Sigma Quattro DP2 compact camera leaked

Sigma Quattro DP2
Sigma Quattro DP2 front Sigma Quattro DP2 back Sigma Quattro DP2 top

Update: the Sigma Quattro DP2 camera is now officially announced. Check pricing and availability at B&H.

A strange/unusual looking Sigma camera leaked today on a Russian forum. There are no specifications available at that point, but the new model should be called Sigma Quattro DP2 and will have a new imaging processor called TRUE III. An optical viewfinder for the camera will also be available. Additional images after the break:

Sigma Quattro DP2 compact camera Sigma Quattro DP2 camera Sigma Quattro DP2 bottom Sigma Quattro DP2 virefinder Sigma TRUE III

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  • I hope this is just some college student’s thesis because otherwise this an exercise in pointless design! Thinness where it’s least needed.

  • Ron Hendriks

    Stange thing…..
    One would expect a larger 16:9 screen on the back and not this small 4:3 screen.

  • joey jo jo

    super odd design, possible digital panoramic camera?

    • Andy

      That’s what I’m hoping for. If these aren’t photoshops/renderings, that viewfinder compared to the hot-shoe looks way to big for a 45mm focal length.

    • A panoramic camera that doesn’t require panning to generate the panoramic image would require a wide angle lens. The 30mm f/2.8 shown there doesn’t look anything like a wide-angle lens.

  • TinusVerdino


  • john

    weird. It seems like it’s just a very ugly redesign with a faster prosessor.
    not what I was hoping for if this turns out to be true.

  • S3T

    The images are from
    That post in the russian forum is mine. I’ve credited the SR in that post now.


  • Martin Francis

    The name would suggest this model has four-wheel drive?

    • madmax

      No, it only has two dials, but still grip seems to be good enough.

      • Martin Francis

        Hmm. With a name like Mad Max I thought you might have heard of the car manufacturer Audi and their Quattro range of 4WD cars? Or is the post-apocalyptic future all about Ford vs. GM?

    • Means it has four layers and uses all layers (like Audi Quattro is a type of AWD). Notice how there’s no mention of “Merrill” (x3), which was the previous generation of their sensor. The additional layer works like the S-pixels of Super CCD SR to finally deal with the DR issue that convention Foveon x3 faced 😛

      • madmax

        Where did you learn it has four layers? Look at the picture: “Foveon x3 sensor”.

        • Global

          I think he was speculating — and mostly in jest. Hence the smiley face with a tongue sticking out at the end.

          • madmax

            I always suspected he is a clown.

          • There there… don’t cry

    • Eric Calabros

      Quattro means: with just few rectangles, we made a camera body for you

    • As the official web page has been out.
      They made the blue layer to have 4 times the resolution of the red and green layer.

  • Chung Dha

    Is it really wide or is this because it actually really short. I do find the handle shape interesting for ergonomics to hold better but do feel like its a tad too wide, can cut of like few cm and it be better. I bet people will start photoshopping DP1 be more correct size, DP3 be even wider and D4 even much wider.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    no interchangeable lens ?……. sigh…. WHY ?!!!!

    This would sell so well if it was interchangeable !!!! aaaaaaaaaah

    Well “so well” not too sure but sell better that’s for sure 😉

    • john

      why would you want an interchangaeble lens?
      One of the reasons the DPM’s are so good is the fixed lens design.
      And for the current price, it’s an absulute steal. A Leica grade lens with an amazing sensor behind it for just 400 euro’s.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        Hi John… ummm are you really asking me why would I wand a camera with interchangeable lenses ?

        well the answer is simple…. so you can change lenses… To use it for landscape one day and a studio camera the next with a 80mm… that is WHY

        I don’t know where you got the 400€ from… probably a sale cause they were launched at 900$ or 900€ depending on where you’re from.

        So in order to go from 28mm to 75mm you have to buy 3 cameras…. common you can’t be willing to buy three cameras… and with a 2.8F “only”

        I really wanna get this camera but the battery life is terrible and no lens switching is a pain…

        You have to use it as a medium format camera in a compact body.. what’s the point ?

