Hasselblad to launch its first retail store in Japan


Just like Leica (who followed Apple's example) Hasselblad is about to launch its first-ever retail store in Tokyo, Japan. Currently none of the major US stores are carrying the latest Lunar or Stellar cameras.

Press release:

Hasselblad all set to launch its first retail store

Hasselblad, one of the world's best known imaging brands, is about to launch its first-ever retail outlet.

The company, famous for over half a century for its world-leading, technically advanced, medium format cameras for high-end professional and amateur photographers - and now with an additional portfolio of ground breaking consumer cameras for photo-enthusiasts worldwide - will open for business in Tokyo's fashionable Harajuku area on September 14.

The new store launch in Japan is the latest move in Hasselblad CEO Dr. Larry Hansen's extensive new investment programme aimed at making it easier for more people across the globe to own a Hasselblad camera. Dr. Hansen said: "This is a landmark day for us and to celebrate we will be throwing an all-day party at the new store on September 14.

Our latest camera products, including our flagship H5D medium format series and our new and pioneering Lunar and Stellar consumer models, will be on show and, additionally, we have organised a superb exhibition of Norman Parkinson photographs in-store - to celebrate both our new launch and this great photographer's 100th anniversary."

The new store - a one-stop-shop of all things Hasselblad - is located adjacent to the Hasselblad Japan offices and close to a number of well-known retailers and trendy fashion boutiques.

William Penrice, Hasselblad Japan President said: "We are very excited about the growing interest in our products in Japan and this new store helps us to fulfil our promise to enable all fans of our brand to have a chance to own one of our outstanding cameras. Our exclusively designed Tokyo premises include a fully functioning photo-studio, a gallery and a creative space for photographers. We also have a unique display area showcasing the company's heritage products including examples of our classic V System and space cameras favoured by US astronauts."

He added: "This is the first time in our history that we will be providing direct sales in store as opposed to the standard commercial protocol with partners, distributors and dealers. This is why our new team in Tokyo comprises only specialists with extensive retail experience. This store launch is a brand new challenge for the company and we are all very excited and enthusiastic about its future. We want people to just drop by whenever they can and browse, not just our latest cameras, but also enjoy a snapshot of our heritage and history."

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    What’s with the heavy looking, vault-like museum display cases? An ugly store layout filled with ugly products. This is a prime example of bad taste, imho.

  • Scandinavian scam

  • fjfjjj

    Those dressed-up Sony cams look like cheap crap even from a distance.

  • Daryl

    Do they make the V series any longer? Those 500 series cameras are some of the best and most beautiful cameras ever made.

    • mooh

      Discontinued on April 29th, 2013.

      No one buy them new anyway.

      • joe

        i would not say that. if you place them right and put a real 6×6 sensor on them they would probably be kick ass cameras. people buy leicas like shit these days.
        just a matter of taste and if you want to sell that camera.

  • D800GUY

    I am not surprised since Japanese LOVE special editions (cosmetic), they have special edition of everything. This will just be a special edition sony camera called hasselblad lunar lol

  • stefano60

    it would appear that the same clowns who “designed” those fine lunar and stellar masterpieces also helped decorate the store.
    how many times do you need to see the hasselblad name once you are inside THEIR store???

  • Beyond

    It is sad to see once a photographic giant becomes a desperate nobody trying to shine again. Are the Japanese really that foolish? I thought their economy is still recovering, can the Japanese really resurrect Hasseblad?

    • sperdynamite

      If Leica is any example, yes, they are that foolish. I work in a camera store and my Leica customers are like 30% pot bellied old men with too much time and money, and 70% Asian men. And before people start screaming racist, this is just an observation of a trend. Take it however you like.

      • Nishi Drew

        Yep, in Japan it’s the Pensioners that have more time and money than anyone and generally spend in photography. Every time I’m at the major electronics store it seems there’s someone who goes straight to the camera booth, asks what’s good, and buys it on the spot. And for above, recovering economy? You come over here and that’ll be a joke, the latest high-end cars everywhere, there’s always a Ferrari somewhere in town

        • sperdynamite

          Since 2008 I’ve been watching Leica grow as a company, hucking luxury goods at such a ridiculous premium, completely immune to the economic crisis. It’s just been an interesting macro within what should be called the inequality crisis.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Oh hai, I think you need moar and biggerer logos in your shop….
    Seriously, apart from the optical and build quality, what made the old hasselblads so desirable was their understated elegance. Simple, highly functional yet very pretty to look at. ‘New’ Hasselblad seems to have completely forgotten that part of their heritage…. It’s like watching a charismatic man becoming senile overnight. From now on, if anyone needs proof that money can’t buy taste and style, we can sigh and point to Hasselblad. It is heartbreaking. It is like watching a loved one wasting away and going senile before your eyes.

  • Les

    I love how they put square black and white pictures on the walls. What happens when a customer asks to see the camera that took those pictures?

    • Brian

      I heard that the camera with the wood handle thingy makes those squares inside! It develps in black and white too!

  • Gery

    And who put a table football in the middle of the room???:D

  • Sahaja

    They are probably opening a store because almost no other retailer will carry their Lunar and Stellar cameras.

    • johnny

      That’s exactly what I think in the first place.

  • sasa208

    Once Hasselblad had camera’s on the moon, now look how far they fell.

  • Zos Xavius


  • joe

    funny, square format shots on the wall and no more v-system cameras. hasselblad you sold your soul to the junkman!

  • wylun

    and… no one went in

  • saywhatuwill

    How could we be assured that we’re in an actual Hasselblad store? Is it written somewhere?

    As for the store itself, will someone be able to pick up a H5D with lenses there? Can someone get their camera serviced? Will the sales people even know how to operate a camera? How about the scanners or a CFV-50? Can we get one there?

    • Kynikos

      Actually it’s a Sony Store with the logo painted over.

  • Peter Griffin

    I’d buy the loonar just for the trendy case, and give away the camera to some kid who wants to make snapshots at school with his friends. Does the camera phone have 4G? Can I get this in lime?

  • Agmois

    Good grief, Charlie Brown… Having a custom store to sell custom Sony cameras? This is truly too much for me!

    While the old ‘blads were hassle to use (I had hard time focusing 500 series, those viewfinders were too dark) I think we can just write off old Hasselblad as a has been. Heido, Hasselblad!

    P.S. The current company direction will stop once the money from Asian investors runs out. And with current product lineup it will sooner than later.

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