Shippment dates for the Samsung NX30 camera and two new NX lenses

The new Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera will start shipping on February 18th, 2014:

The Samsung NX 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS will be released on April 15th.

Samsung NX 16-50mm f/2 - 2.8 S ED OIS is scheduled for March 18th.

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  • Global

    Is this an APS-C crop factor? That’s a pretty bright “24-75/2-2.8” lens, if so! I kinda like what they’re doing with the movable EVF, as well. Have any other manufacturers done that?

    Samsung NX 16-50mm f/2 – 2.8

    • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

      Yes Panasonic have with the GX7. its not the same design and could be considered ‘flimsy’ but it is a very nice small System camera and of course M43 so good images as well.

      • Global

        Thanks! I think this is the one I was thinking about in the back of my head, too. I like the combination with the reversing back display.

        Its nice to see innovations propagating with these new competitive years in the industry, even if not all of them are universally accepted.

  • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

    I was just about to jump ship to fuji and Samsung pull out this gem and gem of a lens. Take a bow.

    All we need now are more pro accessories!!!!!!
    -Battery grip
    -Flashes and Flash triggers

    • Akash Singh

      Yes it’s good but I’ll wait for the reviews and real life performance before I decide to give this a chance. Seems to be similarly priced as the omd em5 and pana lumix gx7. The only two killing features I love in the omd em5 missing from the samsung nx30 are weather sealing and that beautiful 5 axis image stabilization. Those two things are a huge + for me. This is more for portrait shooting with no weather sealing and the same size as most DSLR’s. Looks really good though

  • istreetshooter

    How solid should we expect this camera to be built? I was impressed by the NX300’s build for the price, except for the lens.

  • Marco –

    Even if not bad at all, this camera is – imo – not enough to convince and attract potential customers in a world where there are products like fuji x-e2/x-t1, oly em1/em5/em10, sony nex6/7 (and their incoming successor), pana gx7.

    • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

      what else could they have done?? What do the other manufactures offer in their camera which isn’t in the NX30?? APSC, 9fps, 2mil dot OLED tilting veiwfinder, 1080p 60fps dual stabilized Movie recording 100+ Focus Points, Swivel oled LCD ect.
      also the release of the 16-50mm F/2-2.8 and the 50-150mm f/2.8 both splash proof, dust proof and OIS USM

      and the I-fn button on the lenses (if more people knew about it) would be enough for a lot of people. imo- they don’t advertise that nearly enough

      Samsung seem to be the only company really trying

      • Marco –

        I would ask: what was missing from nx20 compared to nex6? The former was not a success, the second was. The same applies now. Samsung has not to be ‘good enough’ to get attention in this field. It has to be outstanding. If it has similar specs to competitors at similar price, it won’t sell.

        Besides – but this is more subjective – this is not a very nice looking camera, while others (omd, x-t1, x-e2, gx7) are.

        So if you ask what they should have done: af faster than any competitor, with great cf and tracking. Bigger and higher res/higher freq evf than any competitor. Highest dxo mark for the sensor among aps-c. Ibis. Better looking body. Endless buffer for jpg and huge for raw (50+ pics). Same price as nx30. In this way they could get attention.

        • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

          Very True, they need to do something to get noticed, it would be very sad if such a potential filled Camera/ Lens line fall by the hillside. Not enough Marketing where it matters imo

          but lets face it, they are Koreans they wont stop till they take over the world!!. just ask the MPhone, TV, Home Appliance, Soon to be Tablet market hahah

          • Marco –

            Hehe, perhaps, but take sony. The new a7000 (nex7 replacement) is rumored to have ibis, much faster caf, even better sensor. All for 800$. Who will buy nx30 over it, if those rumors are true?

          • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

            Smart people. don’t get me wrong i think the NEX range is great they just have 3 floors in my opinion and that is

            -their menu system UI is shockingly overly complex,

            -their inbuilt camera wifi is terrible to use

            -and their optics are mediocre at best. they have been smart getting hooked up with ziess but there lenses are limited and mega $$$, you can get sigma lenses and and adapters now but they are all too big in comparison to the NEX 7 body size. i mean who uses a sony NEX with a sony lens on it… no one.

            Samsungs ‘Own Brand’ lenses are much stronger and i see a partnership coming soon tbh, Pentax?? Schneider again perhaps.

            Also i dont see the a7000 being under £1000

          • Marco –

            We are talking about rumors here, and the rumors state that a7000 will cost about 800$. Of course they could be wrong and the same could be for ibis.

            I agree about ui and lenses, but that didn’t avoid nex from being a best seller, while nx with its nice lenses and ui sold very little, in comparison.

            As to the body, I personally hate slr styled mirrorless and this is enough, for me, to stay away from nx30. If I want a bulky body, I simply buy a pentax k3. Ok, for bigger lenses perhaps the nex bodies are unbalanced, but I much prefer having the possibility of carrying them in a pocket, with a pancake on. That’s one of the biggest advantages for going mirrorless, imo.

            And I think this is one of the biggest selling points of the nex6/7 over the nx20.

          • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

            Agreed, i wish (along with everyone else) that Samsung had offered a veiwfinder version of the NX300 it would have put Sammy on the map, but i hear that Samsung dont want to move the EVF away from the center of the lens so it was either make it ugly like the Nikon V’s haha, or not have one at all :(.

            maybe they will make an EVF attachment again someday.

          • Marco –

            Let’s hope so. But for that moment, most ppl will be with other mirrorless systems, I guess. We live in a period where competition is tough and as I said in the first post, nx30 is not more appealing than fuji or sony (neither for specs nor for price). Time will tell, but I see samsung as the worst positioned system, right now.

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