Rumored Samsung NX30 camera specifications

Mirrorless NX prototypes from Samsung promotional video

Mirrorless NX prototypes (from Samsung promotional video)

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the upcoming Samsung NX30 camera that will most likely be announced during the 2014 CES show in early January:

  • Sensor : 20.3 MP built-in 105 phase detection AF points.
  • AF system : Phase 105-points + Contrast 247-points hybrid AF system
  • Image processor : DRIMe IV
  • Video : 1080p FHD (H.264) @ 60fps
  • Screen : 360 degrees rotation Super AMOLED screen with touch
  • View finder : EVF, 2.36 Mega-dots
  • System : Tizen OS

Via Dpreview

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  • TinusVerdino

    full frame?

    • Miserere

      Doubt it.

    • parr

      Look at their extensive APS-C lens lineup. Sony in comparison had little hesitation in going full frame and dumping its previous customers as it had always managed to get away by deliberately keeping its NEX fleet tiny.

      • According your way of thinking manufacturers should release the largest sensor cameras first and gradually introduce smaller ones that are compatible with older lenses. Unreasonable much?

  • Don Hogfan

    I am still hoping to see the 501-like at the bottom of the picture in production.

    • fjfjjj

      The interface looks more like one of those Rollei Hy6 terrors. How many years of Fujifilm pulling ahead will it take for other camera makers to stop thinking up new ways for plastic buttons to control art filters?

  • MR

    The specs are EXACT same as the one year old NX300, with of course added EVF.

    So we can conclude that it took one year to develop an EVF….

    And NX300 is now sold for about 430€, in Europe, with the kit lens. For when the NX30 is out, the NX300 will cost even less (say 350€).

    Who’s going to pay more than twice for an IDENTICAL camera with just EVF on top? Not me.

    I still hope the rumor is wrong and that NX30 has some radical improvement in areas where nx300 is lacking (sensor dr and high iso, AF, processing speed, buffer). Otherwise, this camera is simply one year too late.

  • Johnathan Hoe

    Samsung cameras are still shit. I know the cameras in the screenshot are probably not future production cameras, but they are fugly.

  • Common Sense

    Samsung tried to be number 1 camera maker by building cell phone into camera. It did not work. Now samsung changed strategy. To become number 1 samsung decided to install in the camera washer/dryer to clean the sensor 😉 and if this does not work, they will install smart noodle maker in the camera.
    Photographic features are not on the samsung list. Their cameras still do not have double exposure feature that was present 10 years ago even on point and shoot. Samsung knew how to copy Apple but still cannot manage to copy this feature from 10 years old nikon cameras. Samsung does not have decent flash system. Having samsung cameras, you cannot use reversal ring. Samsung does not allow you to disable the error “lens not attached”. They could not copy this from Apple 😉 😉
    Samsung is determined to be the last company in the world who will remove AA filter. The rumor goes that they wait till Sony, Fuji and Pana patents expire 😉 😉
    Samsung is the biggest promise maker in the world 😉
    By the end of 2013 they promised:
    16-50 f2.8
    24 f1.8
    135 f2.0
    200 f2.8
    800 mm mirror lens that they used to shoot the moon on oficial presentation.
    300 mm f2.8 that is visible on the table during oficial samsung video
    300 mm f4
    I am impressed with samsung promises. They are indeed number 1 in that field

    • When did they put mobile calling capabilities in to a proper camera?

      And is the lack of double exposure your deal breaker? ROFL There are some real high end features that were there in film SLRs that never made it to DSLRs like eye-control AF. Some have only recently made it to DSLRs (e.g. Sony’s SLT design, multiple exposure, etc.). Even then manufacturers continued to sell their new cameras.

      And you wouldn’t even talk about Apple as technical innovator if you knew anything about the tech industry. At best they have had innovative marketing.

      • Ronan


      • alealeale ale

        Looks like you’re the one that knows nothing about the tech industry since you don’t recognize apple as being the best technical innovator out there. And the rest if your comment doesn’t make sense as a reply to common sense’s.

        • Jo

          HAHAHA That’s rich! Apple just copies old designs and ideas and slaps them in a pretty case and charges 2x the price for old tech.

        • I come from a science and technological background and I know how things work… you went to business school, I’m guessing? 😀

          • alealeale ale

            No business school for me but i can see that you are an angry fanboy. I like all brands of smartphone (except blackberry) and i am smart enough to see that apple is the innovator. Unlike samsung that creates great phones but can’t come up with something on their own.

    • Mr.Black

      Agree about Samsung but you’ll be amazed that most advanced Canon P&S cameras (like S or G series) actually does not have double or multi exposure. My wife was really disappointed because she tried to step up from 4 years old Lumix P&S bought for 100€ to Canon S110. Multiexposure was her favourite option on an old camera and Lumix even had something like “live preview” in multiexposure mode – you could see how the new exposure will affect photo before pressing the shutter. Shame on you Canon.

      • Andrew Hollywood

        Why wouldnt you just do this is post. You would have so much more control and be able to see much more detail on the PC screen.

  • Phil

    more details of specification to NX30
    – Tiltable EVF with 2.3millions dot
    – Optimize the Super AMOLED swiveling touch display
    – 9fps Continuos shooting
    -Slightly bigger size than predecessor NX20
    – Integrated of 3.5mm socket for external microphone such as RØDE etc..
    – Bundle with 16-50mm / F2.8 S lens or purchase with just the body
    -Improvements of Samsung Smart Camera application to the version 3.0,it could be fully control to change all the parameters by smartphone or tablet
    -Improvements of NFC,it could be beam the images or videos directly to the smart phone or tablet without get into the application
    -will be available of Power Zoom Lens
    -will be availble 50-150mm mid telephoto lens
    -will be available 58GN of Samsung external speedlite
    -replace the Skydrive with Dropbox
    -more focus on Videography user
    -New APSC CMOS Sensor will be employs
    -more useful of physical buttons and dials
    -optimize of battery usage
    – 1/8000 of shutter speed
    – ISO range might will be boost up to 51200
    – improved focussing speed

    • Thanks, I will post those online.

    • Marco –

      tiltable EVF is nice, but depends on final price. All the other specs are really looking the same as the one year old NX300, or very minor upgrades, achievable just via fw upgrade.

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