Samyang to release 12mm f/2 mirrorless lens for MFT, Fuji X and Samsung NX mounts

Samyang will soon announce a new 12mm f/2 lens for mirrorless cameras that will be available for Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X and Samsung NX mounts. Expect more information in the next few week.

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  • Manus

    Not in Sony E-Mount ?

    • Maybe they missed to tell me about it? I assume they will have it for E-mount as well.

  • jk

    that’s great news.

  • Mike

    You mean like in 18mm FF equivalent with F2 for the Fuji system?!

    If that turns out to be true, I need to my 14/2.8 on eBay ASAP!

    • That’s what the rumor said and I am pretty confident in my source.

    • deb_ch

      I’m using the Voigtländer VM 12mm Heliar f5.6 with the Fujifilm M to X-mount adapter. Epic ,-)

  • tertius_decimus

    Admin, still no news from Nikon? Very strange silence.

    • I received something today but I have to sleep on it before publishing online.

      • Rob

        Pro Nikon 1?

        • No, more like D5300 and D610 but am I still not sure.

          • nobody

            A D610 that has all the goodies of the D7100, like high end AF, 1 button 100% review, 1/250 flash synch etc., and that does not throw oil on its sensor, would be a very interesting camera for me. Please share the rumor, Admin!

          • I am still not sure about it and trying to get more info.

  • I hope they come out with an EF-M version as well…

  • MIke G

    Rather than the 10mm F2.8 ?

    • disqus_9o91DFgqrV

      10mm F2.8 is delayed till 2014.

  • I’d rather have f/2 for astrophotography applications. Wider aperture would be better, but likely way too pricey.

    • As much as Im a fan of Samsung, I doubt this lens will be suitable for astrophotography under f/4 unless you want comets in the corners than stars 😉 That’s without even considering field curvature.

      Right now there aren’t many options for fast wide field astro on small formats. As you bigger you have more because the lenses are simpler.

      • Marco Santa Cruz

        Samyang… and given there stellar track record (optically) so far, i think a 12 f/2 lens would be perfect for astrophotography. take tokina 11-16 2.8…. which would be their competition in this area (kinda), as tokina has af and made for (aps-c dslrs)… so i’m thinking sub $600 for sure on such a lens, with similar optical quality.

        • Marco Santa Cruz

          i’m just guessing, but this is certainly interesting!

        • Yes they have a very nice track record indeed… but that’s still when comparing to existing lenses. So far no one has been able to produce a lens this wide with an f/2 aperture that could be used for astrophotography. If others have at least come close, I wouldn’t be reluctant to give Samyang the benefit of the doubt.

          We can’t forget that 12mm f/2 on APS-C is like a 18mm f/3 on full-frame at best, in effect. I doubt this lens will be as good as a FF+Zeiss 18/3.5 or a FF+Canon TS-E 17/4L combo when used between f/2-2.8.

          Fast lenses improve in sharpness in the center when stopped down slightly but the corners are comparatively worse. Also faster lenses don’t have very flat fields. These are not ideal characteristics to have for astro shots because you’re going to get smeary corners.
          So the odds are greatly against any manufacturer when making a lens like this.

          • Marco Santa Cruz

            ohh… i see.

      • Samyang is not Samsung. 🙂

  • bob2

    Admin–would that be manual focus/manual aperture? Any price indications?

    BTW, thanks for the great work!

    • I think it will be manual focus. No idea on the price.

  • rishio

    12mm at f/2 for aps-c? Sounds like a $3000 lens and i’d bet against it.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I’ll believe it. Probably under 1000 too.

      • Might be close to the price of their 24 1.4.

      • rishio

        Well, if it’s true it’ll be embarrassing for Zeiss who only managed to get 12mm at f/2.8 for $1300.

    • El Aura

      You can get a 12 mm f/2 for mirrorless APS-C by putting a speed booster behind a FF 18 mm f/2.8 lens (almost, you’ll get a 12.7 mm f/2). Creating the lens directly (ie, without being able to be split into a 18 mm f/2.8 and a speedbooster) will be optically better and cheaper/smaller.

      • mainlybacon

        Your sharpest, fastest option, although expensive, is a speed booster with the new Sigma zoom at 18mm

  • Holy wide angle!

    I hope they some day start putting AF motors on their lenses. Their lenses are not the best in the world, but they do try very hard to fill the gaps in various systems with affordable, respectable products.

  • ginsbu

    For m4/3, 9mm or 10mm would be much more interesting, IMO, even if f/2.8. Still, I’m glad to see more lenses from Samyang!

    • BdV

      Indeed, 9 or 10 for m4/3 would definitely sell better than anything having to compete with anything already existing.

  • Ton

    For m43 mount, it might have a hard time competing with olympus m.zuiko 12mm f2 for $800 and also known for delivering very good IQ.

  • Lee Mullen
  • niki

    What about with e- mount ??? That could be killer for very expensive zeiss 12mm f2.8 .

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