Samsung NXF1 camera listed online again

Samsung - EV-NXF1 camera
The Indonesian Communication Agency has a filing for a new Samsung NXF1 camera with Wi-Fi capabilities. Few months ago the same NXF1 model was listed on Samsung's support website.

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  • stoooopid

    Wow, no one has commented on this one? If this is a semi-pro body from Samsung, this could be a pretty neat rig. I don’t think it will be full frame, as Samsung would have to come out with a new line of lenses. But who knows, could be.

    • Marco –

      This camera could me many things:

      1) the rangefinder prosumer nx camera with evf in a corner that many have been awaiting for years
      2) a fixed lens small aps-c camera
      3) a full frame camera

      And could of course be none of the above. I hope it’s #1, with a newer sensor than nx30 and higher specs.

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