Don’t buy that Sony a7 camera yet – Nikon is rumored to release a new full frame hybrid camera soon *UPDATED*


For everyone that is considering to buy the new Sony a7 camera - you may want to wait a little bit since Nikon is rumored to announce a new full frame hybrid camera with the following specifications:

  • Nikon FM2 like design
  • 16.2MP 36x23.9 full frame sensor (same as in the D4?)
  • SD memory card
  • 2016-pixel RGB image sensor
  • 9-cell framing grid display
  • 3D color matrix metering II
  • Native ISO range: 100-12,800 (incl. ISO 50 and ISO 108,200)
  • 5.5 fps for up to 100 shots
  • 3.2" LCD screen
  • Battery:EN-EL14
  • Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm
  • Weight: 765g
  • It will come with a new AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens (again, not clear what mount the new lens will have)

Update - some additional specifications:

  • Standard F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement most likely will take place in the next 1-3 weeks
  • No video recording capabilities
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  • What does hybrid means? Photo+Video? Or Mirrorless with hybrid mount?

    What gets my attention here is the weight, it has DSLR range of weight. Unless it’s the weight with the kit lens – which seems unlikely – wouldn’t it be just a F-mount without mirror? Sure, it’s still mirrorless but not really taking advantages of getting rid of the bulky stuff, the same approach Pnetax used for its mirrorless camera.

    I will congratulate Nikon if they go real mirrorless, really. Of the two, at least Nikon tried something different with the Nikon1, whereas Canon shamelessly just put an irrelevant piece of a overpriced camera – wasn’t it $899 or $999 when it was launched? – and becomes surprised that it didn’t sell. Nikon at least experimented on video and functions with the Nikon1 system but even so, very conservative market wise, trying to not cannibalize themselves – which is a stupidity. But if Nikon finally goes full throttle, can Sony really compete with all that expensive – only – glass? Can Nikon come up with more lenses?

    • longzoom

      So far it looks “Me too, me too!” move. New mount? It means new line of lenses, what I doubt. New ring? With big and heavy Nikkors? So have no idea. Just let us wish success to Nikon.

      • By comments on Nikon Rumors it seems that it’s a stripped down D4 with a retro FM2 design, which fits the bill. Now the weight makes more sense, being similar to the D600 but I wonder what this move will really do for Nikon.

        • Erik

          It’s really simple what this move will do for Nikon. They will get my money!

          • longzoom

            Hope its true. So Godspeed for Nikon!

          • I don’t know if you are a Nikon user but I meant more specifically for non-Nikon users. Will it make them go Nikon? Or is this more to hold them so they don’t go elsewhere? That’s the interesting part.

          • Zane

            “..hold them so they don’t go elsewhere” +1

          • a4

            As for me – it this turns out to be true, I’m definitely switching to Sony or Fuji…

    • devorama

      Maybe it’s a hybrid because it can take the Nikon 1 lenses with an adapter! 😉

      • hahaha… it would be comical but impossible since it would need an even shorter flange distance to adapt a Nikon1 lens… hehe…

    • thomas

      hybrid refers to the AF mirrorless system. companies are trending away from the term Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lense (EVIL) which at one time was referring to all mirrorless systems.

      • I don’t think that’s what it means, a lot of cameras have hybrid AF with CDAF and PDAF, that’s not exclusive of mirrorless.

        as for the nomenclature, I think that Panasonic’s DSLM – which they came up when they announced the GH3 – should be used by everybody, it just makes sense.

        Digital Single Lens Mirrorless.

        EVIL is too vague and it’s been a year or two since people stopped calling that. CSC as for Compact System Camera starts to not make sense as some newer mirrorless cameras are not so compact.

    • Not sure yet, this is how the camera was described to me.

      • But is this for the 4Q of this year? Or no date yet?

        The A7/r will only be start to be delivered in December so there is still sometime for an announcement to counter Sony if that’s what Nikon wants.

        Companies going bold, that’s always good and exciting.

        • Yes, Q4 or early January. Most likely the announcement will be in the next 1-3 weeks.

    • longzoom

      I believe “hybrid” stands for non-AI lenses full metering. In a day or two it will be cleared.

      • yeah, according to the new rumors it seems that way, maybe next time it can mean mirrorless. I think that in a year or two Fuji will also go FF and then things are going to be interesting because we can be sure that Fuji can deliver the goods when it comes to a fairly priced high quality glass an the focal length people want.

