The Theta 360 camera was the only announcement from Ricoh today

Ricoh Theta is a new 360° camera (leaked yesterday) compatible with iOS devices and a price tag of $399. Photos can be shared only on the newly design website where you can find more details on the product. Here are the basic camera specifications:

The next two videos explain how the Theta camera works:

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  • Krusty

    The novelty should last for a few hours…., perhaps

  • Erik


  • Gex

    good luck selling that thing…

  • saywhatuwill

    compatible with iOS devices.

    Well, that counts me out and I was the target audience.

  • Zos Xavius

    I feel just like the kid from A Christmas Story after he decoded the ovaltine message. People can’t wait for “good things are coming” forever Pentax…I mean uh Ricoh!

  • Mike

    This will do well with real estate photos and virtual tours.

    • Neopulse

      Smart idea.

  • keith

    Not that they are even reading this, but just for my own benefit, I have been waiting to hear more about what is happening with the 645D forever now and as Zos Xavius said, its time to move one.
    My move into medium format has waited long enough so ill enter into a relationship with a different company.
    I know I am only one person, but I knwo there are others just as frustrated.
    Bye Pentax

    • Zos Xavius

      Leica and Pentax both seem to have problems finding a source for sensors to upgrade their MF cameras with. I wouldn’t count out the 645D dying just yet.

  • Craig Atkinson

    How can a company responsible for something as great as the GR produce this? Were they bug eyed on acid and thought “I know, lets make everyone see like this”. Absolute shambles of an idea. And seriously, if this is where they’re heading my GR might not be mine much longer! What a rant that was. Good night.

    • BP2012

      Hey, don’t be so angry. GR is a great camera and this is just a funny gadget which will eventualy participate in business world for some very specialized activities. As a landscape photographer I would like to see a shovel and a camouflage net as a part of a “landscape kit” 🙂

      Btw, are you using optical viewfinder for GR and if it is true, which one?

      • Craig Atkinson

        Ha, no not angry, I was just hoping for a new GXR system. No VF with the GR

  • jtf

    Anyone notice that the main picture on the website has a disclaimer stating that the picture was NOT taken with the camera they are trying to sell?

    • agmois

      I looked around and did not see any disclaimers, but the picture of the camera is definitely not taken with the camera.

      • jtf

        Top right hand corner

        • agmois

          Yep, I see it… That blows.

  • Agmois

    Looks interesting. I might pick one up if IQ is decent, I have been using Photosynth for past couple years and not totally happy with the stitching quality.
    P.S. To all you haters there I do have Ricoh GR 4 and GXR with bunch of M glass, but this camera is for totally different market. I can see using it for panos for web.
    Glad to see Ricoh innovate and introduce new products!

  • aekn

    The people giving Ricoh the benefit of the doubt for a full frame body or advanced aps-c body, saying “it takes time to develop” should really be taking this launch, the Q10, Q7, K01, and others as a sign that we’re no longer their intended market. If they wanted to develop something by now and were capable of it, they would have.

  • 103David

    Hmmm, seems to behave largely, but not entirely, like my IPhone 5 in panorama mode. Except the IPhone seems to have little trouble showing me what I got instantly, nor transferring the captured image to Photoshop, or my existing email to share.
    So wats the point?

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I honestly do not understand how in this age of social networking companies can come up with stuff like this. They are obviously targeting the Facebook/instacrap/hashtag crowd with this, but (like Lytro) instakill their own product by severely crippling the “shareability”. If every time you want to share your image you have to drag your audience to a specific URL/app then you’ll loose your audience very quickly. And 10 years down the line, they’ll quietly give up support for the device, rendering your novelty images all but unviewable, unless people visit you. I believe that until things like 3D, Lytro, and these type of panorama/360 images become easily viewable/shareable with a globally accessible file format, they will never become mainstream and eventually will disappear altogether.

    • agmois

      Yeah, it needs a QTVR exporter for the files – then the files will live on beyond the servers, and we still might be able to view them in the future.

  • Neopulse

    Two things worth mentioning:

    First, this is the perfect perv camera :-/
    And secondly, $399?! If this went for at least $129 it would sell like crazy.

    • Hey man, we’re talking iOS compatible here! Show some respect.

  • D800GUY

    Real estate agent will be very interested in buying these cameras, perfect for virtual tours.

  • G.

    Anyone know what kind of ballhead that is at 35 seconds in the second video?

  • Ok, thats something new – somehow like it. Although I’m wondering if the quality from these images is useful…

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