Detailed Samsung NX30 camera specifications

An update to my previous post with another set of Samsung NX30 camera specifications:

  • Tiltable EVF with 2.3 million dots
  • Optimized Super AMOLED swivel touch display
  • 9fps continuos shooting
  • Slightly bigger size than predecessor NX20
  • Integrated 3.5mm socket for external microphone
  • Bundled with a 16-50mm f/2.8 S lens (available also as a body only)
  • Improvements in the Samsung Smart Camera application (version 3.0): full control over all camera functions by a smartphone or a tablet
  • NFC improvements - it could beam images or videos directly to the smart phone or tablet
  • The Skydrive app will be replaced with Dropbox
  • More focus on videography
  • New APSC CMOS sensor
  • More useful physical buttons and dials
  • Optimized battery life
  • 1/8000 shutter speed
  • High ISO: 51,200
  • Improved focussing speed
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  • Looks nice on paper and hopefully it’s really a new sensor instead of just the old one with PDAF. Nice constant aperture “kit” lens as well, the focus on videography will really depend on the codec and compression.

    But too late for me Samsung, couple of years ago I was considering Samsung but now, it feels too late and I know that Samsung is going to overprice this thing like they do with every single of their cameras.

    Nonetheless, I hope that this becomes a great camera maybe there are still people that would consider Samsung if they do it right. Few people give Samsung credit for being a pioneer with the WiFi connection. Samsung has 4K in their phone, would they go 4K with this camera as well? I don’t think that 4K is really needed but it could gather some attention.

    • madmax

      Agree. 4K is just a gimmick for everybody except people in the business of movie theaters. Way more important for serious videographers are NX30´s universal external micro socket, tiltable EVF and articulated screen.

      • Zos Xavius

        Do movie theaters even show 4k movies yet? The newer star wars movies were shot in 720p. Plenty of people don’t even have 1080p capable sets yet. 4k seems mighty premature right now.

        • Jarret O’Shea

          There are some theaters that project at 4k, yes (not sure if it’s upconverted or what, but I remember seeing it advertised the last time I went to a movie.) But I agree with the general sentiment that 4k is overkill at the moment.

      • istreetshooter

        I’d agree the 4K is overkill for most people, but it goes beyond theaters. I was going over a commercial/editorial portrait guy’s portfolio and one piece was a frame pulled from a 4K video. We agreed that a lot of fashion, music video shooters, and photojournalists could use the option of pulling stills from 4K. Then, using a lower quality video for presentation.

    • MR

      I totally agree with you, since these are the specs of nx300 plus an evf. So unless this camera costs just a little more than a nx300 (which is now 500$ with lens and will be less for when the nx30 is out) it will be a failure.

      If it was released along with the nx300, one year ago, it could have costed 800-900$, now it’s not worth more than 600$.

      • You would be suprised that NX300 was actually the one released by that $800-900 price range, so you can only imagine how much this more top of the line NX30 is going to cost. And to be fair, if they deliver everything with a practical camera, they can ask a bit more than that, but they will probably ask for much more than that.

        • MR

          Yes, but now the nx300 has fallen in the 500$ pricerange and will be at 400 for ehen the nx30 is out, so an identical camera with just added evf can’t cost more than 600$ imo. If so, it can sell, otherwise it will fail badly, as any nx till now.

          • But no manufacturer base their prices on the old cameras’ price, that makes no sense. Samsung will keep their usual overprice, that’s for sure.

          • Yep; NX30 will probably come out at $1,200. But wait 3-6 months and you’ll see it drop below $1,000, at which point it will start to sell.

            But Sammy’s bigger problem is the lack of lenses they had promised (45mm f/1.8 instead of pancake 55mm f/1.8; variable aperture 12-24mm instead of constant f/4; etc). They need the two f/2.8 zooms (with OIS) and a nice 135mm f/2.8 OIS before end of Q2 2014.

          • Sony doesn’t have a lot of that for their APS-C E-mount cameras but as they didn’t screw things up with their cameras – it lacks dials for the most part and the menus are just horrible but the cameras work. Something that Samsung took a while to figure it out. The first cameras were slow, they had writing problems, there were lags and all sorts of hiccups.

            If you compare head-to-head Samsung has a better focal length distribution than Sony, which has primes crowded in a short focal length range 16/20/24/30/35/50 vs 16/20/30/45/60/85 from Samsung.

            The problem is that now Samsung has nothing going on to overcome the lack of lenses, Sony lacks tons of lenses but they are still selling their cameras.

          • MR

            Even at 1000$ few will buy it, unless in the price they include the f2.8 constant aperture lens. For that price you can have the fuji x-e2. And don’t forget that for 500$ you can buy the nx30, which is exactly the same camera w/o the evf, according to this rumor.

  • Usee

    So far, it sounds great…


    Is the information from here:

    or else where?

  • mooh

    “Me too” (in Korean)

  • MR

    New sensor compared to what? Will it be new compared to nx300? I doubt, since in the rumored specs the af points are the same. All the other enhancements just seem like software updates, not really new features. Apart for evf, of course.

    So, basically, a tuned up nx300 with evf, for more than twice the price, one year too late.

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