Two new Pentax lenses to be announced soon *UPDATED*

Pentax is rumored to announce two new lenses in the next few days that were part of their 2013 lens roadmap:

  • Pentax 08 wide zoom lens
  • HD Pentax DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR

The latest Pentax K-3 DSLR camera is already shipping in the US and is currently in stock. The premium K-3 silver edition is expected to start shipping at the end of November.

Update - here are the first pictures of the new HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mm F2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR lens:

HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mm F2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR lens-silver
Available also in black:

HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mm F2.8-4 ED Limited DC WR lens

Via Digicame-info

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  • Zos Xavius

    20-40 is an odd focal length on aps-c. surely the map just must hint at a range. do you have a reliable source for that?

    • BP2012

      It’s compromise, not too wide and not too fast. Quality and small size were obvious priorities. That could be easily smallest zoom lens Pentax ever made. Even if it’s APS-C only it’ll be great for street shooting.

      • BP2012

        UPDATE: Looks great. It’s not smallest but 6,5cm is very small for that characteristics. Sigma 20-40/2.8 has almost double lenght.

      • BP2012

        UPDATE: Looks great. It’s not smallest but 6,5cm is very small for that characteristics. Sigma 20-40/2.8 has almost double lenght.

        • madmax

          This is not a f/2.8 lens but a f/2.8-4.0 lens. Tele end is the most important aperture, always.

          • Cynog

            Not always. The wide end would be more useful for interior shots, where the greater aperture would be welcome. Depends on what sort of photography you do, I suppose.

          • madmax

            You see: With short focal lenghts you can use slower speeds or ISO. Also, out of focus blur is achieved using a combination of longer focal lenght and aperture. This said, I think Fuji X kit lens is far more versatile than this. Also the excellent Samsung 20-50 lens is more versatile and a half size than this. Luminosity at 40 mm could be a little worse notwithstanding.

      • Zos Xavius

        It looks intriguing! I really wish it were 16-35 though… 🙂

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      My friend uses a tamron 20-40 on his rebel and it equals a 32-66 which essentially what is a 28-70 on a full frame. A 28-70 is about 29-65. I use a 35-70 which is 35-68 really. Given that the crop is actually more than 1.5, more like 1.55 it comes out being around a 31-62, or about good enough. The 35-70 is nice and tiny compared to the 28-70 and the tamron is nice and tiny compared to the 35-70. But this lens is REALLY nice and tiny. I hope it’s sharp. The others are…

  • photoviking

    Interesting. Previous lenses with the Limited moniker were primes. Looking forward to seeing what is released!

  • Cynog

    I already have a 20-40mm f2.8 zoom, made by Sigma some years ago. It’s pretty bulky though: this lens looks like a little jewel, but it’s bound to be expensive.

    • TinusVerdino

      The sigma is full frame, this is aps-c so much more compact. I suspect as wide and a little longer as the DA 35 macro F2.8 Ltd.

  • kickars

    Where is the aperture ring?

    • Zos Xavius

      The DA series mostly does not have aperture rings. Pentax has adopted the strategy of controlling aperture with dials, making the ring redundant. You lose automation when you use a manual lens with an aperture ring without an A setting too because they crippled their mount. At least with body communication you get aperture recorded in exif.

      • kickars

        So, only Fuji still has physical aperture rings on their lenses, then.

        • TinusVerdino

          Pentax FA Primes 31-43-50-77 still have manual aperture rings.

          • Zos Xavius

            Those are FA series full frame lenses and not DA lenses too.

          • TinusVerdino

            All FA lenses are compatible with DA. The other way around only some DA lenses are compatible with FA.

          • Zos Xavius

            Those are also lenses that have hung around with the film days. Asides from the sorta throwback MZ-S, the PZ-1 body and FA-J lenses set the stage for digital bodies to come later. Their design goals were clear. Control settings with dials on the body only but still maintain compatibility with lenses lacking A contacts. I do kind of like their older gestalt where you picked aperture off the lens and shutter speed on the shutter speed dial or just “A” for automatic, but with dual wheels its quite easy to see the exposure triangle in the viewfinder and adjust which is a plus, so I understand why they moved in this direction.

        • madmax

          Leica, Voigtlander…

        • 57thStIncident

          My understanding is that unlike classic lenses, Fuji’s rings are
          electronic. There are other digital cameras (non-SLR) with e-dials
          surrounding the lens that can in many cases be configured to control

  • TinusVerdino

    So what is this wide q going to be? 3-6mm zoom? or 2.5-5mm?

    • TinusVerdino
      google translate:
      08 WIDE ZOOM The use of glass mold aspherical lens of three “,
      has been achieved with the lens length of the shortest about 38mm, the
      size and weight of about 75g weight in the Q mount zoom lens. Size and
      be able to carry it willingly, 35 mm Taking advantage of the angle of
      view of the 27mm equivalent from focal length 17.5mm in size
      conversion, you can use and narrow space that does not take the
      distance to the subject, such as landscape that emphasizes the sense of
      perspective is vast, in a variety of applications. further, aluminum
      cutting cam tube is adopted, and has realized the operation feeling of
      high-quality smooth.

      3.8mm ~ 5.9mm (17.5 ~ 27mm equivalent 35mm format) F3.7 ~ 4 ”

  • Tags

    What is going on with weird focal lengths at pentax? why would i want a 20-40 zoom? Not wide enough for interesting wide work, not tele enough for subject isolation. lens is beautiful looking though

    • Voffse

      I don’t know about you but this lens has a 35mm focal lenght equivalent of 30-60mm – I would expect 75% of all images are shot within this range. It is perfect for me…

      • BP2012

        Exactly, 35 & 50 included. Pure photography.

  • Zor

    What? Very shocked about a lens that has no added use. The superb DA* 16-50mm alreay covers that range at F/2.8 and more. It is already WR too. So what’s the point? If they had it F2 or F/1.8 like the Sigma we’d at least get a better aperture.

    • Thomas

      What about if you don’t want the bulk and weight of the 16-50? The focusing speed of the 16-50 is also pretty slow (silent, but slow).

      • Zos Xavius

        Yeah this is a tiny lens. Sure it has limited use, but it also takes up very little space and covers the range of 3 limiteds. I’m intrigued.


      As an owner of 3 problematic 16-50 who had to replace them ALL and end up with the Tamron 17-50, I can tell you I am very had to convince that the 16-50 DA* is any superb at all.

  • Dan

    I think Pentax got it right in terms of size vs zoom range and aperture. Lens looks beautiful. Thank you, Pentax. When can I pre-order?

  • DP

    I agree, that’s the most beautiful zoom I’ve ever seen. Looks like a Voigtlander M-mount, and WR too. NIcely done, Pentax.

  • zapp

    Faster than DA21 and slower than DA40. WR was added – but not to the HD line of DA lenses. Pentax/Ricoh produce a lot of duplicate/pointless lenses lately. Probably a very nice lens but who needs it? A little bit more wide angle (oops 16-50 kicks in) or a little bit more aperture would have helped. I am still waiting for a DA*1.4/24 SDM which would really fill a gap.

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