Samsung NX-R mirrorless camera to be released in March, NX30 currently in development

Mirrorless NX prototypes from Samsung promotional video

Mirrorless NX prototypes from Samsung promotional video

Samsung will announce their new NX-R mirrorless camera in March, 2013. There is no date yet for the Samsung NX30 release (replacement of the NX20), but the camera is in development right now. I received some unconfirmed information that the new NX-R (or NX Pro) could have a full frame sensor inside. No details were provided on the lens mount or other camera specs. Back in 2009 Samsung's representative suggested that the "firm is actively pursuing development of a full-frame CMOS sensor intended for use in a professional camera." As far as I know the NX lenses currently cannot cover a full frame sensor. The name NX-R has appeared on several occasions in the past few months - the camera is real, I just seriously doubt it will be full frame:

Samsung NX-R NX-300


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  • Renato S.

    I’ve to say, the metabones adapter makes the FF much less attractive, they will be more expensive and as any other new system, you’ll need lenses. The difference in IQ, DR and ISO performance from FF to APS-C is not what it was couple of years ago, it’s much closer, the metabones adapter even gives you a faster aperture.

    I wonder what will happen to the lenses when Sony launches a FF mirrorless camera, they can’t even give the lenses people want from their current systems, the E-mount lacks a lot of lenses and so on, how are they going to give decent lenses for a FF E-mount? I think they will ask Olympus and Zeiss. Zeiss lenses will all be very expensive and I’m not sure Olympus is in condition of developing the lenses, after all, they sold part of their share to Sony so they could get out of the hole and lens development is quite expensive.

    I think that Samsung can pull up something to develop the lenses, they’ve done that, what they haven’t been able to do is to put together a nice camera, with performance up to the competition.

    We’ll see.

    • “The difference in IQ, DR and ISO performance from FF to APS-C is not what it was couple of years ago, it’s much closer”

      Every now and then people make this argument. What you’re missing to see is, top APS-C developers also have FF sensors. Why do you think they’re going to keep improving the APS-C line and stop the development of the FF line until they match? It’s not even in their business interest to do so.

      And there’s of course the more than 2x the area of FF over APS-C… anyone who ignores that must also think there’s no difference between, say, a f/1.4 and f/2 lens. *sigh*

      “the metabones adapter even gives you a faster aperture.”

      This is not something new and if you think it gives as much as it promises, you’re a bit off the mark. Also it’s no different to saying a 85mm f/1.3 lens on APS-C is the same as a ~135mm f/2 lens on FF… anyone who has used the two combinations know the difference.

      Faster apertures can never be a substitute for bigger sensor area… haven’t you seen Olympus and the FourThirds (the original) movement? At least they make the entire lens for the smaller sensor and still they don’t stack up against FF… and here you’re thinking adding a generic metabones adapter is suddenly going to fuse the gap between APS-C and FF.

      • Not seen Avengers yet :/

        Yeah, and factor the $600+ for the adapter and expensive FF lens it is intended for, and then with the price of the camera system well, you could and might as well get the FF camera anyways! Also, big heavy lenses on the “supposed to be compact” mirror-less bodies via adapter, anyone who wants that…. you kidding right?? I thought people that wanted to get into those systems were fine with the sacrifice of IQ and DoF control for the sake of pocket-ability ;/

        • When I first got my mirrorless (Nex-5) I was also very happy about the idea of being able to use my 24 1.4 and the like. After getting the adapters, I must have put my SLR lenses on the camera once or twice in the several years I’ve had it. As soon as you put most SLR lenses on a mirrorless the whole thing becomes too big to carry around like a mirrorless… which means you’re going to need your DSLR bags, etc. again… defying the purpose. So, on paper it sounds like a neat feature but it’s a different story in practice.

          • jake

            well said use of these silly adapters on NEX or Samsung or Fuji is overrated and noone really TAKING photos rather than comparing lenses used these silly SLR lenses or M lenses , they are simply not good compact enough and in some cases sharp enough.

          • The M lenses are a bit of an exception because they’re still very compact and there are interesting lenses on that mount. Combined with a body that helps with manual focusing (e.g. the Sony Nex line), they’re not all that much of a bad idea. As for the sharpness with SLR lenses, it’s no different to using them on a APS-C DSLR instead.

  • Donji Hogfan

    How about a square sensor with FF area. In the leaked picture there is a hasselblad-like camera which could host a this square sensor and could be regarded as “professional format”.

    • I hope this prototype will make to production, because I sooooo much want that camera!

  • pap911

    Looking at this comparison You can see Samsung 85mm is biggest one.
    Also loooking at tests in net, You can see it have good performance in corners, have small vignetting. Maybe it covers FullFrame? 😉

  • Danonino

    After trying to find the perfect mirror-less camera for years. I finally gave up and went for the Nikon D600. Could not be happier. Hopefully the next gen small-FF Dslrs will be even smaller, maybe in the size of the fantastic Nikon FM cameras.

    • mythbuster

      Ok, excellent Nikon marketing but nothing to do with this post …

    • jake

      always horses for courses , that means you need both SLR and Mirrorless for now but in near future , you will only need NEX or NX.
      I am also a Nikon D800/600 user and I think this upcoming Samsung will force me to get my second Samsung NX (I got Samsung NX210).

  • mythbuster

    Please, Samsung, only for this time make a serious camera!!! I´m sure you can do as good as Fuji. Don´t disappoint me again with more “consumer” stuff.

  • jake

    now, one thing we are very sure about near future of this industry is that Samsung NX might be the final winner in this game and Sony also inroduce a new FF NEX very soon.
    I guess it will soon be Samsung vs Sony and Canon and Nikon may go bankrupt!
    I guess ,for any rational owner of a MFT , it may be your last chance to sell your m43 crap to get a REAL camera without much loss.
    After FF mirrorless really materialized , noone really cares about MFT.

    • MFT’s a big improvement over FT in terms of finding the correct niche. But with the introduction large sensor mirrorless cameras, we’ll see history repeating itself. Right now MFT holds its own against APS-C mirrorless stuff because of the very good lenses they have. It’s like only Olympus that’s taking mirrorless stuff seriously to build them.

      Eventually there’ll be enough good lenses for APS-C bodies and there won’t be a point in going for a MFT. MFT can always lower the price and still continue to exist… I mean, even P&S cameras continue to have a big market so MFT can sit between that and larger sensor mirrorless models.

  • inteliboy

    Samsung leech on every damn electronic industry known to man. How big does one company need to be? Jack of all trades, master of none.

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