Sony a7 now in stock

The Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera is currently shipping in the US and is currently in stock at B&H. The a7r version (no AA filter) is in stock in Europe (Fotohanskeuzekamp) and is expected to start shipping in the US on December 1st.

The new Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS E-mount lens is also in stock.

I am actually surprised that the a7 would be in stock on the day it was released - I was expecting this camera to be back-ordered for months. Maybe Sony really produced a lot of units for the holiday shopping season or maybe the hype about a full frame mirrorless camera was just that - a hype.

Here is the just released Sony a7 hands-on video from DigitalRev:

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  • fjfjjj

    I want this but… uhhhh that orange-anodized metal, yuck.

    • Jer

      I would be interested to know if it’s the 7r you are wanting. If it is…I would be really interested in knowing what lenses you would choose for it.

      • fjfjjj

        Manual focus Nikkors, with an adapter.

        • Jer

          Thank you for your input fjfjjj. Maybe the wides might perform better than expected. Didn’t Sony apply some sort of technology to the sensor to increase light gathering capabilities at the corners?

          • fjfjjj

            The 7R turns out to have so called “offset microlenses” which might make my M wides perform nicely, depending on how oblique an angle it’s optimized for. But I won’t be surprised if my 17-35/2.8 Nikkor outperforms my 21mm Elmarit on this camera. Take that, Leica snobs.

            As for focus, I’m hoping on the “focus peaking” being great.

          • johnny

            RF WAs work better on A7R, but still worse than M9/M240 in the corner. The red shift is another. To put it simple, A7/A7R is not the solution for digital RF. For SLR lenses, they are ok, but I’d rather stick with my 5D2 than A7/A7R.

          • bskbo

            In most (p)reviews online, the reviewers claim that wide angle lenses work better on the A7 than on the A7(r), despite the offset micro lenses.

        • Jer

          I would also appreciate how you think the 7r will perform manual focusing?

        • Mandrake

          If you want to shoot wide with it you’ll need the Sony glass made for it. Any adapted wide angle lenses will have the reddish vignetting on it.

    • Mandrake

      Aesthetics are highly subjective but I think the whole thing was beaten with an ugly stick. If aesthetics dictated sales Sony would be in trouble. LOL

    • R!

      Maybe you’ll prefer this bling bling version:

  • Bskbo

    FotoHansKeuzekamp has the A7r in stock, not the A7. Cameratools (also in Holland) has the A7, A7r, A7 w 28-70mm and the 35mm in stock.

  • Neopulse

    Wonder how big of a pain it might be the lens correction software for the a7/R might be. Knowing it can incorporate many lenses with adapters for one particular sensor.

  • D4ve

    I would love to see this camera in brass but, it’s not a deal breaker. Life isn’t worth living without my 14-24 and I don’t see anything remotely close to that in the roadmap. For now I’ll be sticking with the worlds greatest camera, the D800.

    • jk

      in fact , the 14-24 is nothing special compared to the Sony 24mm f2 Zeiss lens.
      I am sure the 16-35mm ZA is a bit more practical zoom than the Nikon you mentioned.
      I have both the D800E and the A7(7R) but after I’ve got used to the size of the A7 , I do not even use my D800E at all.
      I think I will sell it and maybe get the Df for lowlight handheld work , but other wise , no more Nikon Canon for me.
      just try the A7 R or 7 in real life , you will love it and never wanna carry your ugly fat D-SLRs.

      oh and if you really really need the 14-24, you can use it on the A7R with a mount adapter, so you will lose nothing with that tiny camera.

  • Les

    I still don’t see what the big deal is. The A7 is the same size and
    price as a 6D or D610, with worse ergonomics, worse focus speed, worse battery (and no charger), worse viewfinder.

    The A7r will occupy a temporary niche due to its sensor specs, but it can’t use M lenses without extensive post-processing, which is the only reason why you would want an expensive 36mp mirrorless full-frame in the first place (it’s not so you can use Sony’s 28-70 kit zoom).

    As the DigitalRev review says: the system is for people who can afford expensive Leica lenses, but can’t afford Leica bodies. Used M9s can be had under $4000; an A7r with a decent M adapter will run you $2500.
    Are there a lot of people who can afford one but not the other, and are
    also willing to spend hours post-processing each file? The first-day
    depreciation on the A7r is as big as its price “advantage.”

    • DP

      The A7 is nowhere near the size of the 6D or D610–it’s roughly the same size and even slightly lighter than the Olympus E-M1.

      That’s the big deal right there, though I’m not saying it’s enough for everyone.

      • jk

        well, actually it is close to the 6D in size but not in weight.
        but no where near the D600 size territory.
        the D600 is huge in comparison.
        I may get the Df just to use some my Nikon lenses in super lowlight scene but I doubt that if the Df sensor is any better than the A7 or the A99v in really bad light.
        anyway, the point is Nikon has nothing similar or as good as the A7, and Canon is already giving up in this game……..Canon does not even have any mirrorless camera.

        • Les

          But what’s the point of mirrorless if it’s not appreciably smaller or lighter? Sure, the A7 is millimetres smaller than a 6D, and slightly lighter, but it’s not like I can pocket the damn thing. It’s still a relatively big camera.

