiss lens. The second unit will feature a 10x zoom lens with 1/2.3" 18MP CMOS sensor.

The official announcement will most likely be on or around September 4th, 2013.

The leaked pictures also show a new Honami i1 Sony smart phone.

In the next few weeks Sony is also rumored to announce the NEX-5T and the long awaited full frame mirrorless camera.

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  • FDF

    Now that looks totally ridiculous. I’d rather carry both a smartphone and a camera. And magnetically attaching something to a device with sensitive electronics? A very bright idea.

    • Jangles

      Yeah, because otherwise there are absolutely no magnets in a phone to begin with. Must be very hard to make a phonecall and not hear anything because the speakers have been removed for fear of magnetic interference.

      Smarten up, dummy.

      • Ermagermaherd

        No need to call the poster a “dummy” — electromagnetic distortion can occur. Does calling people a dummy make you feel better about yourself? Because it makes you seem boring.

        Its true that these days most modern electronics are designed around this problem, shielded or use less magnetically delicate materials. But in the 1980s, you could screw up most electronics up pretty good with magnets (from your TV to your walkman to your radio to pretty much anything could be messed up by a nearby magnet).

        So the comment wasn’t “dumb” — it has a lot of empirical evidence behind it. Simply, the poster made an assumption that is less relevant today than 20 years ago and assumed something about the strength of the magnets. But I highly doubt you know the effects of magnets nearby cellphones, when placed where they are not designed to be by the engineers, so the reliance of that poster on “common” wisdom is no worse than your “dumb” reliance on your own confidence that a magnet on the side of a phone is the same as a speaker magnet designed by an engineer to be in a certain place — for certainly they are not equivalent or comparable.

        So hearten up and “smarten up, dummy”! 😉

        • fjfjjj

          Define “electromagnetic distortion,” Mr. Wizard.

          • Ermagermaherd

            Use a google, fifi or whatever your name is…

          • fjfjjj

            Ermagherd, yer dert knerr the anserr.

          • fjfjjj

            Ermagherd, yer dert knerr the anserr.

    • fjfjjj

      Sony must be a bunch of dumbasses! Their engineers probably didn’t even think about electromagnetism when they were designing this thing. If only you’d been around to tell them it was a bad idea, they could have saved so much investment. Have you talked to Sony about maybe supervising electrical engineering at the company, so they don’t screw up again?

  • biebers monkey

    Hopefully Hassleblad make a Jasmine scented clamp-on wooden grip for this!

    If this thing is controlled by wifi, i can see perves putting it to good use on their shoes, at the beach, under tables, public toilets, etc. Or like the guy in the image, just taking photos of berry platters that may or may not be arranged on another guys ass.

    Makes me wonder who carries this kinda shit with them anyway? Already has phone, most likely has camera.. Boom, more shit to carry!

    Who the hell keeps buying all this phoneography shit anyway? iDiots most likely. iPadographers, Will Smith, Biebers monkey, Kurt Russles niece, just to name a few.

    Seriously, no clip-on flash hot shoe or evf? No Sale! X

    • Mike

      LMAO. I am all of the above, so I plan on buying 30 so I can capture up skirt in bullet time.

      • Mike

        P.S. your phone would make one big a$$ EVF.

    • knurd

      I don’t know how this makes people carry more stuff. I see this as an awesome alternative for anyone wanting to buy smaller pocket zoom for times they can’t use their pro gear. If this is compatible with iPhone then I’ll buy one to save myself buying a P&S and a GoPro. Imagine thing thing with a waterproof case working from your phone that is also in a waterproof case. Cheap underwater alternative without buying too much extra gear. This is a game changer.

  • Merv S

    At that size, no. A lot of casual users (e.g. from Facebook/Instagram) won’t buy larger sensor cameras until they begin to value and understand clear, non-grainy, non-blurry and/or low noise pictures on their social profiles.

    There is also the issue of price and size/weight, but these aren’t going to be considered by most people until they are dissatisfied with their pictures they are taking.