        I would want a studio camera like the Sigma SD1 but it’s only Sigma mount… if they made this with Nikon or Canon Mount people would jump on them…

  • crb

    Fake..look at the third and fifth photos….the latest show a lens that you can change and in the third lens and camera are one…

    • jeff

      All the current dps are fixed lens FYI

      • crb

        jeff, this what im talking about…photo number 3 shows a fixed 30mm lens (already existent, so the name should be different…but photo 5 shows a interchangeable lens camera

        • John

          Where do you see it’s interchangeable?

          • crb

            photo 5 has a gap between lens and body…photo 3 is the opposite, lens and body one thing only. like previous dps (i had both dp1 and 2)

          • hexx

            can’t see what you mean, there’s no gap on any of those photos

          • El Aura

            Look at the image where you see the camera from top (and the one where you see the back at an angle), there is one continuous black part going from the metal parts of the flash shoe to the lens body. If you look at the one where you see the front of the camera at angle, there is a gap or a small slit between the top of the lens and the black part directly in front of the flash shoe.

          • hexx

            i guess it’s just the way ‘reflection’ works. i don’t see anything out of order there. flash shoe is sticking out a bit on all images. what is a bit strange though is that right/left side of the lens are different in the place where lens meets the body

          • crb

            its not about reflection…and there are so many things that look wrong in these pictures…58 diameter..FEET writing…lens with total different light that the body photographed…

          • Danny

            Oh dear! Who are all these people who always scream fake just as it’s confirmed to be real by the manufacturer? Again. And again.

    • alealeale ale

      Nope. It’s just a wide angle or telephoto adapter. Like the one for the x100s

    • elf11

      Insert the “you lose” sound from the Price Is Right….

  • whensly

    all that real-estate and no EVF? Shame.
    I happen to love the look and that Sigma has the onions to “think” about design and cameras.

  • FDF

    What a weird shape.. the reversed grip seems perfect for making selfies, but why’s it at angle?

    • madmax

      Some people call it ergonomy. Think a little: where do you place your right thumb?

  • John

    LoL you are you guys photographers or what? I thought you could enjoy a great design like this. Go take your baby “retro”-camers or boring designed cameras… THIS IS A M A Z I N G. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Way to go Sigma, you are bold, you are brave, you are THE MAN!

    • Mat Miller

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • I will always like when someone decides push the envelope and try something different and exciting. Those Art lenses, so much quality for THAT price, Foveon sensors and not THIS, way to go! Canikon could learn a bit about boldness and trying to be innovative, rather than just playing safe for the most part. Even if it turns to be fake, I like it!

    • Eric Calabros

      If that innovation leads to crap ergonomic, I dont want it

      • I don’t think it’s going to have crap ergonomics, why is that? Just because it’s different? At least I can see a grip there and, actually, I’ll take a risk and say that this may have the best ergonomics of any previous DP camera – which had no grip at all.

        • Eric Calabros

          so you need to study about your hand

          • you are probably so right, I need to exchange my hand for another one. but I’ll wait the first HANDS on before going for that and so should you – but you weren’t going to buy in the first place, despite ergonomics.

        • madmax

          You are right. Ergonomics is very good, but why they again skipped a tilting or articulated screen? Hell, it´s 2014 now!

      • yickth

        Held it, have ye?

        • Eric Calabros

          you really need to hold a ruler to conclude its way different to baseball bat? “change-is-good” kind of over-excitement of you guys about a concept, is understandable. but what CanikonPentax have done in decades about ergonomics, has been always based on physics laws, and yes, these rules are boring sometimes, but they works.
          however, even a hands on youtube video from bloggers who do care more about clicks on their affiliate links than my benefits in purchasing a products, who probably will scream “you really really love the ergonomics of this thing” wont convince me. if its real, god forbid, and if its going to be announced soon, I will skip the internet hype, and wait for pro photographers to review it, especially those who hold it for many hours, and if said they feel no pain in their hands, or in their head, I will come back to this thread and post a humble comment starting with: you goddamn right bro, you goddamn right.

          • yickth

            To be fair, there aren’t any pictures of someone holding it. I’m wondering if it’ll feel good in the hand, but of course I’m not sure.

          • Eric Calabros

            read what Thom Hogan wrote about the grip

      • Mike

        You have convinced me to retract the gun from your head. I won’t make you buy it anymore.

