Sony a7r gets tested at DxOMark: on par with the D800


DxOMark posted their test results for the Sony a7r full frame mirrorless camera. Here is their conclusion:

"Although we can’t provide any commentary on image sharpness at this stage in our tests, the sensor in the Sony Alpha 7R performs exceptionally and is on a par with that found in the D800 models. Given the Sony’s small size, low weight and outstanding sensor performance, it’s one of the most intriguing and compelling new additions in recent times."

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  • Sal

    Good joke! Its Haloween! Now try to use it with a Sony lens!

    • Ufupuw

      Works just fine with the two Sony/Zeiss lenses, (30mm and 50mm).

      In fact according Mike Kobal, with 50mm Zeiss, it’s sharper than D800e/50mm 1.4 combo

      • jk

        which 50mm Zeiss?
        you mean the 55mm f1.8?
        then it is sharper than the Nikon 50mm f1.4G , but hey how much does the sony 55mm f1.8 cost? it will be at around 1.1k , so it should be better than the cheap Nikon 50s.

        and the 55mm f1.8 is the only one good lens in the FE mount, the other lenses are of very lousy quality.

        • bas076

          And how do you know about “others if there are only three of them available now? Slightly less then 55/1.8Z performing 35/2.8Z and kit that nobody interested in. You know performance of 24-70/Z?
          You know performance of expected two more Zeiss lens and on “G”?

      • leroi

        ahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHH ….



  • johny
  • photoviking

    Wonder if it is the same sensor used in D800 just tweaked by Sony?

    • orpickaviking

      YA THINK?!!

      • photoviking

        Why are you shouting?

        • Global

          He’s being snarky, because Sony makes many of Nikon’s sensors… so its kind of a “Captain Obvious” moment. ^^ But no one can know the answer, unless its asked. Nikon makes plenty of their own sensors and has sensors made from other manufacturers. So fair question.

        • orpickaviking

          ahahah, sorry, forgot the smiley 🙂

          not being snarky at all, just kidding around… ^_^

          • Global

            Haha, much friendlier with a smiley! =)

    • Bencsi

      The Nikon D-800 has a Sony sensor – as far as I know. There was some spy photo of the disassembled sensor on

      • Cynog

        It’s never been a secret that Nikon use a Sony sensor in the D800. I’m fairly sure that Nikon doesn’t make its own sensors. The D7100 has a Toshiba sensor.

  • jk

    just a great sensor alone does not make it great as a camera.
    there are no great lenses and the narrow mount diameter of this sony camera really make designing great optics difficult(almost impossible).
    so on paper it may be as good as the D800E but in real world practical IQ is much worse.

    and as a few sites already reported , I know it has some peaking issue , so using Leica M glass on this particular camera seems very very difficult.
    I personally tried it for a few hours at Sony event and I am quite disappointed with its peaking implementation and AF accuracy.
    it also has some odd metering issue.
    I expected it might be able to replace my D800E but it would not.

    that does not mean I won’t get it , I actually already ordered the Alpha7 ,but sadly I know as I test it for myself , I would probably just sell it.
    I think we should wait till some serious company makes something similar with a bit wider mount diameter that truly fully utilize the big sensor.
    Sony always shows us great ideas but seldom executes it right.

    • fjfjjj

      The Nikon F-mount has a 44mm throat diameter. The Sony E-mount throat diameter is >46mm.

      • rhlpetrus

        That’s not th eissue, it’s the flange distance that make optical design complicated. Leitca had to struggle a lot before they were able to use the FF sensor. They started with a 1.3x crop.

        • fjfjjj

          Flange distance doesn’t “make” you do anything. Nothing says you have to design lenses where rear element sits 1mm from the sensor plane. Leica has trouble because they need to support decades of lenses that strike the film/sensor plane at extremely oblique angles. Yes, designing optics for digital sensors is more complicated than for film, because you want to strike the sensor perpendicular, and the rear coating has to be awesome — but flange distance has nothing to do with it.

  • chris

    i wouldnt swap my d800, love to use an OVF 🙂

  • stopbeingridiculous

    surely it’s the kind of camera i won’t be buying, but why so much hate, it’s amazing to see this kind of progress, even if it’s not meant to my market share

    • longzoom

      Fair and wise said.

    • inteliboy

      The photography “community” online has sadly become like that of smart phones or game consoles. Hate, trolls, fanboys and a lot of whining.

    • startbeingpositive

      “so much hate?”

      really? on this page? just because it isn’t as glowing as the comments on, say, the subject’s respective brand rumor site? Are you sure it isn’t just some kind of an image stuck in your mind where most commenters were haters of some kind?

      Or maybe you’ve just read too much pointless posts on NR, that I can understand…

      In any case, “ignore” would be the best advice.

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    Well great. Now they can make some lenses and I’ll want to hear about the next version…

  • David G.

    Sony sensors at work !

  • joey jo jo

    great job sony!
    another great product, thanks sony for thinking outside the box and delivering products that push boundaries and a product that customers have been asking for….

    • longzoom

      Nice move jo.

  • the d800/e has one heck of a chip in it. this should be a sweet mirrorless camera. of course it still requires a camera bag and a neck strap for most. it’s small but not miniature like a Ricoh GR, of course. at least it has a nice grip and won’t be stuck in the neither-world. this will be a big camera in the end, once the nice glass arrives (not to mention powerful bounce flash). again I just don’t get the point of this system. I’d rather buy a holster-friendly camera like an x100s as a second camera. if you already shoot a big dslr, the sony a7/r really doesn’t free you up that much more.

    • Ken Elliott

      I own a pair of D800 bodies, and I see the Sony having two advantages. First, the ability to accept a wide range of adapters for all sorts of lenses (short flange depth). Second, the cost of manufacturing should be far lower for an e-camera as opposed to an electro-mechanical camera like the D800. I’ll bet the Sony lenses will be larger (again – due to the short flange depth), so the entire kit might take up more room than the Nikon system. And Nikon has a huge range of lenses to choose from. Surely Canon is working on an answer to both of these cameras. And I suspect Pentax will produce a 645 e-camera that would be a huge game changer for medium format guys.

  • Douglas Pavani

    i knew it was a d800 sensor from the beginning.

  • Roys

    I’m disappointed however. D800/800e is 1-2 years old.

  • Marco –

    Gorgeous camera!

  • Aristoteles Alves Ferreira

    Preciso de uma Sony A 7r .

    • Douglas Pavani

      posso te mandar uma

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