Tamron to announce a new tele lens next week

Tamron is rumored to announce a new tele lens next week, most likely on November 7th. Most likely it will be the previously rumored 16-300mm lens for APS-C DSLR cameras.

Update: here is a teaser found on a Polish forum - this will be a serious lens (not the 16-300mm):


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  • Anonymous

    Forum of the Polish Nikon fans has a thread (there is a silhouette in the first post!) about mystery lens to be announced in November – might be this one, but might be another: http://forum.nikoniarze.pl/showthread.php?t=238363

    • Hmm, this will not be the 16-300 – this is some serious glass!

  • RMJ

    I bet Nikon will strike back with 18-350mm lens in few months. 🙂

    Those are getting ridiculous… if they already weren’t back at 18-200mm days…

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Sorry it’s the replacement to the 200-500. Would not surprise me if the F/stop changed. I expect it to be longer but it could be 150-500mm

      • RMJ

        I was referring to the rumored “16-300mm” lens.

        Tamron & Nikon have had a competition to bring the biggest super zoom out.. First 18-200mm, then 18-250, then 24-300… Now 16-300? 18-350 or 24-350 is the obvious next step. 🙂

        The silhuette on the post is definitely something else though. Those super zooms don’t have tripod foot.

  • Burner87

    maybe a new 200-500mm with USD and VC

    • maru

      looks like the current 200-500mm f5-6.3 but with the tripod’s mount ring and focus’ ring positions reversed

  • Bruce

    400mm f4? That would be good!

  • TinusVerdino

    big telezoom 100-400

    • Zos Xavius

      looks like a prime by the barrel.

      • ArtoS

        200mm f/2.8 Macro 😕

      • TinusVerdino

        there is a zoomring right before the tripod-mount, if not it’s a 300mm F4

  • Joe

    Hope it is a 70-400 F4-5.6

  • Steve Griffin

    There are two rings in that profile so it’s definitely a zoom lens… ..looks like a 100-300 F2.8 to me but it could easily be a 200-500 F4.5 or 200-400 F4

  • johnny

    Looks like 1xx-300/2.8 IF zoom lens to me.

  • Are they bringing back the 300/2.8? There hasn’t been an AF one, has there? If they are, that may disturb the force… in a good way.

    • Rover

      They had a 300/2.8 with AF.

  • Jason

    The Tamron rep has alluded several times to a lens replacing the 200-500 and going out to 600

  • Angelgreg

    Whatever it is, I hope it is a full frame. Something that Tamron needs more of.

  • Henri De Vreese

    This seems like a Sigma 120-300 2.8 competitor or a 200-400 4.0.

  • Galaxy Photography

    I think it is an update of the 200-500mm. The previous 200-500mm has a very similar barrel structure : http://www.amazon.com/Tamron-200-500mm-5-0-6-3-Minolta-Digital/dp/B0007YZLHG/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top/186-2976554-8532101

  • SteveHood
  • Marcel

    New 180mm f/2.8 VC macro?? 😀

  • D600 Owner

    I would say more likely16-320mm. 20X zoom. Tamron likes even numbers(18-270 is15X). 20 sounds a lot better than 18.75. This lens is aimed toward the soccer mom who wants the do it all zoom. 20 sounds better. simple as that

  • Andrew Hollywood

    I wish they would tease us in english instead.

  • Sky

    70-200 f/2 ?

    • RMJ

      47-133mm f/1.8 for DX !!!

  • Marcel Speta

    based on the size and size of the front element i would guess 300mm/2.8
    500mm/f4 would be welcome for 1/2 of Nikon price 🙂

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    Yes the new lens being announced on 11/7 is the replacement to the current 200-500mm lens. According to what the Tamron representative told me yesterday, it will have USD and VR and the range will be slightly different. He would not tell me if it would be 150-200mm like Sigma or 200-500mm+.

  • Assaad

    Oh that comment: 70-200/5.6-8 hehehe

  • Borjabatalla

    Tanrom 120-300mm??

  • Mansgame

    Nikon doesn’t really have that great of a selection in the long telephoto department. There is always the 70-200 or the older 80-200 but the next step up in the f/2.8 department are only prime lenses like the 300mm f2.8 which means you gotta spend more money and have 2 lenses. Then there is the $6000 200-400 f/4. The only other choice is the 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 which is at best a consumer lens which costs $2600. A 120-300 f/2.8 priced the same as the 70-200 f/2.8 would be perfect for many nature shooters who also would use the lens for closer objects.

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