  • alreadyupsidedown

    Interesting grip design, looks like it definitely won’t be slipping out of your hand.
    The shape does seem a little odd though, as it effectively increases the overall form of the camera despite the svelte frame.

  • crb

    and the lcd seems to be 4:3 format

  • hexx

    it might look really good with that big VF on top

  • Tango

    All it needs is a faster processor and I’m sold. I can deal with the battery issue.

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Looks like the oooo* opening ceremony fiasco. Just joking. It definitely is different and the Nikon Df will get some relief from the haters.

  • Miguel

    watch it take AA batteries smh

  • minivini

    I kind of like it, but based on image inconsistencies, I’m all but certain it’s simply a design concept (with only marginally good renders).

    • minivini

      Well – it’s been announced by sigma! I missed that one. I applaud them for stepping so far outside the box. It’s a really interesting design. If it works ergonomically, I may look into adoption!

  • Guest

    nice this is what I call a camera …futuristic design concept….innovation is a companies must have survival tool niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lee

    I thought it was a super wide, panoramic camera…. if the screen is also wide screen, 16:9… 🙂

    • Yes. First impression of the wide body quickly reminds me of x-pan

      Although the texture seems more like…
      *trying to remember*

      Ah! Portable media player device!

  • Dino Brusco

    Curious they chose an Italian word, “Quattro” ( = four ) to design such a camera. I wonder what’s it related to.

  • BayerBuster

    Could be real. It wastes valuable real estate like the Merrills. No flash, no built-in VF, no tilt screen. I like the grip though. Maybe the extra internal space is necessary to house the amount of chips with enough power to process jpegs so it isn’t a raw-only camera. Or, for IBIS heat dissipation? Or both?

  • BdV

    Cool. No doubt great IQ, looks like a good grip. If operating speed is a good match for the design it’s a winner. Just, the lens, 2.8, hmm.

  • sayithere

    is this is a M43 camera?

  • mr_big

    It is a fake! Ergonomics very bad.

    • Danny


  • jean pierre

    I am wondering when Sigma would come out with new digicam.
    Well, in some days we will know what it will be.
    First impression of the picture is great.

    And I think Sigma go well, first come out with DP models and if the people like it, then it will come out with a new SD with interchangeble lenses!

    I do hope that Foveon Sensor will be improved till ISO 6400!! That would be I huge improvement.

    So, let us dream til ….

  • kurogoma
  • James

    If it says 30mm on the lens and it’s equivalent to 28mm on 35mm cameras, wouldn’t that make the sensor size slightly BIGGER than “full frame”(??!)

    • James

      Forget that. I’ve just seen that there are 3 types with 3 diff lenses…………..!

  • Sebastian

    So they’ll stick each of the existing lenses for ILC systems in front of a nice sensor whose specifications they cannot state correctly. Image quality may be high, provided there’s lots of light, and handling not so great.
    This could be a reasonable approach if the lenses were interchangeable. I mean now that the dp lenses are sold separately for a very modest price, who would want to buy more than one body, knowing that you’re just duplicating the expensive part of the camera?
    I applaud sigma for thinking outside of the box, but their camera division seems too small to produce a fully developed product. They need to team up with somebody.

  • DocPhoto

    While I don’t think it looks particularly nice I do enjoy the fact that a company dares to introduce new, unusual designs… Might also be somehow modifiable… as in… putting it into a bigger casing to have a better grip… someday maybe we’ll see a fully modifiable camera as in… Phonebloks but just for cameras! 😉 might be a step in a nice/innovative direction!

  • BP2012

    Brilliant design and ergonomics. 30mm lens as equivalent of 28mm on FF. Seems like that new sensor is a little bit larger than FF?

    • Mike

      30/2+30=45mm FF equiv.

  • hje

    45mm nice. Hope it’s faster than the merrill 🙂

  • Martin Francis

    In seriousness, the ergonomics are an unknown quantity until one can actually get hands-on with it, but I fear the “unique” handgrip rather counters the benefits of slimming the camera down elsewhere. Also, the new sensor might be cause for concern. One thing the Sigma DP fans tend to have to shout about is the low-ISO quality of their cameras, and changing the recipe is no guarantee of success.

  • Fred
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