  • Meewok

    Smartphoners use it’s camera because it’s convenient/they don’t have another camera on them, which means they aren’t the users who would be bothered with carrying around such attachments.
    While there are those that believe their phone “already has an awesome camera”, which, when they add on attachments like this it’s like they’re admitting their little phone is a silly camera with poor function…

  • JC

    Designed by Sony to fit in your pocket, with the intention of making you look like you have a boner.

    • kassim

      Imagine this thing accidentally turned on… spontaneous boner? hahahaha….

  • RoyG_Biv

    This would be better if you put the zoom lens over the phone’s own lens. That way you wouldn’t have to mess with SD cards, wifi/NFC transfers and you could use your favorite app to take the photo.

    • asdfasfsaf

      Gonna disagree with this, because then you’d have to take into affect the microadjustments and limitations of every manufacturer — and the camera is one of the sloppiest applied parts. The openings for camera holes tend to be up to twice as wide as the lens, because it gets spaced so poorly in manufacturing, sometimes even at weird angles. Also the quality of material differs so much that someone sincerely looking for camera quality (the person buying this item) is not likely to pay for something that’s not guaranteed to be better.

      That being said, this device is quite weird and could be better thought out.

    • God no! That’s the worst idea ever; you’d then be stuck going through the phone’s crappy lens, and using the phone’s very crappy sensor. If that’s what you want, there are plenty of add-ons you can crappify your phone with.

  • Maaku

    How much longer will Sony even be selling consumer products..? They’re on the edge of flushing the whole thing. Who buys anything from Sony these days ..?

    • EcoR1

      Well let’s see… At least Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Fuji do buy sensors from Sony when they need to use the best available sensors in their cameras.

      • Maaku

        Sony is a multi billion dollar corporation, that makes 65% of it’s money selling insurance , The entire imaging group is very small , hardly on the radar and it loses money .
        Their sensor business is under attack from a number of competitors , Aptiva in particular . Investors are screaming to break up the company. spin off the movies and the insurance and dump the consumer products divisions , they’re a boat anchor. the only reason Sony made any profit is that they sold their building in NYC

        • zoetmb

          Analysts are always screaming at companies to break themselves up. Years ago, numerous leading industry “geniuses” said that Apple should be shut down and the assets given back to the shareholders.
          Sony certainly has lots of problems and it may in fact eventually be reorganized into more than one company, but the imaging company is not going away.
          As for this device, while I don’t think it’s going to shake up the industry, it was very smart of Sony to produce this. It’s actually what Nikon should have done.

        • fjfjjj

          Do you mean Aptina?

          • fjfjjj

            One downvote, no reply. That must mean “yes.”

        • Arn

          Irrelevant bullshit. Sony make profit with their image sensors :

      • Mardock

        Uh, yeah. No. Fuji’s X-Trans sensor was developed by Fuji exclusively, and blows away any sensor tech Sony has developed to date.

        Sony is a dinosaur struggling for survival after the asteroid hit.

        • Arn

          Check your facts.
          Fuji’s 16mpxl aps-c sensors are made by Sony, but the color filter is invented and made by Fuji.

  • 3irikur

    would it fit anything else than sony smartphones?

    • Pat Mann

      It would fit on a notebook or a piece of wood, a Rolleflex or a D800 or a Lexus. It just needs a simple adapter – that round thing with the two little clips between the camera and the object to which you want to adapt it.

  • bjrichus

    This is typical of a so-called “Disruptive Technology”. We who use traditional technology think this is stupid but who really knows right now? It might be a run-away hit … it might flop as and for all sorts of reasons but one thing is for sure; traditional compact cameras are getting the kiss of death right now.

    • Ehhhhh

      Ehhhh… If you have to carry it in your pocket so that you have a better camera, its better just to carry the better camera without fiddling. What IS the innovative part is if it connects to the cellphone and has Apps. But better to just make a regular camera with a little latch/flip-out usb hook that can do the same thing if you put your cell up to it. Then at least you have a separate camera if you want.

      • bjrichus

        I wrote the word disruptive, not innovative. If we leave technical details and discussions of definitions to one side, we are facing an entire generation of cell phone users who are looking for a way to upgrade the pictures they take. Compact and point and shoot cameras are not for them and nor so it would seem are dSLR cameras.