        In just two years Fuji basically filled all the most wanted ones, imagine that in a FF. The only area that Sony would have an advantage is in video mode – but maybe not so much since we are yet to see real high quality video out of their cameras.

        • longzoom

          You know, I somehow believe we will never see real high quality video out of Sony cameras, for the simple reason – they need to sell their cams. But, you see, I’d be mistaken, no problem.

      • Sahaja

        Nikon have a number of patents for hybrid OVF – EVF finders

    • Zane

      I guess “hybrid” is just a marketing term here, given the F-mount and weight, it is just another DSLR with retro design. Yet many current Nikon users might love it.

      • kickars

        ‘Another DSLR with retro design’?

        Tell me one other DSLR with retro design?

        • Zane

          OP was wondering what “hybrid” means, mirrorless? hybrid mount? and my guess is none, it is just ANOTHER DSLR with retro design.

          Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the design of my F3 over today’s plastic DSLRs, and I hoped there will be a digital F3 one day, (I even searched for DIY digital back for F3).

          But I really wish Nikon can learn the lesson of Nokia and be more innovative, because in the end, it is portability and the IQ of a camera that really matters, not the good looking of the camera itself.

          • Cinekpol

            So now to be innovative you need to remove mirror? Otherwise it’s not innovative?

    • rearranged

      Well since it is a Dslr, why not have dslr weight? The Fm2 had a weight of around 550g, So add a digital sensor, Af and a Display und you’re at 750g. As long as this camera has a physical shutterspeed dial i will be buying one for shure.

      • rearranged

        Btw I am 100% positive that it won’t have a built in Af Motor. I bet it will be the first professional Nikon with no Motor.

        • Sahaja

          Why are you 100% positive?
          The rumoured specs make it a little taller than an FM2 – by enough to add the AF motor.

    • aarif

      Its a hybrid because it’s a cross
      between a Vampire and a werewolf 🙂

    • Cinekpol

      My bet is that they call it hybrid because it’s essentially a `Mirrorless size with no mirrorless disadvantages`.

  • Emil

    Low-resolution sensor, heavy, small ISO-range(for FF). Do you really think people would cancel their Sony-order based on this. We know that photo-rumors administrator is Nikon-fan, but this vague rumor is very uninteresting.

    • Arn

      16Mpxl is low resolution ? Seriously ? 🙂
      A new 16 MXPL sensor could be a Hi Iso killer, so yes, maybe they are some reason to prefer the (eventual) Nikon.

      • markz

        yep … 16MP “low rez” sure it is … not.
        Unless you are a NASA space telescope or can’t afford a good zoom or telephoto so have to crop to post processing rather than “in camera” you can do very well with 16MP and far far less, I’ve sold (and still sell) A3+ size prints made on using 3MP and 6MP cameras.

        • CHD

          I love all the comments from people who still own a D1X and talk about their ‘fantastic’ 3mp A3+ prints….
          The sensor from the D800 trounces your old, outdated, low MP D1X any day of the week. The sensor in the D800 is so good that why not just use it rather than limiting to 16mp.

          • Genkakuzai

            Yeah let’s not pretend that’s the case with a modern 16MP sensor though. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a D4 print and a D800 print at A3 and smaller sizes.

          • Jon

            Do you have any idea of the number of D800s for sale second hand due to the logistics of coping, day-to-day with the massive files the 800’s 36MP sensor puts out?

          • BdV

            They can keep on trouncing forever, but if I needed 36mp I would already have bought it.

          • BdV

            They can keep on trouncing forever, but if I needed 36mp I would already have bought it.

    • pooh

      Native ISO 100-12800, same as the D4. Consider it small if you are buying not cameras but night vision goggles.

      But I agree that the title is misleading, there is no reason (yet) for anyone to reconsider their a7 pre-orders.

    • David G.

      In what world is 16 megapixels “low-resolution” ?

      • Clint

        In the world we live in….that is 2013…not 2006 when Canon released the 1DSii.

        I agree that 16mp is not ‘low’…but that is the bare min I would accept in this day and age. Look at the sensor in the D800….it is already awesome in low light and gives fantastic dynamic range and resolution, why go backwards???

        • Genkakuzai

          Because the vast majority of people do not need higher resolution. Most people don’t even print bigger than A3, and at that point there is not a snowballs chance in hell you’d be able to tell the difference between a 35MP image and a 16MP image unless you’re pressing your nose to the print.

