Fujifilm 2014 roadmap: black X100s, X30, new XF lenses

Here is a list of rumored products that Fujifilm will announce in early 2014:

  • Black version of Fuji X100S camera will be announced in early January during the 2014 CES show.
  • New Fuji X30 camera (X20 successor) will probably be announced in February-March, 2014.
  • The new 2014 lens roadmap will include (official roadmap announcement at the CES show):
    • XF 16-55mm f/2.8
    • XF 50-140mm f/2.8
    • XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6
    • large-aperture wide-angle lens
    • super-telephoto lens (200mm or more?)

Via Digicame-info

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  • A 2 years old system.

    Can anyone even rationally complain about what Fuji is doing with their lenses?

    You still need a 1:1 Macro and you can add some teles but this system is basically complete and now there will be weather sealed lenses as well – I’m guessing the f/2.8 zoom duo.

    • I still think it needs quite a few lenses to be complete. After the f/2.8 zooms, 10-24mm f/4 and 56mm f/1.2, it needs the following (IMHO):

      1st Priority:
      – 90mm f/2 XF (or maybe f/1.8)
      – 135mm f/2.8 XF OIS
      – 70-300mm f/4-5.6 XF OIS (or 100-300mm f/4)
      – 23mm f/2 XF (pancake…ish)
      – 35mm f/2 XF (pancake…ish)

      2nd Priority:
      – 56mm f/1.8 XF (or maybe f/2)
      – 200mm f/2.8 OIS
      – 300mm f/4 OIS
      – 1.4x and 2x TCs
      – Adapter to take the 60mm to 1:1 macro (or 90mm f/2.8 1:1 macro)

      The Problem with Long Lenses:
      A 300mm f/4 + 1.4 TC gets you 420mm f/5.6. I just don’t think they’d sell that many 400mm f/5.6 lenses so stopping at 300mm and offering a couple of good TCs would be a nice compromise. That said, if they do release an SLR-shaped body, then more people would likely want longer lenses as they’re easier to handle than on a rangefinder-style body. The problem is the price of a lens is in great part determined by how many people are going to buy it (the more you sell, the cheaper you can make it). I just don’t see Fuji (a small player) selling that many 300mm and 400mm lenses that they could offer them for anything less than $1,500, or maybe even $2,000. And finally, Fuji are building a reputation for compact bodies and excellent wide and normal primes, and are attracting those of us that enjoy shooting within those confines. If they try to be a please-everybody company they may dilute their efforts so much that they end up pleasing nobody, because they do not have the resources of Canikon, who do try to please everyone (and even they fail judging from the people who are leaving them to shoot Fuji, which again tells you that Fuji’s success is due to them offering an excellent niche product).

      • I didn’t mean complete as if there wouldn’t lack lenses or as if it has it all but more like with this upcoming lens roadmap, Fuji would have lenses people need for most uses.

        • Well, there’s only one definition of the word “complete”. Then again, the lens catalogue will be complete at different stages for different photographers depending on their needs.

          I do think Fuji is lacking more affordable fastish compact primes (they only have the 18mm f/2), but this is understandable; Fuji decided they wanted to make a splash, and a statement, and went for fast primes as their first lenses. That made their lens lineup sparkle and attracted a lot of attention. I’m not faulting them; it was a good marketing! But now I’d like to see them focus on compact f/2 primes, especially at 23mm and 35mm, so that cameras like the X-E2, X-M1 and X-A1 can become (coat) pocketable, which I find is one of the strengths and selling points of mirrorless. This will also encourage new photographers to buy into the system, as many are intimidated by $900 lenses.

          • But I used “basically” complete for exactly that reason and I think that with that opening I can insert the “lenses people need for most uses” interpretation without getting into technicalities of what a really complete system would be.

            But I think that too. Fuji priorities were a relatively compact cameras aimed at general photography with optical quality above anything. Now they can focus on the specifics of photography like affordable, smaller lenses and the really big lenses. The really big lenses won’t balance so well with the body and I think most of the photographers that really need those lenses would still prefer DSLR. Sure Fuji will probably have those lenses available but it’s clearly not a priority for the system.

            I’d be very nice to have some more affordable and smaller primes, a nice travel kit. Even better if they can make it brighter than f/2.8.