        Lets also not even think of the obscenely expensive Hasselblad versions of regular compact cameras with thumb grips. what matters is a technology that can deliver the upgrade to the major computing technology platform that they grew up with; the cell phone.

  • dave

    imagine about to take a photo and the phone rings, you put it up to your ear with that attached,and you are walking down the road,you would look like a real wanker with that thing sticking out. sorry but i dont see the point. just another fad that will last a couple of years, just like digital photo frames.

    • Jangles

      One would assume that is the point of a removable bracket or a magnetically attached lens. Remove the lens to take a call, the lens component turns off as you chat up your carrier’s telemarketing call center. Hang up, slap the lens component back on and take a photo. At least this one is removable, unlike the bloated corpse known only as the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

  • decmlu

    Really cool tech, but honestly i have no idea how this got out of the lab and onto the shelves.

  • Max Archer

    This is actually really interesting. If it’s the RX100’s sensor and lens and it comes in cheaper than an actual RX100, I’m seriously interested in one. Save some money and bag space and get the same image quality, plus much more robust sharing options thanks to the smartphone interface.

  • knp
  • Drazen B

    So the people complaining in the past they had to lug a phone and a P&S cam in their bags won’t be complaining now having to lug the phone and the lens (or two) in their bags?

    Yeah, right…;-)

    • Mandrake

      I agree, while this new unsightly ‘contraption’ was designed to solve the technical drawbacks of the phone cam, it does pretty much nothing to the portability aspect.

      I honestly can’t see many people lugging this setup with them. But we shouldn’t underestimate a new generation of kids who haven’t been there while we relied solely on the large and heavy P&S level camera kits.

  • BP2012

    Interesting idea, but very bad ergonomy. It’ll be interesting to see this in combination with Google glasses instead of smartphones.

  • madmax

    Fake “Zeiss” lens inside? Price must be very high. Also I don´t see the point of carrying a phone and one or two lense modules instead of a phone and a real camera like LX7 or EX2. Far easier and convenient to make a camera with an integrated phone on it, but electronics giants don´t want you buy only a device. More trash, more contamination, more dirty business… Shame on you, Sony!

    • madmax

      sorry: I want to say “electronics giants don´t want you to buy only one device” More correct English I think… 😉


    IMO this is a good idea. I would like to give it a try. I cannot always carry a camera but if this module has a better quality, a good autonomy, why not?

  • miki69

    Too bad they didn’t implement Xenon flash inside, that would be a real game-changer for camera-centric people. Unfortunately for indoors low light, it still relies on phone’s flash (mostly LED) and that kind kills its purpose.

    Nevertheless, great idea…


    • kassim

      probably as another add-on?

  • Peter

    LOL! With that Sony confess that the camera in a smartphone isn´t good enough to compete even with a tiny sensored 10 times Zoom compact! Good Job!

  • Civicengagement

    Good idea on paper, but renders the user looking like a tool, IMO of course.

  • camaman

    Anybody thinking primes with apsc sensors on android devices… 🙂

    • mandula bajam

      No not really. Unless by the android devices you mean over-sized phones and tablets.

  • johnny

    The first time I feel Samsung outsmart SONY. Galaxy zoom is a much better choice.

  • Jun

    I doubt people who moved to smart phone from P&S camera would use. Smart phone photos are already good enough for their purpose and it gets better. And no need to carry another lenses even it is very small.
    But it’s interesting. Only one thing consider is that each lens has a sensor. Then the price of lens goes high. that is the dilemma for Sony, I guess.

  • Xoden

    What’s its expected battery life? Considering always-on Wi-Fi and little space for battery it must be pure.
    Both Nokia’s and Samsung chimaeras look far more sane in comparasion.

    • Xoden


  • Clint

    Interesting idea but it won’t fly. Why not just produce a phone with a better quality camera….
    3-5 years from now the quality of phone cameras will be so good that this accessory will be obsolete.

  • Zos Xavius

    Yeah, I really want to invest a lot of money into a system that forces me to buy a sony phone every time I want to upgrade my phone since the lens/sensor won’t work with anything else and will become expensive paper weights when your phone becomes obsolete in 1 year. Nice try sony!

    • douglas

      android and ios compatible

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