    • Al

      The issue with this announcement for me is I fail to see what innovation Nikon is bringing to their users. It feels like they are going retro just for the sake of going retro, i.e., cosmetic changes. Perhaps new details may surface as this rumor develops.

      • Global

        In fairness, Nikon users have been demanding this form for years — a lot of people hate the rubbery sloping melted big chunk of plastic look of modern dslrs. They like the angular and straight lines of and geometry of the classics.

        But youre right… not mirrorless… not m4/3 sensor… no claims of higher ISO yet… and if it costs as much as a D4 then its really only going to be a designer handbag for the super rich.

        Just really hope its a D610 to D800 price at most.

        • kickars

          The thing about ISO is that manufactures can claim/make as high as they want. But, people sometimes don’t realise that does NOT mean those cameras can really take good noise free photos in the dark with their ‘higher than usual’ ISO settings. So, what’s the point?

          The ‘special’ thing about this camera if everything said are true is that it will have the smallest FF DSLR body (and classic Nikon design) currently on market with Nikon’s own flagship D4’s inner gut all squeezed in it. What’s more do you want?

      • Genkakuzai

        You mean other than possibly delivering a FM2 sized full frame camera with an optical viewfinder? Remind me, who else has done this? The FM2 is a legend for a good reason. If anything, jumping on the mirrorless train would have been giving into the flavour of the year.

        • Cinekpol

          +1. Pretty much that.
          If Nikon pulls it off right, and price won’t be a killer – I can easily see majority of A7 preorders being canceled. Even more so when people will figure out what are the prices for Sony FE-series lenses, and what are a prices of Nikon F lenses. Not to mention the amount of options available.

          • Sahaja

            A7 / A7r is still very interesting if you need a high res sensor – or if you don’t own F-mount lenses

          • Cinekpol

            16 MPx is already quite high resolution. Majority of APS-C bodies got that. But yea – often additional MPx can be a notable advantage.
            And about the lenses – let’s put it this way: It’s much more likely that someone owns, or can very cheaply (sub 100 euro) buy Nikon F lens than he can buy Sony FE lens. 😉

          • noname123

            Additional MPx, if you do not use them, simply kill the dynamic range and the low light sensitivity. If you look at the max MPx resolved by D800 with the best lens, you get just 22MPx. The rest, 14P-MPx, are not resolved (garbage), simply killing the camera dynamic range and the low light sensitivity (and cost you more money, BTW). You can see this max number here:

            No today’s DSLRs, including Nikon D4, are good for indoor shooting of fast actions, such as dancing, sport and so on. In most cases, I find myself shooting at ISO 6,400+ with my D700. And this is typical for indoor fast actions. I need a camera with ISO 500,000 (yes, half a million) to have sufficient shutter speed to freeze subject motion in low light. No camera today is so versatile that can take high resolution (resolved 24MPx) and fast action pictures: it is always a compromise between high resolution and low light/fast actions. You need at least two cameras to cover both the types of such shooting, .e.g. Nikon D800E and D4.

        • Al

          Granted the size reduction may be arguably the only innovation here. However my view is that once Nikon starts cutting back on weather sealing and rugged features on their DSLRs, getting to the FM2 size will actually not be that great of a challenge.

          For comparison the dimensions of a7r is much smaller.

          A7r 127 x 94 x 48 mm
          Leica M240 139 x 80 x 42 mm
          Rumored FM 143.5 x 110 x 66.5 mm

          • Cinekpol

            2cm, 2cm, 18 cm. Not really “much smaller” – both bodies are equally portable. Nikon perhaps even more thanks to many small and very light (if you’re ready to go for plastic) lenses, something Sony can’t offer. (A7 is significantly lighter, though it’s lenses are not)

          • Al

            Couple of points to put comparison to better perspective:

            1) the a7r dimension is slightly misleading due to the protruding EvF to the top and rear. So the main body is even smaller.

            2) Let’s take a look at how the size reduction of the rumored FM compares to Nikon’s own smallest DSLR, the D600.

            D600 141 x 113 x 82 mm
            Rumored FM 143.5 x 110 x 66.5 mm

            Wow the size reduction is nearly negligible, in fact the greatest gain is by removing the grip?

            So what remains is just the “retro styling”. Seriously?!?

