Of course there will be a Hasselblad Solar camera based on the Sony a7

This is the Hasselblad Solar that will be based on the groundbreaking Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera. Considering that the a7/a7r camera body costs between $1,698.00 and 2,298.00, the new Hasselblad Solar will probably be close to $10,000 depending on the selected materials.

Update: Hasselblad announced a new camera called Lusso.

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  • arab sheikh

    conspicious consumption f*ck yeah!

  • Grappo

    LOL! I have no problem with humorous posts, but please add a disclaimer so there’s no chance people fool themselves.

    • markz

      is it humorous if it’s true?

      London to a brick this will be released by the former photographic company Hasselblad for their “to many rubels/renminbi/USD not enough sense” Blingwear of 2014 ….

      … 4 weeks after release the a7 mkII

      • longzoom

        What humorous are you talking about? It is deadly serious! Plus hood covered by Gold, inside and out, for $8000!

        • markz

          the best humour is both dry and serious.

          No disrespect to journalists but none of them could come up with the comedy gold that just keeps on coming out of the ‘blad’ders of the hassy headquarters
          maybe when (not if) this eventuates they could continue the outerspace name theme and call this camera:
          “The Uranus”

  • Augie

    Maybe it’s just relative to the hideous garbage Hasselblad has been peddling recently, but this one actually doesn’t look half bad. That said, anyone who shells out thousands of dollars extra for a fancy grip is still an idiot.

    • Mike

      Best post of the day so far. Succinct & accurate.

    • Zoron

      The target market for this camera won’t have the precious time to check out photorumors.com……and find out what a bad joke this camera is.

    • Hassey Stinks

      This is a camera for millionaires & billionaires who pay for fake boobs and get their a-holes bleach. Do you think they care about if it is made by Sony?!

    • Even their medium format cameras cost 5-10 times as much as the offerings from Pentax. And they’re even really better. This rebadged A7 is just proof that they’re not really doing something unique and innovative that the competition are not. They’re just charging more for the badge because they think they can get away with it.

      Atleast with Leica digital cameras they offer a quirky and unique experience.

  • BP2012

    You made my day with this!

    A few days ago I watched B&H review of Zeiss Otus lens on Youtube. Review starts with a lot of introductionary bla-bla about long history of perfect Zeiss lenses for perfect Hasselblad cameras. After watching the video I left a comment “why Hasselblad is not supported anymore?” but they censored my comment!

    • Cinekpol

      Hassel signed contract with Fuji for manufacturing lenses.

      Reason for a chance was that Zeiss never gave them much control or insight into the lens design – Fuji is much more willing to cooperate on the other hand.

      • Mark James Luzzi

        Zeiss are better lenses hands down

        • EJPB

          What a ridiculous statement. Fuji has been making lenses for Hasselblad for years. Fuji had his own large format camera”s, the GX680, a very reknowned studio camera system. And most of all, on the X-series there’s really nothing to choose the Zeiss lenses over the Fujinon’s, unless you like the blue logo more. Last but not least, the lens factories Fuji has are amongst the best and most advanced on this planet.

        • bidou

          Zeiss ar bigger lenses hands down

    • sperdynamite

      As far as the H system is concerned, the Fuji lenses are excellent. No Zeiss logo would really improve their performance. With modern medium format designs, Zeiss went a different way with their Contax 645 leses. The Zeiss 80mm f2 is a dream for wide open shooters. Probably not the best option for studio work, as that lens just sings at f2. It’s a damn shame that the Contax 645 is no longer produced or supported.

    • Ken Elliott

      Hasselblad has Fuji build both the lenses and the body. It’s my understanding that the new mount is “closed” – that is, they won’t tell anyone the electrical specifications. So Zeiss would have to reverse engineer the mount, and it’s a small market. Then Hasselblad could change the specs and render the Zeiss useless.

  • Florian

    What once was a respected and high-quality company with one of the best cameras worldwide (500,…), today is only good at “copy and pasting” Sony’s great creations. Can this be the future of Hasselblad?!

    • Mark James Luzzi

      I see no future for them Its the begining of their END


    Hasselblad —> Sony
    Leica —–> Panasonic

    these companies do have similarity….

    • Mark James Luzzi

      The rebadged point and shoot Leica are a couple of hundred dollars more than their equivalent Panasonics Leica also throws in image editing software Hasselblad are 5x the cost of Sonys Im not defending Leica because I don’t agree with what they are produce either

  • Ken Elliott

    Fake. It it was real, they’d put ugly low-function dials on it. This design makes too much sense, like something a photographer would want.


  • Mark James Luzzi

    This is what happens to a great camera company when you are run by a Wall Street More garbage no one is going to buy I havent heard any sales figures on their other rebaged garbage Rebaging ruined GM Hasselblad is next

  • Dan p

    Hasselblad is overrated. You’re buying the name like Leica except Leica cameras are nice. Their medium format cameras aren’t any better than p1 or mamiya even though you pay more. Only good hassies are the old film ones

  • Kynikos

    Real, Corinthian Leather or I’m not buying.

  • Paul


  • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

    I keep seeing these hassy cameras thinking it is some kind of tech joke but then they show up at B&H or Amazon.

    I just cannot believe Hasselblad decision makers think it is okay to just put their logo/paint/wood on a camera without any real alteration and expect people to buy… uncanny!!

  • Doug Peterson

    Meanwhile Phase One is adding to their highly functional IQ line with a new series of IQ2 backs featuring fast ad hoc wireless allowing review, rating, and camera control from an iOS device with a native Phase One app.


  • whensly

    yeah it needs a disclaimer or it’s not cool

  • David

    What was once a Well respected company in the eys of photographers has now become the laughing stock…….


    To the ones that must spend their monies on these warmed over Sony Products…they all have tatted on their foreheads…”DumbAss”

  • Panchoskywalker

    Hasselblad can’t find its place in the digital non medium format cameras. It’s sad that after all the history behind the brand they still don’t get there. They can charge as much as they want but at least they should be bringing state of the art products and that’s not happening outside the medium format market.

  • Jan

    I hope this is a joke. Please tell me it is a joke. Puuuuleeeeeeeease tell me it is a joke.

  • Dominic

    Is it April Fools already..?

  • Zoron

    What’s really sad is …u bet it’s gonna be real!

  • Victor H

    Hasselblad Uranus. Load it from the rear. For artsy-fartsy types.

  • Panchoskywalker

    Hasselblad should work on building the first DSLR with leaf shutter instead of wasting time in this kind of bullshit.

  • trd

    If you think it has anything appealing in it… it is because of the RED RING! Surely you know where to buy them from properly

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