Samsung NX300m camera manual leaked online

Last week I reported about a new Samsung NX300m camera. The NX300m manual is now available online and reveals a camera identical to the current NX300 model but with an improved tiltable LCD screen (tiltable up 180°, down 45°; the NX300 was up 90°, down 45°).

Samsung is also rumored to announce a new 16-50mm f/2.8 or 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 lens by the end of this year and a new NX30 camera by April 2014.

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  • Marco –

    Totally uninteresting for nx300 owners.

    Nx30 would better be a very good body, with a much improved evf compared to nx20, on par with the latest from olympus. And a good buffer for raw files also, at least 20 raw files vs the ridicolous 5 of nx300. And also an improved sensor, finally positioning at the top of the aps-c ones, instead of just being “among the best ones”.

    • Phil


  • buy my samsung

    Samsung is not only stupid but also malicious camera maker.
    Proof for stupidity:
    Instead of making NX300V with rangefinder style viewfinder, they try to create impression of introduction of new camera while it is just screen modification (because they did not do it right in the first time)
    Samsung hired for advertising Usain Bolt but …. they do not have even ONE lens for sport photography. Samsung made stupid promises of becoming no1 camera maker but they are LAST camera maker. Samsung published ‘roadmap” and for lenses and it turned out that it is false promises map.
    Proof of being malicious:
    samsung designed ON PURPOSE their camera such a way, that users cannot use third party lenses. On dpreview there is thread of a guy who got 85 mm lens but he cannot mount flash on it because the lens is too big. Eh that’s stupidity + malicious behaviour.
    I asked Samsung tens of times:
    1/ how to take multiple exposure photos with samsung nx200. No response.
    2/ I got myself reversal ring but cannot use it because samsung does not want to tell me how to disable “lens detached” error.
    Nooooobody wants samsung camera. I tried to trade it in in B&H and Adorama. Guess what !!! they basically told me that it’s g….ge, and they would not be able to sell it.
    There are thousands complaints about samsung but web sites like this one deletes the posts. Maliciously deletes the posts.

    • Marco –

      I actually use/used legacy lenses on nx cameras via cheap adaptors. I agree on the rest, though.

    • Sahaja

      They are not a camera company – cameras are much less than 1% of their business – so they probably don’t have much of a clue about photography and photographers.

      Canon – making cameras since 1934 and cameras since early 1950s

      Nikon – originally an optical company making lenses – making cameras since 1948

      Ricoh – making cameras and lenses since 1930s

      Pentax – making camera lenses since 1930s and cameras since early 1950s

      Fuji – making film since 1934, optics since 1940s and cameras since 1948

      Olympus – making microscopes since 1920s, cameras and camera lenses since mid 1930s

      Sony – making video cams since 1960s – and digital cameras since mid 1990s in 2003 bought out camera division of Minolta who had been making cameras since 1929

      Panasonic – electronics company made a couple of compact film cameras in the early 1990s., Worked with Leica on digital imaging, Made digital cameras since about 2000 some in co operation with Leica (eg Leica Digilux 2 / Panasonic DMC LC-1 in 2003)

      Samsung – electronics company first known for making TVs and microwave ovens. Now makes everything from memory chips to, computers, mobiles, ships, aircraft engines and gas turbines and runs a construction business, financial services, life insurance, a Korean telecom and a chain of hotels. Samsung produced a couple of obscure 35mm AF zoom cameras in the 1990s. Started making digital compact cameras in around 2002 Owned Rollei for a short while. Sold re branded Pentax DSLRs from about 2006 – then started selling their own NX mirrorless cameras in 2010.

      • Marco –

        But they have enough money to hire a team of experts…they could explain to samsung that making a 1700$ camera with no physical controls and no weather sealing (galaxy nx) is suicidal, even when this camera comewps with a “computer” in it.

        And they would explain to samsung what photographers really want. Huge, high res evf, big buffer, great dr, ibis, weather sealing, rangefinder and dslr like bodies (both with thementioned features). All things unfortunately missing in the current offer of nx cameras.

  • Sahaja

    Looks more and more like a Sony NEX.

  • madmax

    About time! 16-80 lens was announced first more than 3 years ago. It could be an interesting lens it they make it both: small and with good IQ. A constant f/4 would be enough for most uses. I´d much prefer a 14-40 mm notwithstanding.

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