Fuji X-T1 camera rumors

The Fuji X-T1 camera is probably going to be announced on January 28th. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • Bigger and better EVF
  • 16MP APS-C X-Trans sensor II
  • Support for UHS-II SD memory card with fast writing speed
  • 8fps with AF tracking
  • Weather sealed body
  • Fujica ST-like (SLR-type) design
  • Priced between the X-E and X-PRO lines
  • Additional battery grip will be available
  • Faster AF then the X-E2 camera

The X-T1 model is already listed on Fujifilm's support website:

Next is the first blurry picture of the X-T1 camera (Google translated, courtesy of Ray Ohara, the picture is already removed):

Fuji X-T1 camera
Here are some teasers from Fujifilm Middle East Facebook's page:

Fuji X-T1 camera teaser 2 Fuji X-T1 camera teaser 3 Fuji X-T1 camera teaser Fuji X-T1 camera teaser4

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  • Global

    Hybrid viewfinder? LCD resolution? Wifi? Exposure stops? Diopter? Face detection? Better flash synch? Better ISO??

    I think people are looking for ALL of the above things in a new Fuji, otherwise it will sound too similar to the X-E2. Heck, even with those things, it would be still almost identical to an X-E2.

    • MacCruiskeen

      Why do you need face detection? Don’t you know what a face looks like?

      • Global

        You’re focusing on the wrong issue — the X-E2 has face detection. It helps with focusing and is another tool.

        You might as well ask, “Why would you need video you can just interlace still photos?” The reason is that the technology exists and a lot of people want it, even if you might not.

        • MacCruiskeen

          I guess next they’ll want it on a little drone so it’ll just fly around and take pictures for them. Soon these cameras will be so automated that you, the photographer, will not really be needed at all.

  • The Wanderer

    For a second I thought it was the digital version of a TX-1! I guess not… sigh.

    • mat

      I have been waiting for this for years for a digital xpan/tx-1. Maybee one day Fuji will do it.

  • KoolGuyNextDoor

    Sony has become a trendsetter it seems. First the QX smartphone-appendage. Then this.

    • kickars

      What are you talking about? Fuji had this kind of SLR design long before Sony made its own SLR. If you are talking about bringing SLR styling to the mirrorless, then the trendsetter is Olympus. Either way, Sony has nothing to do with trendsetting here.

      • NoMeJodas

        “Fuji had this kind of SLR design long before Sony made its own SLR”

        Don’t forget that Sony’s photography business is based on Konika-Minolta’s and Minolta’s first SLR was introduced in 1958! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minolta_SR-2), long before Fuji AFAIK.

    • NoMeJodas

      I think Olympus successful OMD-EM5/1 cameras are to “blame” for this design from Fuji, not Sony’s A7.

  • Tony Bologna

    Looks like sensors in the viewfinder to track eye movement for focus/exposure like the Minolta Maxxums and Canon e models.

  • alreadyupsidedown

    I’m probably in the minority here, but would it not be interesting if the X-T1 actually had a mirror and and prism, instead of just looking like it?

    Reflecting on the Nikon DF, it seems to me that if there was any company capable of pulling off that concept properly, it would have been Fuji. I’m aware that it’s not feasible- Rangefinder style lenses with short mount to focal plane distances do not have space for a mirror- but a compact DSLR with access to Fuji’s line of X-mount lenses would be such a cool tool…

    Impossible or not, I can still dream.

    • Global

      WHY would you want a mirror and prism? Just to be able to hear shutter slaps loudly interrupt your photography again?

      The market is moving away from that nonsense. EVFs will be the way to go — and if they used that space to make it right, then its going to be great.

      • NoMeJodas

        “WHY would you want a mirror and prism?”

        Today’s high-end EVFs are ok in good light conditions, but start to show their deficiencies in less than optimal light and are practically unusable in low light. I can still focus an M-Mount Leica in low-light precisely when my Fuji X-E1 has long gave up. I think for the EVFs to reach the same level of OVFs (i.e. the photographer can’t see a difference between EVF and OVF) it will take probably another 5-10 years of R&D work. But luckily OVFs do not always need a mirror and a prism (see true RF cameras).

        • Global

          Yeah, agreed that the current gen is sub par and past gens were terrible — but going forward, its going to be great.

          The focusing technology for on sensor electronics is going very well. I think you’ll soon be surprised. I don’t see us going back to mirror flaps.

          I think EVF is the future (I’m sure mirrors were terrible when they first came out).

          • NoMeJodas

            Yes that’s true. Technology always evolves and gets better, sometimes much faster than one would imagine 😉

        • Pat Mann

          2-3 years is my estimate. A 256hz refresh on a 4k finder taken quickly from the sensor should be just good enough. This will only be in high-end cameras for a year or two (D5?), then reach the enthusiast market.

  • Morris

    they have got a chance with me IF its gonna cost between xe2 and xpro, but if they think its gonna be 2k + another 4-600 for the lens they are dreaming.

  • fjfjjj

    Fujifilm to take the “fake prism hump” market by storm!

    • Global

      Its the “Super EVF hump” now, I think.

      • fjfjjj

        I hope so! 🙂

    • Pat Mann

      Don’t knock the center hump design. It lets you use the touchscreen with your nose more easily, so your fingers can work the buttons undistracted.

  • Seems like it may turn out a bit like a Fujipet. http://photoroobit.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/camera-test-the-funky-fujipet/

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm… I still think the X-E2 is gonna still be worth it since it seems that it will be more compact than he X-T1 along with the same nice sensor. Gonna stick with the X-E2, don’t need high fps or a bigger body, already have a DSLR for that.

    • NoMeJodas

      I’m also expecting this new camera to be bigger and noticeably heavier than the X-E2 to balance well with the f2.8 zooms to be released ( http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/xf_lens/roadmap/ ). So yes, the X-E2 will still have its charm 🙂

      • Neopulse

        True, guess it would make sense to use this with the new 2.8 zooms.

  • Pat Mann

    Perhaps Nikon can make a deal and rebrand this as the D400? With AF adapter for F-mount lenses?

  • Alex Hill

    The X-T1 looks fantastic. It’s a major shot across the bow of Olympus
    and their OMD line. As the owner of an X-E2 and a number of XF primes I
    can’t wait to get my hands on the X-T1. Fuji is serious, folks. Look
    out Nikon. Your Df is looking a lot less attractive today.

    Fuji X-T1 vs Nikon Df

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