Deal of the day: Adobe Lightroom 5 is $50 off for the next 24 hours *UPDATED*


Update: B&H changed this offer. There is now a new link and you have to enter a promo code in order to qualify. My promo code is 15073833958748928 but I think it can be used only once. Try it.

B&H has an exclusive deal for the next 24 hours where you can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom 5 software for $99 (Windows or Mac OS, reg. price: $149).

Note that B&H now also ships internationally.

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  • Matt

    Out of stock 🙁

    • That’s weird, you should be able to download it.

      • Drazen B

        I think they’re out of licences.

  • Universal Uni

    Temporarily out of stock 8-(

  • ole

    I would also like to buy the download version (as I live in Europe, and don’t need a boxed version). There are two versions on the website: Download and boxed. Both are temporarily out of stuck.
    But thanks for the heads up, though. Maybe it will be back later today

  • photorumors. they removed that offer. And its only for those who made a purchase previously. I just got one more email from B&H with “UPDATED” tagged along. In that email they provided a discount coupon. They have it for $149 here

  • Piero

    both versions, box and download are out of stock….!!

    • B&H changed the Lightroom 5 deal few hours after I posted it online. Not a good move! They now distributed promo codes in order to qualify for $50 off on LR5. Here is my code if anyone wants it, I guess it could be used only once: 15073833958748928

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