          • I’m not disagreeing with you 🙂

            It might be Fuji are releasing a classic SLR shaped body so they have somewhere to mount long lenses, if in fact they do release an SLR shaped body and long lenses.

            I’m very much looking forward to the 2014-2015 lens roadmap, even though I can get by (like you say, just like most others can) with the current lenses for 95% of my photography.

          • I know.

            This weather sealed camera that is supposed to be announced during CES has a SLR-shape but not a modern DSLR shape. I think Fuji has been experimenting with lots of things, including the entry-level market. But there will be still some time before they go DSLR-shape for bigger lenses, maybe in 2015. And it will all depends on how the market reacts to the A7s from Sony, if Fuji will or not go FF. If they don’t, this DSLR-shaped X-Camera can be Fuji’s take on Sony’s FF.

          • El Aura

            And since the number of different needs imaginable is infinite, a system will never be complete because infinity can never be reached.

          • Today’s moment of Philosophy brought to you by El Aura.


      • Ronnie Jackson

        That 420mm f/5.6 is actually a 630mm f/8, while great reach-wise, its max aperture won’t suit most of practical situations a 630mm lens is used for.

        • “That 420mm f/5.6 is actually a 630mm f/8”

          Say what? I’m pretty sure 420mm f/5.6 is 420mm f/5.6 (and a rose is a rose is a rose…). Whatcha talkin’ about, Willis?

          I’ve shot plenty with a 400mm f/5.6 prime on an APS-C body and usually stopped down to f/8 – f/11 to get adequate DoF. I only shot wide open when the light left me no other choice. I’ve also shot a 600mm f/8 mirror lens and wondered where the hell my DoF went, wishing I could stop down.

          • Simon P.

            Misery, “Willis” is talking about what you actually end up with when you mount a DX lens on the crop sensor body. The f/5.6 isn’t then a “rose” but a little “darker rose”, being an f/8.

          • callibrator

            You’d think he know the lens basics, being a know-it-all on this forum.

          • The irony of your comment is such, that it cannot be contained within the bounds of this blog.

          • But we’re not mounting the lens on a FF body, we’re mounting it on an APS-C body. And an f/5.6 lens is always f/5.6, and the image will be just as bright as if it were mounted on a FF body, which it isn’t.

          • El Aura

            And how is the ‘value’ f/5.6 linked to IQ?

            — (1/5.6)^2 * exposure time * sensor area * scene illumination —
            So you can double the exposure time and stop down to f/8 and you get same, or you can double the sensor area and stop down to f/8 and you get the same. The point is that ‘f/5.6’ alone doesn’t tell you anything if you don’t know the other three parameters. Only if all other three parameters are fixed, does the value f/5.6 has any direct link to IQ.

          • papadeck

            While the crop-sensor lens may state f/5.6 on it, the end result is (that is it behaves as if) smaller 35mm equivalent aperture.

      • Hendrik Mintarno

        I have to agree that the X system needs 135mm f/2.8 lens (as 200mm angle equiv. )

      • JXVo

        Depends how complete you need it to be. As a bare bones system to cover 90% of photographic needs with decent lenses, I agree it is basically complete – an astounding achievement in such a short time, considering the market share.
        As an enthusiast landscape, macro and wildlife photographer my interest is in the ultra wide, 1:1 and long fast teles. It looks like these are beginning to come through now. Although happily invested in some great Nikon gear, this Fuji system is sure getting my attention, more and more each day.

    • a4

      One or two grown-up flashes, if anything (being spoiled by Nikon’s offering, I miss anything remotely comparable in these regards), and I’m sold.

      • Yeah, I think that Fuji could announce some flashes as well, eventually they will, but can they do it this next year?

    • sperdynamite

      This. And I don’t see what every system needs to match Canikon. Like, let it be what it is. Canikon already exists. If you NEED a 24-70 2.8 why the fuck are you buying an X camera? If you NEED a 70-200…WHY DONT YOU GET THE ONES THEY MAKE? How many X lenses does a Fuji shooter need? I’d argue their target buyer would say 2-3.

      • Wow. Are you on drugs or something? I’ve no idea what are you talking about. No idea, at all. My bet, you got worked up because you can’t read the text properly or something in those lines. That’s a common desease in the Internet, it’s called stupidity.