          The other mirrorless advantage is lenses. In this case, we’ve got a slow 28-70 kit zoom, and a 35/2.8 that sells for twice the price of a same-sized Canon 35/2.0, and 5 times the price of a smaller 40/2.8!. That and the promise of a few more unexciting lenses in 6 months or two years (if Sony doesn’t drop the whole system first).

          I would much rather have a camera body that works well, is comfortable to hand-hold (with a shutter button located where human fingers naturally reach), has lots of native lenses, and even lets you charge one battery while using another.

          • Harry the Horse

            It’s more than a few mm smaller than the 6d – 12% narrower, 32% thinner and 15% shorter! Plus 465g vs 770g is not just ‘slightly lighter’. The comparison on shows the quite noticeable difference.

        • ronin

          “Canon does not even have any mirrorless camera.”

          It certainly does – the EOS-M.

    • Harry the Horse

      The A7r is a LOT smaller than the SLRs you mention, and 40% lighter than the 6D, 45% lighter than the D600. It’s also about a fifth lighter than an M9. I have an M9, but am thinking of changing.

    • Ufupuw

      Dude, A7R’s size is comparable to Canon Rebel SL1 (smaller digital SLR ever made).

      I don’t know what you are smoking.

    • jk

      well, slower focus but it has much more accurate AF than any lousy D-SLR from Canon Nikon.
      plus, all Sony FE lenses are much better than similar Canon Nikon lenses.
      just try it for a few days and then say something about it.
      for me , D-SLR is dead , I do not want to carry my heavy ugly D800E any more as I have my A7 and 7R.

      • Les


        You should know that modern dSLRs offer accurate AF in live-view mode. You get a choice of super-fast or super-accurate.

        “all Sony FE lenses are much better than similar Canon Nikon lenses”

        I love that you wrote that! Somebody had to say it. Sony’s 35/2.8 is much better than Canon and Nikon’s 35/2.8! And Sony’s 28-70 f/3.5-5.6 is better than the other brands’ slow 28-70s. That’s because no other brand offers such low-spec full-frame lenses. You need to go back to the 1990s to find comparable lenses in Canon and Nikon’s lineup.

    • R!

      It is Also the cheapest smallest and only full frame 60p video camera on the market actually!

  • jk

    I have both A7 and 7R and debating which one to return….it is quite tough to decide , the A7R is better at the base ISO setting , but from ISO 400 and on the 7 is actually better.
    and I have lots of Leica M glass, and I confirm the 7 is actually better with the M glass(the 7R has severe corner smearing issue).
    also the 7R has super loud shutter noise that really invite unwanted annoying people (some retarded guys tried to hit me and I had to ran into a small mall a few times).
    so while the 7R produces a bit more detailed file at base ISO, the 7 looks like a bit more all around camera for me, and I guess the 7 works better in lowlight and for video too.
    one thing I am sure about after having spent a few weeks with my Alpha 7 and 7R (and XE-2) is that the D-SLRs and D-RFs will have only a few more years of their life left there(I do not think they will be around in five years).
    I am quite positive about this since I know Samsung , Fuji and Canon all will follow this FF mirrorless path opened by Sony with the A7.

    • NoMeJodas

      Yes the loud shutter sound on both cameras is the only thing that is keeping me from getting one. I didn’t had the chance yet to test an A7(R) myself. Is the shutter sound of the A7 noticeably louder compared to your X-E2?

    • bj

      Hope you’re not returning a used product.

  • jk

    oh and those who always complain about mirrorless lens quality , just try the Sony 55mm f1.8ZA SSM and compare it to the Canon 50mm f1.2L or Nikon AF-S58mm f1.4G, and tell me which one is sharper.
    there is no better AF 50mm-ish lens than the sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8ZA.
    and their new 70-200mm f4 G SSM will be amazing, I tried one at Sony plaza , it focuses very fast and it is sharper than both the Canon and Nikon 70-200mm f4 IS /VR.
    at least in my world , D-SLRs are dead.

    • R!

      I’m afraid you’re are right:YEAH DSLR IS DEAD!!!!(almost)

  • R!

    I think ,and Sony with me,that this is the “Walkman” of cameras:
    a revolution in the video/still industry .

  • Musouka

    I like the little dancing rectangles in the α7’s AF. The cameras feel like toys, though. I wish they had gone with a more rigid body style like the X100S, for instance. I guess I will wait for the reviews before jumping in. I will need to see how Sony handles colors compared to Canon and Fuji (which I think have the best colors).

    That said, the cameras are murderously cheap in Japan. Amazon Japan sells the α7 body for ¥134,800 ($1,318) while the α7R is being sold at ¥192,270 ($1,880). By comparison, the D610 and D800 bodies sell for ¥158,380 ($1,549) and ¥228,100 ($2,231), respectively. On the Canon side, the 6D sells for ¥158,248 ($1,548) while the 5D3 sells for ¥292,871 ($2,864). I paid around 110,000 ($1100 at the time) for my Fuji X100S back in May.

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