Fuji X-A1 mirrorless camera press release, images leak online

Fuji X-A1 mirrorless camera
Fuji X-A1 camera

We should be very close to the official Fuji X-A1 camera announcement because an official press release prematurely appeared online on a Czech website. Here is the Google translation:

FUJIFILM launches X-A1: Compact and stylish base FUJIFILM X series camera with interchangeable lens, large sensor APS-C CMOS EXR processor and II.

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) today announced that it will launch its fourth camera with interchangeable lenses, the device FUJIFILM X-A1. With the latest increase in the number of FUJIFILM X attractive to a wider audience and the camera is designed as a step up from compact cameras and aimed at users who want to buy your first system camera with interchangeable lenses.

Basic functions

On first impression very lightweight and compact camera with interchangeable lenses, will be equipped with APS-C CMOS sensor with a resolution of 16Mpx. He brings rich color tones, beautiful effect, "bokeh", greater dynamic range and high sensitivity up to ISO 25600th There will also be three-inch vari-angle LCD screen with high resolution, built-in flash or the Wi-Fi module for transferring photos to smart phones. With EXR Processor II, this model will also offer a very fast response time - the time needed to turn 0.5 seconds, shutter lag of 0.05 seconds and a top speed continuous shooting 5.6 frames per second


The new model will again excel in terms of processing in the retro style, reflecting the popular device FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and Fujifilm X-E1, unlike them, is available in three colors: black, blue and red. Body black and blue variant is covered with leather with embossed relief. The red variant is then covered with the same leather as favorite camera FUJIFILM XF1. Finish Leatherette further strengthens the feeling of holding the camera and its texture reminds genuine leather.

Via Fotoskoda

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  • Sahaja

    Does it have an EVF?

    • Isn’t this the cheap plastic one with no viewfinder at all?

      • Renato S.

        yes, this is the cheapest of all, rumors say less than $500, it’s below the recently announced X-M1.

    • alfredo_tomato

      I don’t think it does. The tilting LCD should satisfy most of the intended market.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Hopefully these will do much better than the current Nikon 1/EOS M offerings which were pretty much the same thing but double the price.

  • camaman

    This is great.
    So many APS-C cameras coming.

    This does wonders for Sony sensor industry. And that means cheaper and better sensors for all… 🙂

  • duncan D

    I always wonder how many people loose their jobs because of those leeks…. if they are really unintentional 🙂

    • Nobody loses their job, I think they just stop getting press info in advance from the companies. Sony and Olympus are very loose on the leaks and I think they kind of enjoy them while Nikon and Canon are more secretive than Apple.

    • fjfjjj

      I lost my job because of leeks, but it was because I overcooked them.

    • I’m pretty sure some “leaks” are controlled. 😉 I mean, Fuji certainly had the option here to not write the press release until it was time, or let it leave their LAN. This can’t be rocket science. Unless they want some excitement.

  • g.b

    I think the first picture doesn’t show the real camera as it is likely the photoshopped image you can see on this site: http://thenewcamera.com/fuji-x-a1-coming-soon/ .

    As far as I can tell from the small image, the leather texture of
    the black X-A1 seems to be different from the black X-M1 (assuming it
    is the same one which is used in the blue version). Personally I don’t
    like the “new” texture because it looks somehow cheaper compared to the
    one used in the X-M1. Apart from the sensor, this could be another
    difference between the two cameras. But again, it is hard to tell from
    the small image.

  • camaman

    This Disqus is pure crap. Who ever thought this is the best way to solve an non egzisting problem sure screwed the rest of us pretty damn well

    Constantly waiting for comments to appear.

    • Ken Elliott

      What does “non egzisting” mean? Does it have anything to do with being able to use a single Disqus logon to comment on multiple blogs?

  • Nick L

    Wow, looks like a Pentax K-01 clone1

    • David

      Maybe you need an eye specialist 🙂

  • timinsingapore

    I’d buy one if it had a bloody viewfinder of some kind . . .

    • MJr

      You’re saying this wasn’t exactly tailored to your needs? There are other people on this planet? OMG

      • timinsingapore

        Yes, how nice that would be. You are very perspicacious.

    • Jimmy Joe

      You can make hillbilly fix with paperclip bent into rectangle, stik into paperclip shoe on top. Fixed. No really it works. Just like old rifels from 1886.

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