          • Cinekpol

            How about we put something in perspective in deed:

            1) New Nikon size is slightly misleading due to the protruding pentaprism to the top and rear. So the main body is even smaller.

            2) Let’s take a look at how the size reduction of the A7 compares to current smallest DSLR on a market – 100D.

            Sony A7R: 126.9 x 94.4 x 48.2 mm
            Canon Rebel SL1: 116.8 x 90.7 x 69.4 mm

            Wow… there’s no size reduction at all! You can have a DSLR that’s smaller than a mirrorless!
            So what remains from this mirrorless is just full frame sensor and overpriced lenses?


          • Al

            Lol Rebel SL1 is APS-C.
            Ok that’s signal for me to end the discussion here.

          • Cinekpol

            And D600 got regular DSLR shape what makes it more bulky.
            Yea, about time to end this garbage.

    • ader

      sonuy fanboy 🙂 go take a playstation!

    • Steve

      16mp = low resolution???
      This is a big joke to me. I use D700 for my full-time job everyday. It is perfectly fine. Great!

      • Genkakuzai

        Exactly, same here.

    • NikkorWatcher

      Perhaps “hybrid” means optical viewfinder with electronic overlays????

      • Priapus

        More likely using on-chip phase detect af since eventually they’ll all be that way.

      • Mandrake

        Hybrid mirrorless/DSLR!

    • Genkakuzai

      Unless you’re printing billboards 16MP is _NOT_ low resolution. I still work professionally, printing 1m+ prints with my D700 and its “low resolution” sensor. I’ll pick high iso performance over unnecessary big file size every day of the week.

      • Clint

        Really….well the D800 has 36mp and also better dynamic range, lower noise than your D700. I’m a Canon guy but the D800 sensor is the best thing going right now.

        • Genkakuzai

          That has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I said now does it. 16MP is _NOT_ low resolution. That was the main point. The D4 also beats the D800 sensor when it comes to ISO performance. Just because one camera has higher resolution does not automatically transform another sensor into a “low” resolution one. 16MP is more than enough for the vast majority of photographers out there, unless you’re printing billboards.

  • Erik

    As Nikon FE2 and FM3A were my main 35mm film bodies I am really hoping for an F-mount camera to use my existing collection of manual Nikkors with. I would love it to have the D4 sensor with it’s superb low light performance.
    The only thing that makes me worried is the mentioning of a new 50mm f1.8. Unless it has a smaller form factor I would see no reason for this unless the camera was not an F-mount.
    Please, Nikon, get it right this time…

    • mooh

      F-mount = big mirror box, see to the K-01 for reference, if that (with a VF stuck in) is what you want.

      • kickars

        Big mirror box does not mean big overall size. Just have a look at Pentax’s ME Super. Its smaller than most mirrorless with EVF. Imagine it has a digital FF back which should only increase the thickness few millimetres.

      • Cinekpol

        Look at Nikon FE/FM, and think again before you post something.

    • Zane

      Maybe the lens is just for matching the retro design, because current ones likely will not.

    • Zane

      Maybe the lens is just for matching the retro design, because current ones likely will not.

    • Boudou

      As someone who has invested well over $5k in F-mount lenses a Nikon FF mirrorless camera that can use F-mounts is incredibly attractive, BUT…

      I was kinda hoping Nikon would make a new FF mount camera with a short focal flange distance(FFD) like the A7. Primarily because it would make the camera smaller as F-mounts have very long FFDs, but also because a lot of older lenses could be adapted to this new Nikon camera.

      Even if they made a new mount F-mounts still can be mounted via an adapter. Much like how Sony handles their Alpha-lenses on the A7.

  • jlw518

    If it really is 765g, then Nikon STILL does not quite get it, unfortunately…However, this does give me hope that at least they are thinking about mirrorless now in their product development lineup….

    • looh

      Maybe it’s the weight with the 50/1.8 on.

      If not, it’ll be quite interesting to see what Nikon fills the body with to make it this heavy – be it any smaller than the D600 (760g). Manufacturers today make feather-light cameras (400g-ish), there really should be more 500-600g, “densier” bodies around.

    • Cynog

      The D800 is 900g, and that does not bother me. It’s the lenses that weigh me down.

    • mandrake

      I always thought the smaller mirrorless cameras were pointless. Not small enough to be pocketable yet too small to have all the controls and comfort of a DSLR. Yet there is still a market for it even if it’s not for me and I believe there will be a market for something like this. It’s definitely peaked my interest.

