Fuji X-mount “lens cap” lens

Some new products from Fujifilm were on display at the CP+ show in Japan (no official announcement yet). The first one is a tele conversion lens for the X100 and X100s cameras that will turn the fixed 23mm lens into 35mm (50mm equivalent). Fuji already has a wide conversion lens (WCL-X100). The second new product is a X-mount lens cap with actual lens inside:

The lens cap specifications are:

  • 24mm (35mm equivalent)
  • f/8 aperture
  • weight: 32g
  • more images available at DC.Watch

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  • Duarte Castelo Branco

    can some one explain the point of using a body cap, other than transportation? unless you are carrying many bodys in a pro bag. You’ll probably have a lens in your body. if u want something small, buy the 27mm, it’s a fine pancake

    • Why so serious?

    • Louis-Félix Grondin

      It’s even smaller than a pancake, it’s way cheaper (I think it’s the main reason for people who wouldn’t use the 27mm that much) and it really draws no attention (no big glass elements that reflect light and your camera looks a bit like a point and shoot.

    • amaas

      This makes my X-A1 pocketable. The 27 doesn’t even acheive that. And it’ll be a lot cheaper.

      I’m hesitant on the 27 for the simple reason that it’s a lot of money to spend on the lens that will be on the camera when I’m not actively picking a lens, the other lenses are large enough that for most pocketability I’d need to split the lens from the camera and use 2 pockets. The body cap lens allows me to have a lens always mounted and also take advantage of the fact that a shootable kit is now pocketable.

  • I wish it was like Olympus’ second lens cap, a wide angle one, it would be more fun.

    • 35mm-equivalent. Sorta wide. Good for discreet fixed-focus documentary work.

      • lord eels

        are you kidding me? “good?” that’s hilarious. This is good for nothing except idiots.

        • Wow.

        • amaas

          I take it you’ve shot very little street in the classic fashion.

          35mm, f8, hyperfocal.

          this will be ideal for that.

          • lord eels

            if iPhone image quality will cut it, yeah. but you’d still be an idiot. better results from the x20, which is the best street camera ever made

          • amaas

            Look at that MTF again, iPhone quality it ain’t. It’s a solid, unexception prime with a proper design, unlike that 2 element toy Oly makes (Ironically, Oly’s new 9/8 bodycap lens is much better than their 15/8)

            And the X20’s not even the best street camera Fuji’s made (that would be the X100s), let alone ever made (I think the RX1’s probably winning that at the moment).

          • lord eels


          • As a general rule, eels, if you’re going to hurl invective at anyone who has a different opinion, you should try to know what you’re talking about.

          • lord eels

            shut your mouth, idiot

  • lancap

    So does this lens cap come with its own lens cap?

    • it will be a lens cap for the lens cap lens 🙂

      • zev hoover


  • booh

    Pretty good MTF unlike the first Olympus one.

  • FreddyNogo

    Give me WIDE, WIDE 140DEGREEES!

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