Deal of the day: full version of Adobe Lightroom 5 is now $20 off, 50% savings on Creative Cloud single app

Adobe is currently offering $20 off the full version of Lightroom 5.

Currently Adobe also offer 50% savings on Creative Cloud single-app (offer ends August 31st).

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  • BearsdenOboe

    Please let Adobe know that they can ‘stick’ their Clouds, now and forever. Until reviews let us know that LR5 actually *works* without crashing, and at reasonable speed, I would not accept it at any discount. $20 is a derisory bribe. Speaking for myself, I require it to be made compatible with Mac OS Snow Leopard, since I have no intention of replacing many thousand £s’ worth of other existing software. OS10.6.8 is 64-bit compatible, so why will LR 5 not work with it? Indeed their initial release ‘blurb’ promised that it would.

    • n11

      Maybe that’s more of a Mac thing? Backwards compatibility is pretty nice on Windows, from what I hear there are headaches with many programs on macs.

  • Rik

    Hi Adobe. It was nice knowing you, but since you moved to this cloud bullcrap, we have moved on.

  • thomas knill

    I am so Happy with capture one….

  • joe_l

    Beware: the 50% offer is just for the first year. After that, you pay twice as much monthly for the rest of your life, or the CC application gets completely inactivated right at that moment. As if you had never had it.

    • n11

      You’re right, but same applies for a lens that you would be to rent for a weekend :/

      • Yirg

        That’s why I buy my lenses and don’t rent them.

        • Guest

          The analogy does not completely apply. When you return your rented lens, you can still freely and completely manipulate the pictures you took with it. In the case at hand you would completely loose all CC-specific functionality on your CC psd files.

  • n11

    It should be $10 by default :/
    I enjoy my cloud subscription, but I can safely and sadly say many are turning away from it, businesses, schools and consumers. I hope Adobe give the Disc option back.

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