    • Clint

      Nah…the weight is great…build it out of brass like a Leica! I hate the feel of lightweight, cheap plastics.

  • peter

    if it’s below a 60 mpixel sensor I am not interested

    • Paul

      why won’t they just give us medium format in a compact already? 🙂

      • peter

        my point exactly.

  • Last Mohican

    Could it be the weight of camera and a fixed (non-removable) wide range zoom , 18mm to whatever?

  • Robert Mark

    Why didn’t we hear about this two weeks ago? This is nothing more than a rumor leaked by Nikon to keep people from buying the new Sony.

    • I reported about a retro styled Nikon camera few months ago on

  • luc_fr

    would match nicely my FM2, but already got a Fuji X. Nikon should move faster.

  • Al

    As a current owner of D800 who has a pre order for a7r, there is nothing I see here to make me cancel or change my mind.
    But glad to see Nikon trying something however late their hour is…

    • jim

      Why on earth would you buy an a7r in addition to a D800???

      • Al

        It is likely I will end up selling one of the two.

  • Robert Mark

    If it’s true, bring it on. And about darn time, too. Nikon and Canon designs have been sloppy over the past few years — cameras and lenses so big you need an assistant to carry them around.

    • Genkakuzai

      Are you by any chance a very small person? I for one have no problems carrying around my Nikon gear 🙂 That being said, this camera could very well be a killer.

      • Robert Mark

        You mentioned in another post that the FM was a classic for a reason. The reason was its compact size. Just because I can haul around a giant DSLR all day doesn’t mean I like to.

        • Genkakuzai

          Don’t get me wrong, I obviously get the perks of a smaller system, I just don’t consider dSLR’s all that heavy 🙂 Nor do I consider them giant.

          • Robert Mark

            Perhaps we can agree that camera bodies and lenses have grown just a bit over the last 40 years. I welcome any trend in the other direction.

          • Genkakuzai

            Ya I’d agree on that. However, I don’t necessarily agree that it’s a bad thing. The grip is better than ever as far as I’m concerned. And to be honest I wouldn’t want a tiny camera with tele zooms anyways. It would be nice however to have a smaller alternative for street photography and what not, hence my interest in this potential camera 🙂

          • outkasted

            This will definitely be a street photographers dream. Especially if the aperture and speed can be adjusted manually via. aperture ring for older lenses. I can see a surge of street style/night photography like that of Instagram daylight style photography. Night time separates the men from the boys

  • maaggy

    Yesssss!!! Nikon, I was waiting for it… I’d like do add to above spec. only one thing: articulated LDC (!)

    • Drazen B

      No gizmos, no articulated LCDs etc…

      That ain’t the type of camera Nikon is going for this time.

      • callibrator

        Nikon seems to be going for that Leica’s “basic & retro is cool” mojo. Let’s hope they succeed.

        This camera has a great potential with retro lovers and genuine photographers at heart.

  • plan3s

    For only 2499$ for body

  • Zane

    It’s a F-mount camera, so this can be a good news for current Nikon users who own their lenses. But there is no reason for others to cancel their A7r orders since we can use legacy lenses on it, which this Nikon can NOT.

    • outkasted

      Umm what chu’ talking about willis?
      “The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture”

      • Zane

        Non-AI lenses are still Nikon F-mount.

        I’m talking about M-mount Leica, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Canon, Minolta and Pentax. Nearly all the lenses that has been made in the past.

        check this video:

        • outkasted

          ahh ok apologies, doh!

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm kinda odd they’re doing an update to the 50mm 1.8G before the 1.4G (85mm 1.4G then the 1.8G was made). Wonder if this is a hint that the 50mm 1.4G will be getting an update soon.

    Was kinda hoping there was going to be a Nikon mirrorless in the works. I like the 1 series believe it or not, just not a fan of the insane price of the V2 and there hasn’t been a discount on them for several months let alone their lenses.

  • Zoron

    finally the D700 resurrection in disguise.

    • Global

      IF it has the same price as a D800. If not, if its the price of a D4, then FORGET it.

      • Genkakuzai

        Leica seem to be selling a few cameras still 😉 Jokes aside I’ll agree on that, if it’s priced closer to the D4 than the D800 that will be a deal breaker for me at least. But if it’s priced similar to the D700/D800 when they were released, I’ll be a happy camper.

