Worst camera of the year (2013)

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Several websites are doing the best camera of the year awards, which is kind of getting boring. That's why this year I am introducing the first Worst Camera of the Year Award. I will keep this post pinned on top till the end of the year and then I will announce the winner (loser). Please vote and spread the word. Here are the nominees in a random order :

Leica X Vario ($2,850): a "mini M" was this not.

Hasselblad Stellar (unknown price): because the Lunar was not bad enough?

Pentax Q7 ($496.95): who is buying those?

Canon PowerShot N 3
Canon PowerShot N ($255): a camera with Facebook integration, would be great if we did not have smartphones.

Fujifilm X-A1 ($499): the X line is great, but don't we have enough models already?

Nikon 1 S1 ($279+): I think this was a joke.

Olympus STYLUS1
Olympus Stylus 1 ($699): the OM-D is a great camera, but why make a mini-OM-D and sell it for $700?

Panasonic Lumix FZ70 ($279): with 20-1200mm lens - the only reason this camera exists is to show that 60x zoom compact is possible.

Samsung Galaxy Camera ($1,699): is it a camera or a tablet?

Sony Cybershot QX100 ($498): a self contain lens-camera module - a solution to a non-existing problem.

Here is the poll:

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  • Mansgame

    Where is the Nikon DF?

  • peter

    Pure joke. Including here sony qx100 (is it too innovative for you guys?) or fuji x-a1 (just for no reason) is pure joke. Yet another irrelevant website.

  • sell_him

    Nikon D610 should be on the list, as a con to get more money from consumers rather than just fixing the issue for 600 for free.

  • stormwatch

    Where is the Df?

    • Besides the price, I do not see any issues with the Df.

      • Whaaaaaat?

        It’s a product where style and cosmetics have suplanted useability. Plenty wrong in that.
        “Pure photography” it isn’t.. Fashion it is.

      • kassim

        Put it there, you’ll be surprised…

  • NSXTypeR

    No Hasselblad Lunar?

  • yonsarh

    galaxy nx for sure.

  • jefferylewis

    I didn’t think the ‘new’ Hasselblad would ever win anything again! I was wrong.

  • j cortes

    No Df? It’s pure gimmick !

    • kassim

      Hahahahaha.. I’m about to write the same line..

  • Joe

    I don’t understand the hate for the QX100, it is selling very well here in Asia. Not to mention it can be use as an action camera since it actually have a standard tripod mount, the video from it is excellent much better than the GoPro.

    • BP2012

      Reasons are: very slow connecting, huge delays on display and unstable connections. That means: you’ll gonna miss every opportunity waiting for a connection, you don’t have a chance to see what is going on in front of the lens and connection will fail in most crucial moment. QX100 is a good concept but it failed as a final product because built-in wireless is slow and unreliable. Could be usable as a video action camera but it needs a case. My personal opinion is that it also is not wide enough for that purpose.

  • Sense of unreality

    X-A1, Stylus 1 and Q7 are very good cameras for what they are made.
    The rest is a joke, and DF would be just behind Stellar in this competition.

  • WorstIsGalaxy

    In my opinion, if many people know what galaxy camera is, it would be the worst camera in vote…

    Very lucky samsung….

  • Andrés Cuesta

    No doubts Photorumors, you have a winner: Nikon DF, for disapoint 20 years of nikonian hopes and try steal consummers with an unfinished and expensive product.

  • Z

    Where is Canon’s EOS M? That slow as molasses AF …
    Oh, never mind, that was 2012 …

  • Mr.Black

    Leica X Vario doesn’t need this title. It has much more important one: “slowest 70mm in history of photography”.

  • Serpiente

    Where is the Nikon Df?

  • fo demo

    Hasselblad has to stop! Why are they degrading their brand with such pointless casual consumer products… for rich people.

  • Argon

    Leica X vario is a great camera for on-the-go. Bought it slightly used on eBay and I take it everywhere — great controls, great size, amazing optics. Bit overpriced, but for 2k$ I paid on eBay i am truly enjoying it.

  • mikeswitz

    Merry Christmas, admin. Thanks for the poll!

  • peevee

    There is nothing wrong with FZ70, it has the widest lens of any fixed-lens camera, and 20mm is often useful. And the long end is brighter than Canon SX50 and such.

  • stichini

    NIKON D600 should be on this list

    • The D600 was announced in 2012.

      • stichini

        it is going to be knowned as the worst Nikon camera ever. The camera that made Nikon to lose a huge number of users. People are still realy mad with Nikon for this . By my side i am still with my D90 and My D2XS witch are still great cameras

    • Johnathan Hoe

      The Canon 6D should be on the list.

  • JR

    I was thinking of buying a Pentax Q7 since the after x-mas prices in my neck of the woods were amazing, especially for Pentax. I ended up buying an MX-1, not the fastest camera, write times are slow in DNG, battery only 280 shots but the rest is good for a compact, nice screen, great UI, fast F 1.8-2.5 lens, a number of other great features, it’s hefty and large, well made , solid, easy to hold. What astounded me is the image quality especially for a compact and for $ 240.00 bucks I don’t regret buying this at all. In the future the K 3 is looking very good for me.

  • Maestro

    But, where is Nikon Df?

  • Maha

    Ihr Arschlöcher, mit Euren hohlen Ideen und Ansichten. Ihr seid es nicht mal wert, hier Eure Gedanken und Meinungen zur Leica X Vario zu aeussern. Wenn Ihr kein Geld habt, lasst die Finger davon! Oder kauft Euch den billigen Asia-Schrott.

  • fishtanks

    X-A1 is actually a better looking camera in current Fujifilm X offerings. Cleaner lines. Too bad it doesn’t have the X-Trans sensor.

  • Johan

    I see here that the Q7 already gained a lot of answers.. Personally I like it however I think the new models are way overpriced. Personally I bought myself a Q10 for use as a timelapse camera, which it does amazingly with great quality! And also as a exposure-test for my analog gear. And for sure if I am among the croud in a great consert 🙂
    Still, I would not by that kind of camera for almost $500

  • jonathanwpressman

    These are all quality machines and none belong on any kind of worst list. Why not put crap cameras on here, like the Sony W line?

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