Sony NEX-5T camera, new E-mount lenses leaked


Those are the first leaked pictures of the upcoming Sony NEX-5T mirrorless camera and the three new Sony E lenses:

Sony E50mm F1.8 OSS lens

Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens

Zeiss E16-70mm F4 ZA OSS lens

Zeiss E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens

Sony E18-105mm F4G OSS lens

Sony E 18-105mm f/4G OSS lens

Via digicame-info, Xitek

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  • jk

    an ugly camera , looks exactly the same as my NEX5R.

    • bas076

      Yourself ugly. Very close to my 5N…. Are you buying ugly cameras? Are you stupid?

  • Paul

    Since when did painting a lens a different colour make it ‘new’. Thought we were due a fast 85mm by now.

  • Sebastian

    The 16-70 could be really useful. I’m sure the Zeiss label is intended to justify a 1000€ or $ price tag.
    The redesign of the 50 must be for an upcoming full-frame NEX. For APS-C, 50 is kinda long and as the previous post pointed out, there’s already one.
    18-105 f/4, that sounds useful, but also like another giant lens on a tiny camera.
    Well done, Sony. Would you mind redoing the 16 mm pancake now?

    • Sebastian

      Ok, so maybe the 50 does look identical to the silver version. Hm.

  • ashwins

    And no EVF… 🙁

    • bas076

      Can’t afford an optional EVF to yourself? Go to work.

  • JakeB

    It’s indeed slowly turning into the ‘lens with a grip’.

    • Pablo Ricasso returned

      Yup, not far form the smartphone with a QX lens plonked on the back.

      • bas076

        And what?

    • callibrator

      It’s nothing new, it has been for some time now.

      Ridiculous looking camera, IMO.

      • bas076

        Your conclusion is rediculous, IMO.

        • Marco S.

          So is yours.
          So what?

          • bas076

            What? Guess what, this is just because of your lack of understanding word “rediculous” and this is because of your intelligence level.

    • looh

      Old news from 2010

    • El Aura

      Think of it as a telescope that can take pictures

      • callibrator

        Sure. But I like my telescope on a tripod, not in the bag or pocket and shooting ‘handhold’ 😉

    • jacques pascalle

      Oh yes. And every time I see someone with one taking photos I have to chuckle.
      At least my Fuji feels and looks like a camera and not that ugly contraption.

      • bas076

        This is because of your bad taste. Don’t blame camera and people that using it.

        • jacques pascalle

          And how is considering and unsightly combination of a hand grip attached to a lens by an LCD seen as a good taste, could you please elaborate?

          • Remedy

            You seem to have touched a nerve of an overzealous member of NEX brigade, Jacques 😉

            He’s been defending it all the way down this thread.

          • bas076

            I don’t think so. Already a lot of time I am reading full of stupidity posts about nex system and not reacting. This is actually first time. Just how much bulllshit can be written in one thread? Yes, it is starting to disturb.

          • bas076

            Unsightly? Very interesting if there is some thing different from D4 and 1DX (and similar) that you will not call “unsightly”. Small, light body, that there is no difference how to handle it, with light and good lenses (like 50, 35 and 24mm and even kit lens is not bad for cheap and not fust one) in combination with modern disign and external articulated viewfinder is unsightly combination? This is definitely bad taste.

    • Ufupuw

      yeah, moron, the lens on the camera is a small tiny pancake size zoom. How is that lens with a grip?

    • Sebastian

      I guess the 18-105 is mainly intended for the video side of the E-mount. For that purpose, the form factor is not so bad.

  • RacoonRoger

    I just hope we don’t have to wait another year for the Nex-7 replacement!

    • mikeswitz

      Why do you need a replacement for your Nex-7? Did it break? If its not taking great pictures you might consider operator error.

      • bas076

        I saw a lot of great pictures taken by Canon 350D. Are you going to use it now? No? Why?

        • mikeswitz

          That is my camera of choice. How did you know? I’m not whining for a replacement though.

          • RacoonRoger

            I don’t own a Nex-7. My current camera is good enough, but on the heavy side. I’m just waiting for faster/better AF, I shoot in low light quite often.

            Not complaining you know, just hopeful

  • The Nex-5 series is great… I have an original Nex-5 and a modified 5R. They have a grip but it’s still compact while having a tilt LCD… haven’t come across a lens that can’t be put on one. Plus new bodies focus fast (on-sensor PDAF), are very good in low light, have excellent interfaces with programmable buttons and they’re even very good connectivity-wise. I fit a Nex-5 with a 50 1.8 in my back pocket.

    Just don’t understand the naysayers. A whole bunch of people are trying to go for retro-looking cameras to look unique… and now they’re everywhere but are too slow to realise it LOL You can’t teach sense.

    • Ronald Patterson

      No darling, we will ask you to teach us sense.

      What a highly opinionated dork.

      • bas076

        Oh yes he will. And what are you going to do with it? Furt to monitor, shit on keybord or fuck you PC in usb port? What?
        By the way, your father – dork.

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