      • peevee

        With 5.5 fps, it is not D700 and definitely not D4, don’t worry. And the weight and battery scream “CHEAP!”. Must be below D610 (24mpix @ 6 fps), EN-EL15. Hence, $1,500-$1,700.

    • Jim

      The resurrection of D700 is the more than obvious D800… deal
      with it.

  • Hmm, so if Nikon goes the pentaprism viewfinder route, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to match the A7 size (could be a good thing, depends on implementation) and viewfinder size would be smaller then their full frame lineup (if they wish to retain a small sized camera)

    Though when it comes to compact sized camera, I’ll rather place my bets on Sony to deliver then Nikon.

  • Peter

    Just cancel A7 minute ago.
    FM2 is truly a legend during the film era, and 16mp is perfectly fine with me. This is what I has been wating for smaller (than D600), stylish design, artful look.
    Mostly importantly, strong native, autofocus lens support is a BIG plus!! Hope it will be great.
    Well done Nikon.

    • R!

      You can reorder there is a rumor saying no video duhh nikon just comming with a duhhh 400!!!!!

      • Drazen B

        There are ‘duhh’ many of us who don’t need or use video on our photo cameras, ‘duhh’…

        • Roscoe Tanner

          Agree. I for one welcome the non-video decision on this cam. I will be using this for street photography primarily and like the less gizmos and technological additions.

          • R!

            YOU GUYS ARE OVER 80 YRS OLD!!!!!!?

          • CHD

            Roscoe…are you so technologically clueless and otherwise dimwitted that a feature on a camera that you don’t need to use confuses and otherwise befuddles you?? I own 4 cameras that do video and guess what…I don’t use the feature on any of them…I just use my cell phone.

          • Roscoe Tanner

            Nah, not “technologically clueless” my dear ADHD boy. Read the post slooooowly and carefully before you decide to answer next time.

            I am after a camera without extras, many of us never use.

            Pure photography my friend, nothing else nothing more.

          • Rob Bannister

            obviously if some are talking about wanting video or to be able to take 1 camera with them not everyone is like you either

          • Marco Santa Cruz

            don’t be an imbecile… how many cars come with O/D(almost all fyi), i’ve never used it as i’ve never had to. but i do know of people who need/use it occasionally.

          • shamael

            Let’s make a club, no video, uuhhh, what a bargain. I was just waiting for that.

    • kassim

      I can’t believe somebody just canceled his pre-order over a rumor!

      • Agmois

        Canceling an order of camera that no one has really seen (except of a select few) is not a big deal. Oh, and the rumor is that Sony will have new sensor tech in near future! Multilayer sensor, there we come!

    • inteliboy

      Yup the FM2 is an incredible camera. And the most important thing, and why I’ve been waiting for something like a digital FM2 for many years, is it’s large bright viewfinder. The thing is huge on the FM2, and it makes taking photos blissful.

      Even high end cameras like the 5Diii has this tiny viewfinder that I can’t stand.

      I thought Fuji, or now it looks like Sony, beat them too the punch… or did they? Let’s hope Nikon don’t screw this up…

      • johnny

        FM2 has large bright viewfinder is because it’s MF only camera. It doesn’t need sub mirror for AF phase detection, so you see 100% of light reflected by mirror. This FM-like camera will have same viewfinder as other DLSRs unless it gives up AF capability.

        • red

          sweet daddy I hope it does. TTL viewing, full frame , dedicated controls, small, and all I have to give up is autofocus? Hell yes. Maybe Nikon can make some small lenses for it, since it won’t need a motor. If Nikon doesn’t deliver I am going X-pro…(Im currently in between systems)

    • TSY87

      you realize you can cancel after the announcement is actually made right? now you’ve just lost your place in line in case this thing turns out to be a flop… and knowing nikon, its highly possible.

    • Shamael

      I do not see any big + in being restricted to F mount only. You can shoot them all on A7 with adapters, including those from Nikon that this one can’t. I also do not believe that you cancelled anything at all, I rather believ that this just a way to discredit Sony in some way. But, it is up to you, I think honnestly that you will make a bad choice. I do a better one if this camera will be sold a what it is worth. I will buy both A7 and this one. It’s just up to Nikon to keep it at a civil price, not there ususal fantasy tags.

    • Hey
      I was searching google for something and I found this page, and I couldn’t resist to ask .. after 1 whole year what did you decide to buy ?

