Samsung NX1, F1 cameras and NX 50-150mm f/2.8 OIS STM lens leak online again

The last Samsung mirrorless camera roadmap I published on the blog only had information on the entry level models (NX3000).  A better roadmap is now circulating online and shows the Samsung NX1 (see previous NX1 leaks) as a top of the line mirrorless camera and another F1 entry level model. Here is the first picture of the Samsung NX 50-150mm f/2.8 OIS STM splash and dust proof lens (see all NX lens rumors):

Samsung NX 50-150mm f:2.8 OIS STM lens
Source: dpreview forums

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  • A Dead HCB

    Professional Photographers = Anybody with a Camera

    Techie expert Photo centric = The Know it All Posting on Camera Forums

    Cool Creator = Hipsters

    Family Photographer, Social Tribe = Soccer Moms and Selfie Artists

  • istreetshooter

    I’m judging by the number of comments (1) hours after this has been posted that not many people care about Samsung. Not a good sign for Samsung.

    • itznfb

      I hope they pick up some popularity. I really like my NX300. The kit lenses leave a bit to be desired but it’s a great camera for the price. I typically shoot a D300s and it’s nice having the NX300 to carry when I don’t feel like lugging around a DSLR.

  • Neopulse

    I see that Samsung is relentless in getting into the camera industry. In my opinion, their ‘WB2200F” was an interesting idea. Like making a mirrorless heavy-duty camera that would be an option from the D4 and 1D-X. I would like to see their take on a heavy duty camera like that full-frame and APS-C, especially with EVF. They have the technology to pull this off I honestly believe. Although the only thing I will question is their optics. Your camera is only as good as the optics that go with it.

    • ashwins

      If they have made lenses like the NX 30mm f/2 and NX 85mm f/1.4 ED SSA iFn it shows that they have the know-how for great optics.

      • Neopulse

        Great optics isn’t defined because someone made it. Word of mouth of usability and durableness, what kind of material was used during the making of it including the elements, etc. I can make an 85mm out of plastic lenses and doesn’t mean I have a know-how of making good optics. For example I’d pick the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G any day over the Sigma 85mm f/1.4. See what I’m saying?

        • Alex Alexander

          Because you choose the Nikon doesn’t mean the Sigma is not good.

          • Neopulse

            Not saying Sigma ISN’T good. I just said, I would purchase the Nikon over the Sigma. Don’t twist my words.

        • Usee

          Great optics, is OPTICS and not mechanics or material only because YOU define it…

          Compare the Samsung optics with others:

          …see what I’m saying?

          The camera sensor sees through the optics and not through the mechanics…

          However, the mechanics isn’t that rugged so far…

          …but this is for sure changing with the new lenses.

          • Neopulse

            The mechanics aren’t up to par as you mentioned earlier. But you do need both to work well together. Only a few lenses have an AF motor built in. The optics still need to do some more research on it. Found it weird making an APS-C 85mm f/1.4 lens and charging pretty much the price of a Sigma 85mm f/1.4 full-frame price.

            I do find interesting that quite a number of the lenses have a i-Fn button although there are others brands that have something similar.

            Optics wise they don’t mention much about coatings towards flare control. Only a “Hyper Shield Coating” I’ve been seeing on one of their lenses.

            One example (the standard) is their standard 18-55mm costs almost double compared to the Nikon. And it lacks an ED element and AF motor. Plus the Nikon lens now is gonna get a reboot very soon with updated optics at around the same price. to work well with their 24MP standard APS-C sensors while the Samsung has 20.3MP.

            But although it’s negligible the difference the quality of color, IQ and dynamic range are better on their entry Nikon D3300 and it’s costs $350 less than the Samsung NX30 kit. It’s quite a small package, maybe not as small as the NX30, but can still fit in a small toploader zoom bag.

            This is about optics yes, but Nikon has been making lenses far, far longer than Samsung and are very good at it plus making it affordable with a good sensor to back up the IQ of their lenses. Also Nikon has more lens brands MADE FOR NIKON to choose from, like Sigma, Tamron, etc. And they all have pretty damn good lenses to choose from within reasonable price ranges. Samsung just has…. Samsung.

  • Alex Alexander

    50-150mm f/2.8? interesting…
    If they make a 70-400mm f/4-5.6 for APS-C I will have a second system. Including the Macro 60mm and the 85mm f/1.4.

  • Phil

    50-135 could also be a 50-135 and NX1 probably will come in 2015 (maybe shown at CES before)… Time will Tell 😉

  • geese peter

    Honestly, in the past proved, Samsung’s propaganda and roadmap is not credible.

    According to the 2011 roadmap, the Samsung NX Camera can be divided into NX Style (NX100 level), NX CLASSIC (NX10 and NX11 level), and NX CLASSIC + (roughly NX1 level) categories.

    The original NX CLASSIC + (NX1) should be listed after the launch of the NX200, the results so far CLASSIC +, still stuck in the latest version of the roadmap.

    And Samsung’s sensor technology in recent years have only “unofficial” occasion to do some “serious misrepresentation” of publicity, without any real progress.

    Last NX300 Hou fast-listed sites in South Korea “SLR Culb” had been posted about the NX300 and Sony A99 image quality comparison, the result is a signal to noise NX300, much smaller than the A99.

    How the actual results? I need not say more.

    Similar “serious misrepresentation” propaganda, in NX10, NX100 and NX200 have appeared.

    Another NX Lens’s Roadmap,

    By Market Complex locate the original classification was gone (Total “Carry”, “Optima”, “Onmia” and “Permium” four, will be printed on the lens body proprietary icon),

    Originally “Permiun” (P), is the Samsung NX system, the most advanced lens, the results of this year launched “S” series of “top” NX lens.

    In addition, there are many original lens will be listed and finally let the matter rest.

  • Sky

    “Techie expert” – obviously Samsung still doesn’t get it. Hopeless hompany.

    • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

      what do you mean??

      you do realize this isn’t a company/ press release its a leaked photo taken from a slideshow generalizing who they are targeting

  • Neopulse

    Also in my opinon they should be aiming for the segment that wants APS-H sensors. Very competitive with the low-light performance of the FF market while also catering to the people who like the “extra” distance. Unfortunately even Canon says it’s costly to maintain that market even with their kick ass 1D Mark IV.

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