New Pentax K-3 leak and rumored specifications

The not yet announced  Pentax K-3 camera was listed at the  official Japanese PPG (Pentax Photo Gallery) website. Those are the rumored Pentax K-3 specifications:

  • Ricoh Pentax K-3: 24MP APS-C Sensor
  • Hardware AA Filter-less
  • Software AA Filter
  • PRIME III Image Processor
  • 86k RGB Segmented Light Metering with -3EV Sensitivity
  • 27-Point AF with -3EV Sensitivity
  • 8.5 Maximum FPS (Tentative)
  • 4 Stop SR
  • 100% 0.95X Optical Viewfinder
  • Fixed Air-gapless LCD
  • Built-in Interval Shooting up to 2000 Frames and Internal Video Composite
  • MPEG4 AVC/H.264 Full HD 30p/60i Video
  • New Stereo Phone-out Monitor Jack
  • 3 User Modes
    USB 3.0
  • Weight: 800g
  • Price: $1299.99 for body only
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  • aurele

    seems great !

  • SomePentaxian

    First true breakthrough since the takeover, but it seems they can still channel the pentax spirit after all 🙂

    Bring it on!

  • Totalreader

    … Price: $1299.99 for body only + $500 for sensor + $ 300 for shutter + $ 250 for pentaprism + $150 for LCD +…+…

    • aurele

      what’s your point exactly ?

      • kassim

        Cost accounting. Hahaha.

        • jun Xia

          and he’s doing it unprofessionally

      • Alex

        He’s always buying cameras with spare parts.

        • Totalreader

          is there another way? )))

      • Totalreader

        starts from $1599.99

        • Partialreader

          What? Your desillusion?

  • fLyIr


  • mjmjj

    2011 sensor. Crap lenses = no need for AA filter. Straight to discount bin.

    • ninii

      Nice try Sony/Olympus/Canon/Nikon/Panasonic/Leica

      • Zos Xavius

        People love to troll pentax. They are idiots mostly.

    • nknkk

      haters gonna hate

  • Someotherpentaxian

    Finally moving away from the old school 11 Pt Auto-Focus is a huge win. And -3EV focusing like the K-5ii.

  • FFpx

    why the heck they don’t make the full frame? if pentax releases full frame camera I will immediately switch back from Nikon..

  • koko

    funny try pentax but sony nex ff will eat you

    • Arn

      Are you stupid or just a troll ?

      Mirrorless ≠ DSLR.
      If you are happy with a crappy evf and a layout made for crippled people, good for you.

      • LOL

        EVF is superior over any kind of OVF hands down.

    • BP2012

      I hope so, but it wont happen. For something like that Sony first has to learn a lot from Pentax about ergonomics, functionality and usability of a camera. My real expectations that FF NEX will be technically brilliant but with a usability on a point and shoot camera level, like previous models.

      About K-3: it’s good to have new flagship model but I don’t like 24MP APS-C sensors. 24MP is a good measure for FF sensor.

      • Ufupuw

        Is that why K01 got butchered on DPreview review specially on crappy ergonomics?

        Looks like Pentax needs to a learn about ergonomics.

        • BP2012

          That camera was designed by Mark Newson and not by Pentax. Mark Newson doesn’t know anything about cameras and photography in general. I never thought of K-01 as a Pentax camera. Even that “industrial design” thing called K-01 is more ergonomical than all cameras from NEX-3 and NEX-5 series. NEX-6 and 7 are little bit better, I actually had one but sold after few months, tired of loosing shots while searching through camera menus. NEX cameras are definitely most usable in auto mode.

          If Sony one day produce FF NEX camera with usability at least like Pentax Q I’ll buy it immediately.
          Have a nice day.

          • Ufupuw

            That has to be a joke of the century: Don’t blame Pentax for PENTAX K01 ergonomics because that camera was not made by Pentax, even though it’s branded Pentax.

            As for Nex-7, DPreview in their review rated Nex-7 tri-Navi useful and innovative. — much much higher than PENTAX K01 ergonomics

            Looks like Pentax needs to learn from Sony about ergonomics.

          • BP2012

            Are you dumb or what?
            Ok let me try again.

            Nex-7 is technically superior to K-01 no doubt about that, Based on similarity to NEX-6 it only has slightly better ergonomics than that peace of shit called K-01. I won’t be a proud about that because K-01 is the only camera with “Pentax” logo which is not designed by Pentax. And for ergonomics design is very important, right? Usability and ergonomics of even cheapest Pentax DSLRs are hard-to-reach for all current Sony NEX cameras. Period.

          • Tinusverdino

            You Obviously have never held a K-5, which is about the most ergonomical dslr there is (the K-01 was an odd ball). Pentax has nothing to learn from Sony, it’s the other way around. Pentax get’s more iq out of sony sensors than sony e.g.

          • Ufupuw

            Here is DPreview on Nex7


            “For such a small camera, the NEX-7’s handling is remarkably good. The use of three dials to control the main exposure parameters, with the rear dial essentially dedicated to ISO and the right dial to exposure compensation, makes it extremely fluid to shoot with. A single press of the top plate ‘navigation’ button calls up a screen that allows you to move the AF point wherever in the frame you want, and pressing again cycles through a range of other parameters, which are highly user-definable. It’s a system that works exceptionally well.”

            Yeah, they found it much superior to K01

          • Ludwig Gerhardt

            You never used a NEX, dont you?

          • BP2012

            Used NEX-6 for three months and sold it. That was my unsuccessful try do downsize to mirrorless world. I’ve got good shots only when had plenty of time for setting the camera. Missed a lot of street shots. My usual timing for street photography with good old K-5 is usually 3-5sec to pull out the camera from revolver case+turn it on and made a few necessary adjustments before pressing the shutter. With NEX that was possible only in “tourist” modes.

    • Derek

      Do you still lose more than half a stop of light for their focus?

    • kiki

      I see the plan “let the mirrorless people imagine their numbers are growing” is still continuing…

  • kassim

    No FF?? again?

  • larry z

    Where do I place my order?

  • Neopulse

    This with the Pentax 560mm will be deadly.

  • Yep, buying this in a heartbeat. Still waiting for the full frame though. *Glares at Pentax*

  • Thomas

    Seems like a reasonable upgrade to the K-5 (II & IIs). Kind of like what Nikon did with the D7000->D7100 (same sensor as the later I presume). The D7100 is really missing out on the action with its small RAW buffer, I hope Pentax doesn’t do the same mistake. I also hope they keep the excellent K-5 body style.

  • Tinusverdino

    specs made up by Rice High

  • anon99

    Uhh… still no FF?

    • Tinusverdino

      get over it. Takes time. Pentax is not as big as Canonikon

      • andy

        Takes time? A FF Pentax has been rumored for at least 10 years, check out any Pentax forum. Those poor guys are just crazy, stick to a brand like that, why?

        • jun Xia

          cuz not everyone needs a ff, lots of (or enough) folks are just happy with their K and Q series right now (or 645s, but clearly most of these users don’t really care much about what’s going on in 35mm world), and they’ve been contributing enough profit margin to Ricoh. in a word – no motive, no move

    • SimenO1

      FF is coming later. K-5II is an intermediate model. The real K-5 successor will be named K-3. Pentax needs both a FF and a APS-C line.

      • peterpan

        yes in 2015 or 2017 or at latest 2019….

  • Joe

    This looks great. Good price too.

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