  • Getzlaf

    I wonder, “hybrid” mean normal viewfinder but with electronics to overlay on

  • BP2012

    It is very sad that two biggest camera companies are marketing driven. They have a tons of new things developed in their labs but don’t have a gut to go into production until marketing starts to scream “red alert, somebody did it, go, go, go…”. That’s very unfair to their loyal advanced customers.

  • Insider or Outsider

    Nikon Coolpix F with fixed 50mm f/1.8 lens.

  • malchick743

    Both are not my cup of tea

    Won’t buy the Sony mainly because the brand doesn’t implement true Worldcam video specs (true 50i/60i dual boot) on such camera hardware, also not prior Sony/Minolta SLR user so won’t plan invest on the Sony system

    Won’t buy the new Nikon because it’s most likely another enthusiast camera to test the waters. No I don’t want that, I want a true workhorse instead like a D4, D800 etc. etc.

  • a4

    Dimensions: 143,5 x 110 x 66,5mm

    Weight: 765g

    Dimensions: 142mm (W) x 60.5mm (D) x 89.5mm (H)
    Weight: 590g (body only)
    …and it’s an SLR, including mirror box and pentaprism.

    Weight (inc. batteries) 474 g
    Dimensions 127 x 94 x 48 mm

    It’ll be HUGE and HEAVY for this class, if true (which I doubt – but let’s wait n’ see).

  • mo

    i am a nikon user. but this thing is almost twice the weight and a lot bigger.
    the fact that it is called “hybrid” doesnt really help me. the specs read like this camera will be priced quite a bit north of the A7

    so far i dont see this camera to be a reason for people to cancel their sony orders.

    i didnt order one. but if i did i would rather want to have it in my hands before i cancel an order on a not really promising nikon rumor. I am pretty dissapointed with nikons last seasons cameras. I assume that all major cam manufacturers (aside of the two 4/3 ones) will make a move in this segment.

    But i would guess neither canon nor nikon will make a good first move here (see M or nikon 1). If id wait for a manufacturer to release a camera in this segment it ll probably be fuji maybe even samsung. The only things that bugs me about sony is the choice of lenses. and i dont want a small cam with big old adapter or loss of ability to focus.

  • aman

    shut up nikon your ovf suck, copycat low level cameras

  • peevee

    Low-res sensor.

    Old processor with low shooting speed.

    Medium-capacity battery from D5100/D3200 (much less the capacity than EN-EL15 from D610).

    Lower weight – because of the battery and probably lack of focusing motor for AF-D lenses like in the D5100/D3200 etc (meaning only AF-S lenses are supported for AF, the rest MF only) – otherwise Nikon cannot compete in weight and cost with Canon 6D which does not have the motor.

    My bet – D500 at $1,500-$1,600.

  • praseodimio

    Even if this camera doesn’t have the newest technology or the highest-resolution sensor, I still see it as a good camera. Why?
    Because there are still many people who feel modern cameras have become a nightmare of menus and multi-function dials, people who want their camera to be an extension of their own minds, people who see photography as a thoughtful craft and not a science just about gear.
    A lot of people who say ‘They don’t make like they used to’

    • Paul

      yep – thats why its not the same market as the d600, maybe some overlap customers but this would definitely appeal to a different group.

  • Dan

    May be hybrid means that it would have an hybrid viewfinder like the Fuji X100. Modern EVF w/ 2M pixels and fast refresh rate is really nice especially when manual focus with magnification and focus peaking.

  • R!

    The Nikon sounds good but I doubt Its gona have Video capabilitys same as the Sony,I’m getting both the cheapest first!

  • Cinekpol

    I thought that Nikon Rumors got it’s own separate blog.

  • Sahaja

    Admin – You make the A7 look bigger than the FM2 – which it won’t be

  • Vlad

    That would be insane if they do that, especially that they already have 5 full frame bodies in the current line up. They would be killing sales of their other products. What they should have done was dropped D600 and released FM6 full frame, in the same price bracket.

    • babola

      Nothing ‘insane’. It’s actually a clever move y Nikon. This won’t be just another full frame camera in their line-up. It’s kind of a ‘special edition’.

  • Danonino

    That depth of 11cm has to be with the new 50mm lens included, if not, the camera will like an abomination from hell..

    • Karlo Bonacic

      11cm is the height, not the depth.