        • sperdynamite

          I’m agreeing that people should stop complaining about their lens line up, and I’m arguing that focusing on filling out every conceivable lens slot is not necessary to the success of the system.

          • True, but we don’t know what definition of success Fuji is using. If they’re happy to remain profitable as a small niche player, then they should concentrate on a few extremely good lenses and cater to their small, loyal following. That’s the Leica model.

            However, they’ve released the X-A1, making it clear they want to target the average consumer too, which means they’re going to have to release some affordable lenses for them. And while they’re catering to the inexperienced user, they might as well try to attract the high end user as well, and for better of for worse these users tend to enjoy their f/2.8 zooms (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

            We’ll know Fuji is really trying to please everybody when they release an 800mm f/5.6 and a tilt-shift 20mm 😀

          • John

            Not necessary to the success of the system, but maybe necessary for the bottom line. After all, aren’t they in the business of making money via cameras and accessories such as lenses? I’m just asking.

  • Paul

    YES! I’ve been looking forward to the f/2.8 zooms. Let’s get them released and I can finally rid myself of my dslrs.

    Fuji please work on 300mm and 400mm primes next please. Thanks.

    • genotypewriter

      ” Let’s get them released and I can finally rid myself of my dslrs.”

      LOL…back to school boy.

      • fjfjjj

        Care to elaborate, or are you just going to posture? Oh wait, it’s genotypewriter, right.

  • mist3rf0ur

    I was planning on getting the x100s in January–now I might just wait until the black version goes on sale!

    • Drazen B

      Black X100s should be a stunner. Hope it doesn’t get released as an expensive LE model like its predecessor.

      • rockafeller skunk

        Me to…please Fuji make this a standard model…please 🙂

      • I know! If the X-E2 can come in two versions for the same price, no reason the X100s can’t.

  • greger e kung i baren

    They need a 16mm f2 and an updated 18 f2.

  • I think that the 18-135 should had been f/4 instead of 3.5~5.6 but maybe that would be too large, well, they could had done a 18-105 f/4.

    Does someone know the physics to say how much larger a 18-135 f/4 would be?

    • I suspect the 18-135mm is intended to appeal to “the masses” as a walk-around zoom, but they designate it as XF so it might also attract “the advanced user”.

      As for physics, the rule of thumb would tell us the front element of the f/4 version will be about 41% wider than that of the 3.5-5.6 version. For reference, the Pentax 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 has a 62mm filter thread and weighs a tad under 1lb (and offers weather resistance construction). An f/4 would therefore have an 87mm thread (although 86mm is the standard filter thread value closest to 87mm).

      Making it variable aperture will bring the cost down to $500-600 (just a slightly wild guess here, but as callibrator pointed out, I *am* a know-it-all). I would imagine an f/4 would be similar price to or higher than the 10-24mm f/4.

      • There is the Sony G for E-mount, but it’s a 18-105mm f/4 high quality zoom. 72mm filter, 110mm and almost 500g/1lb for $600. Something equivalent to that would be nice.

        • Well there you go, that should give us a ballpark, although Sony’s mirrorless lenses have been quite big so far, and Fuji’s only f/4 zoom quite expensive, so maybe we’d get a lens that’s smaller than Sony’s, but pricier 🙂

  • Pat Mann

    They are really getting serious with the lens roadmap. I look forward to the announcement.

  • zws19

    I’ve been looking to get an x100s soon, when do you guys think there will be an x200 or a successor to the x100s?

    • ccr

      The X100s was released not even 9 months ago, and not readily available until a couple of months ago.

      The X100 was on the market for 2 years when the X100s was released.
      And being the first X-system camera on the market, and not having a X-Trans sensor, there were quite a few things to work on for Fuji. This is now completely different with the X100s, which is technically still top of the line.

      So I wouldn’t expect a X200 anytime soon – my personal opinion is, that the X100s will be on the market for even longer than the X100.

  • jojo

    Will be interesting to see how small they can get the 50-140mm f/2.8.

    And just a thought that some of you will hate….perhaps the reported coming central EVF model goes hand in hand with some bigger lenses…
    as we all know that SLR shape is more stable than RF shape (especially one handed!)

  • waiting for the x30 …

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