Updated Pentax K-mount lens roadmap published


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After yesterdays's announcements, Ricoh Imaging published an updated Pentax K-mount lens roadmap for 2013 and beyond. The planned K-mount lenses are:

  • 12-28mm DA wide zoom lens
  • 24-38mm DA zoom limited lens
  • 120-380mm DA tele zoom lens
  • 18-85mm DA zoom lens
  • DA AF RC 1.4x teleconverter
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  • BP2012

    12-28mm DA wide zoom lens – ok that’s new rebranded Tokina, nice replacement for 12-24mm

    24-38mm DA zoom limited lens – zoom limited? full frame maybe? could be a new legend and a bestseller also

    120-380mm DA tele zoom lens – take my money if it is at least as good as an old Sigma 120-400 and light as Tokina 80-400 🙂

    18-85mm DA zoom lens – better be fast one, there is no sense for another 18-something budget lens .

    • vodanh1982

      24-38mm DA zoom limited may be small and light but I don’t believe they can beat Sigma 18-35 in IQ

    • Marc

      I think it will be a 16-85, the 20-40-ish zoom will not be full frame (DA means aps-c) only longer da lenses (from 35mm) cover a full frame image circle.

  • Zos Xavius

    Wow! Exciting! Finally an updated road map! So glad to see k-mount is sticking around!

  • Cinekpol

    …meanwhile Sony is playing with some pimp-up compacts instead of releasing A-mount lenses. Ehh…..

  • schufosi777

    So no full frame camera then from Pentax. I gave up waiting and went with Canon anyway.

  • tadesrates

    and leaves the 16-85mm everyone dream’t of (or even better 16-90 an equivalent to praised 24-135) for a less usefull 18-85

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