  • ZeissDarling

    I like the shape of the pixels on the D700 but the images become fudgy art class shots over A3. If this release is like that then, no thanks. Go new Sony and D800s with ZF primes.

  • John

    It’s has nothing on
    the SONY. Only the F mount…

    DSLR is an old technology…I hoped that nikon moved on with the
    world…mechanical(running on spiting oil) DSLR shutters are from the stone
    age, same as the pentaprism. No need for a pentaprism and shutter in this century,
    where the mirrorless cameras proved they can do the same thing. I really hoped
    nikon made a PROFFESIONAL mirrorless F mount camera that you can take on the
    field(F mount, no limited actuation shutter…no #$^$#^ shutter at all, no
    heavy pentaprism but a digital view finder, extreme durability, second display
    for controls, 16MP or 20MP NEW sensor with VERY low noise at higher ISO…D4
    sensor is just a joke… it has almost the same noise ratio as D600 and
    D800)…but no… they released a digitalized version of a great old camera
    with scrap parts from other products. Nothing new…

  • TSY87

    The only thing that has me interested is the fact that it is rumored to have a solid build and the d4 sensor.

    I’m going to keep my a7r preorder until the announcement is official but im leaning toward still switching since I really want to lighten my kit and most all of the pro nikon lenses are big and heavy compared to leica glass… also, the leica glass will help lighten my wallet as well… :/

  • Jimmy

    Seems like a risky tactic to me. D4 has been around a while and with the speed that sensor tech moves if this is the same sensor then it is old before its been released even if its been tweaked. A lot of people will applaud no video but it seems like an odd decision because those who have no need for video tend to buy a camera knowing that it has a feature they simply don’t use. Those that do want video simply won’t or can’t buy this camera. I’m not sure that it competes with the Sony cameras either. They are lightweight, multi-use cameras, that will have the latest high tech sensors in them, with higher resolution that suits studio and landscape as well as being great for video users too. The A7R is optimized for use with wide angle legacy lenses has incredible resolution and the A7, which would be more of a direct competitor is lighter (much lighter) and again has video. The Nikon will need super fast and accurate focus and a silent shutter mode to be seen to have any real photographic advantage over A7. I would pit the Nikon against the Fuji x pro series despite sensor size difference and the fact the Fuji’s are video enabled. I can’t really see who this camera is targeted at actually. Street photographers maybe, photojournalists maybe however no video is a dealbreaker for some of them unless Nikon thinks they will use smartphones for their video or a second camera. I’m sure the camera will be beautiful and simple to use, which will be enough for some people) but they are taking a risk, which I guess is a good thing because Canon and Nikon have been very averse to risk taking in recent times. Good luck Nikon you will need it.

  • Dino

    the world is full of stupid… the new A7 with Zeiss optic is the best that the market can offer in that category, and megapixels are very important in professional use (I have a Nikon D800)

  • SomeDude

    Hybrid? No video? 16mp FF? Must be some new sensor tech.

  • kelpy

    If nikon releases the following I think they would have hit on their hands
    -dedicated aperture and exposure controls, (“retro styling” as its called these days)
    -full frame
    -smaller than a DSLR
    -wi-fi, GPS built in
    -TTL viewing via prism but no AF just like the FM2
    -small, leica size F-mount lenses based on current Nikor that are MF only with mechanical aperture dials and distance meters, and smaller/lighter due to lack of motors

  • jmcphoto

    this is always the situation between sony & nikon.. sony first then nikon will release their version.. sony at the heart of the

  • Ahmad Al-Joboori

    I will take Nikon/Canon over any other brand for next 10 Years. too many choices of lenses too many accessories and no changing brand names/mounts every 6 months, Fuji on the other hand has their good IQ/Character but I don’t like their obsession with retro design it’s 2013 FGS.

  • Mike D

    16.2 MP for a camera that only shoots 5.5 FPS isn’t exactly state-of-the art. I do like the limited feature set (no video) though. If you’re going to go “old school”, I like the Nikon FE better.

  • Falco

    I´m seeing new nikon, great job …

  • MoreSpinach

    No video. Difficulty in using classy lenses as they’ll need to “fit” this body. Terrible frame rate, still (D800 for all its glory just misses a lot of shots). Not sure what’s hybrid about this consumerist drivel. Pass..

  • Ha Thuy

    so a7r good or FM2 good? every1 can give me an option ?

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