This is the Olympus E-7 Four Thirds camera that may never be released *UPDATED*

Update: a reader sent me another picture of the Olympous E-7 Four Thirds camera:

Olympus did develop an E-7 DSLR based Four Thirds camera, but instead of releasing, they decided to merge the Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds lines and concentrate only on MFT products in the future. A picture of the Olympus E-7 camera was shown during an official E-M1 presentation in Germany (image source: Pen-and-tell).

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  • Nikolas Paolo

    Let’s hope not in that shape and form…good God it’s fugly 🙁

  • Hubertus_Bigend

    Taken from one of Olympus Japan’s E-M1 promo clips:
    I want one!

    • Thanks, I will add this picture to my post.

    • callibrator

      I don’t. While it may be a good performer, that thing looks atrocious. And I’m sure if it ever sees the light of day as production model, it will cost a pretty penny.

      For that money and compromise in sensor size, I’d rather take the E-M1 model, thanks very much.

      • jk

        EM1 is already extremely overpriced considering its poor video mode and lack of proper 60p at full HD.
        for many hybrid type shooters the tiny sensor itself is not a big issue but we need proper video implementation with proper headphone jack.
        for pure still works there are many other better options such as Leica , Nikon, Canon , Sony and even Fuji.
        So, like Panasonic with its GH3 and GX7, Oly should have gone hybrid with the EM1.
        I am no longer interested in Oly since they do overlook video aspect of hybrid photography.

        • Marko Jakovich

          I’m into photography, not videography…couldn’t care less if the video on those 4/3rds is good or not.
          While E-M1 could be overpriced by today’s camera pricing standards, it’s sure to me cheaper than that E7…if it eventually hits the shops at all, that is.

        • safeashouses


      • Hubertus_Bigend

        I really do like the looks, but that’s of course a matter of taste.

        If the E-7 would become available but wouldn’t have any advantages over the E-M1 at all, except the few that optical viewfinders may still have over electronic ones aside several disadvantages, I’d choose the E-M1, too. The main reason would be not being able to use the many interesting Micro Four Thirds lenses which now exist, nor any that will come in the future. But if there was a real advantage, say a really much-improved PDAF to the point of being comparable to what Nikon has achieved, I might actually have chosen the E-7.

  • re

    It is completely wrong.Read the original post.

  • Cinekpol

    “they decided to merge the Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds lines and concentrate only on MFT products in the future.” – They didn’t merge it. They’ve dumped it.

    • Hubertus_Bigend

      They’ll discontinue the E-5 and neither design new DSLRs nor new Four Thirds lenses, but they will continue to manufacture existing Four Thirds lenses to be used on PDAF capable Micro Four Thirds cameras like the E-M1 as long as there is demand.

      • Cinekpol

        I don’t see how it suddenly makes it a “merger”. Just a slow death.

  • wylun

    e7 looks.. pretty small? shape is not that problem.. but ya.. size was small.

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