Sony FE full frame lens roadmap

Sony Japan published a new FE full frame lens roadmap for their latest a7/a7r mirrorless camera line. In addition to the 5 new lenses that got announced last night (the 24mm f/1.8 lens pictured here was not announced), in 2014 Sony is expected to announce 5 more FE lenses. By the end of the 2015, there will be a total of 15 FE lenses.

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  • sperdynamite

    Is that a road map or a bunch of grey lines that tell us nothing….?

    • it means HOPE for those that can trust Sony delivering the lenses.

    • Jojo

      The original NEX roadmaps had very specific models
      that never actually appeared, so which approach would you prefer? Either way, it’s vague…..

  • The 24/1.8 is just the APS-C and the one in the back is probably the recently announced Zeiss 16-70/4 as well. It doesn’t have the FE before the 24, the picture probably just shows the now 5 Sony/Zeiss available to E-Mount. It’s just a pitiful way of trying to make it feel like there are more lenses that really are.

    • Anonymous

      stop being negative. do you even take photos? go switch to another brand if sony isnt doing it for you.

  • what about APS-C E-mount roadmap Sony, do you even care?

    • Ufupuw

      E-mount has far more lenses than Nikon 1 which is dying.

      I find it interesting that you are constantly commenting on these cameras even though you are a Nikon fanboy and owns ZERO E-mount cameras.

      • hahahahahaha… OMG… aren’t you mistaking me for another person?

        Why should I care about Nikon1? I’m never going to buy one of those. It was a safe try by Nikon but at least they tried some interesting things with video, differently from Canon that had tried nothing with the EOS-M.

        Nikon fanboy? I usually complain about how Canikon are just too comfortable when it comes to mirrorless cameras, taht they are not innovating anymore and that one day they may pay for that, but not in the short term.

        And I do own E-Mount cameras, why else would I f**** care about the lenses of a system I don’t have or don’t intend to have?

        Is that the argument to say that there are plenty of E-mount lenses?

        I owned one of the first NEX cameras and since them the only thing I could do is to wait for the lenses, last year there was a little hope with the 50 and 35 and I bought one of them but since then, no roadmap, no new primes, no portrait lens, no useful macro but at elast a high quality zoom. I really wished that there was something in between $300~450 price of Sony lenses and $1000~1200 price for Zeiss. The high quality zoom is nice but for that price? The Fuji 18-55mm is nicer and for much less.

        Before abandoning ship and selling my NEX cameras and lenses I’ll wait for the NEX-7 successor and see how it’s gonna be but mainly if there will be a roadmap and then I’ll decide which way to go.

  • Stefan Georgiev

    If you see – with orange they mark the G lenses, with blue – Zeiss and with grey is market the kit lens from sony – 28-70.
    So all these grey lines are new sony non-G lenses…. thank you sony… 🙁

    • mooh

      Just unspecified ones.

      Well the Minolta “G” and “Zeiss Blue” are just marks, for marketing purpose. I’d actually prefer it should they really be able to pop up SEVEN cheap, modern lenses without these marketing slogans…

  • looh

    The “Zeiss large aperture prime lens” will definitely cost an arm and a leg.

  • Global

    Where are the bright lenses??

  • john

    1 fast lens and 7 slow lens plus 7 grey lines dont look so promising. Where are all the fast prime lens?

  • Clint

    What’s with the ‘roadmap’ being in two languages…seriously, can’t somebody translate the Japanese???

    The new cameras from Sony are very exciting, too bad they have a lacklustre plan for lenses….especially since the M mount wide angle glass performs so poorly on the A7.

    You can build the best camera in the world but it’s useless without decent lenses that people want….(hint: fast primes like Fuji)

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