Canon produced 70 million EOS cameras, claims 75% of photographers on Super Bowl used their equipment

Canon produced 70 million EOS cameras
Canon-photographers-Super-Bowl Canon-photographers-Super-Bowl-2
Canon announced the production of 70 million EOS-series interchangeable lens cameras. The company also claims that 75% of the professional photographers covering the Super Bowl were using Canon cameras and lenses:

"The sidelines of the big game were lined with photographers using Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras and iconic white lenses. Canon is honored that more than 75 percent* of professional photographers covering the game utilized Canon DSLR cameras and EF lenses to capture and share the memorable moments of the gridiron matchup. Canon broadcast lenses were also used extensively to deliver the game to more than 111 million television viewers."

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  • They’re baaaaack

  • arn

    70 millions means 60 millions of digital rebel sold to crowd of sheeps…

    • You’re rebelling against the soccer moms and dads who buy these things… and you’re supposed to be better?

      • PM

        @geno– Don’t be offended, we won’t laugh at you and your girlie Rebel when you are walking around the mall with your pop-up flash open and your fly down. Did you buy your Rebel to emulate your idol Agassi?

        • Bitter Guest

          “fly down”
          lol, nice touch. Look at the phodogs all lined up there in their pen. Who’s really the sheeple? More photographers than people who actually watch the Olympics.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            It must take a lot of talent to spray and pray. What color are sheep?

        • If you’re going to call me “geno” as if you know me, at least learn to use the internet and find out what I use.

  • TinusVerdino

    Canon pounding it’ s chest. But anything below the 5dMkIII is not worth looking at.

    • Henri De Vreese

      You should add to that: Compared to offerings of other makes.
      5D3 is the first camera to be en-par with Nikon autofocus in years and the 1DX is actually a bit better than the Nikon D4’s. Everything under (D” is indeed not even close to comparable with Nikon’s, Sony’s and Pentax offerings.

    • BP2012

      Don’t know much about Canon FF cameras but a friend of mine asked me to help him to buy his first DSLR. I am Pentax shooter but I tried to do my best to find a suitable entry level Canon DSLR for him because Pentax is very exotic at the place where both of us are living. Unfortunately all those Canon camera models that I’ve tried were not what I was used to by entry level Pentax DSLR. Artificial colors, poor tonalities and a lot of noise. At the end I didn’t take responsibility and find him a cheap second hand Pentax K-r with kit lens 18-55mm, Sigma 70-300mm and 50mm f1.8 for less amount of money than the cheapest new Canon DSLR body. And it makes better pictures that 650D.

      • TinusVerdino

        can’t deny any of it since I shoot Pentax myself

  • dgr

    Now I know why they make their super-teles white….so it’s easier to count how many people are using them at these events.

  • bjrichus

    I think that white tele lenses look so “girlie”… and they have to use mono-pods to hold them steady? WEAKLINGS… Grow some balls and get a BLACK Nikon kit.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    Nikon also makes white lenses but yeah tons of those are Canon 🙂

    Cause all the Nikons are on the other side of the field héhé

  • Mike

    Maybe all those Canon guys are from one company hoping to get a single shot in focus. :-p. Anyway Canon, kudos to you. Just like Scott Kelby, you’re buying mo, uh er, I mean sponsoring more professional photogs than Nikon. I know of a wedding photographer in my city who declined switching to Canon on account that he had many many thousands of $ tied up in Nikon gear. They sent him a 1Dx and 3 primes anyway.

  • Mike D

    The 75% also applies at professional surfing events and that may be on the low side. I use a Nikon 500 F4 and Sigma 300-800 with a D300 (it’s showing its age). I’m still waiting for a cropped frame, 16+ MP, 10 FPS Nikon body (e.g. D400) but it looks like I’ll be waiting a long time unless I switch entirely to Canon.

  • Warpig

    I have never undestand photographers who shot other photographers taking… photos. That includes mirror-shooters (in elevators, bathrooms, etc) That’s more like bragtographers.

    • kadajawi

      They often tend to have some funny/interesting pose, or it’s the gear that is interesting, …

  • MB

    Nikon is way behind Canon in AF speed and this is very important for sports.
    20 years old Canon lenses are much faster than latest Nikon AF-S 58mm f/1.4g for example and even lowest end Rebels easily focus much faster than Nikon flagship D4.
    But sports is not the only thing Nikon AF technology lags behind, Canon STM lenses are really silent and all Nikon lenses are too noisy for video, not to mention that Nikon video AF performance is way behind not only Canon but every other camera manufacturer.

    • guest

      rofl (someone who never used nikon detected)…

  • wantsomepeter

    These pictures of Canon Photographers…Is that it? One would think..being the most watched sporting event..there would be more Photographers! What about the other side of the field? OR just a few rows back, or down? Canon idiots.

  • johnny

    What’s the point? The more lenses they make, the more prices are raised.

  • John

    Because superbowl pictures are what inspire me in life, and I base my choice only on the press inventory managers who negociated canon monopoly on their supply in the 90s.

    • broxibear

      Canon have ended up with their quasi-monopoly because they had much better autofocus back when it was introduced. I was shooting sports professionally back then and Nikon just did not get autofocus right when they introduced it, no shady back handers were involved. I was one of the few who stuck with Nikon and Nikon haven’t come out with anything that has enough of a benefit for all the Canon shooters to switch back.

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