Another set of rumored Canon 7D Mark II camera specifications

The media presentation for the Panasonic GH4 announcement had a comparison between several different cameras from various manufacturers that included also a “Canon 7D successor” (see screenshot above) along with a set of detailed specifications:

  • 20MP sensor
  • ISO 100-12,800 (25600 extended)
  • 1/8000 shutter
  • Quiet shutter mode
  • Phase detect AF, 19 area
  • 8fps continuous shooting
  • Buffer size – 15 raw, 126 JPEG
  • 3.0″ 1040k dot LCD (touch screen) – not articulated
  • Weather sealed (as original 7D)
  • 910g weight


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  • BJ

    The specs seem like a 7D Mk 1.2 rather than a Mk 2.

    • People are never satisfied… if it’s not the features it’s the price they whine about.

      The important thing to keep in mind is there are cameras out there that can do what most people want to do… It’s just that those features and all not in one camera… they never will be. So what people are really whining about is their inability afford the right specialised tools, most of the time. Don’t blame the camera makers for not giving it all away for nothing.

      • will

        i dont mind price, but i was expecting a 7D2 with 61 point focus (like how Nikon’s D300s and the current D7200 has the 51 point)

        right now the specs look almost identical to 70D which was released awhile ago, just a tougher body

        • will

          also buffer size is worse than exisiting 7D, pretty sure these are just rumours

      • Zos Xavius

        Well after 4-5 years you think there would be more improvements. One would hope that the 20MP sensor is new and has better noise performance. As these specs stand, this places the 7D MK2 behind both the K-3 and D71000 in most areas. Its also rumored to cost $2000.

        • But if you’re taking pictures with it, would the pictures be any worse?

          The K3 has a case because it has stabilisation. But if image quality is the concern, none of these cameras are the best… so I don’t see the reason to split hairs.

      • Mike D

        New Pentax K3 comes awfully close. Unfortunately, I have all Nikon lenses.

        • Zos Xavius

          Sell them all and buy a K-3 and some limiteds! 😉

          • Limited = limited image quality = limited apertures 🙂

            It isn’t a conspiracy that no one speaks of them when talking about the best lenses. But in a way they’re the best at their focal lengths… 31, 43, 77, etc. Because there’s no competition lol

            They do look very pretty though. I’ll give them that.

          • TinusVerdino

            limited aperture and size, but not limited quality. Huge 1.4 lenses have limited portability :p

          • In that case iPhones beat pentax cameras 🙂

          • TinusVerdino

            Limited intelligence is not anything Pentax can help you with.

          • Then why are you still using it?

          • Zos Xavius

            Then why are you so insulting and smug? That’s easily the most irritating thing about you. You generally know what you are talking about, but yet you feel a need to put down others constantly. I’m sure when you first picked up a camera you had no idea what aperture even was. Why be such a condescending douche all the time?

          • I said “in that case…” to explain a flaw in the logic. You and the other guy start name calling (“intelligence”, “insulting”, “smug”, “irritating”, “generally know”, “condescending”, “douche”, etc.) and now suddenly I’m the one who can’t hold an argument? Sounds definitely like Pentax user logic LOL

            And I don’t claim to have always known about cameras. I started from zero and relatively recently but then I learned the subject instead of becoming a nonsense spreading fanboy.

            If you put your ego aside for a moment you see that my replies are almost always to educate others or to stop people from spreading misleading lies.

            And no it’s not “generally know”… it’s “always more than most” and even that’s an understatement. Get it right.

          • Zos Xavius

            oh come on. the limiteds are awesome lenses. you’re really going to tell me pentax can’t produce quality glass? Their smaller apertures are to reduce their size. Not everyone shoots at f2 all the time. The 31td, 40ltd, 70ltd, and 77ltd are all stunning lenses. What’s to dislike?

          • Like I said, they look good. No argument there.

            I’ve used the 77 and its quality wasn’t special compared to the budget 85 1.8 types from others.

        • I’ve used it… the AA filter thing is a unique feature and might make sense for Sony APS-C DSLT users but I don’t see how it alone makes it ok for a canon or a nikon user to give up all their lens options.

          On a different matter, have you noticed a long shutter lag when using the K3?

          • TinusVerdino

            There is no shutter lag issue with the K-3

      • Imcurious

        like you say, there’s no such thing as a perfect camera… I am actually looking forward to judge it after learning all the details and performance. if they want perfection let them pay for it… It is a mid range after all!

  • Edward Simpson

    Agree with BJ, more like a mk 1.2 not the expected mk 2. It looks a lot like Panasonic making their GH4 look better to me.

  • TinusVerdino

    The illusive 7D MkII, it’s easy to speculate about Canon. Not much changes…

  • fjfjjj

    Why does the GH4 have a limited number of shutter cycles? I thought it didn’t have a shutter.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      It has no mirror, but my Nikon 1 V1 lets me choose between a ‘mechanical’ and ‘electronic’ shutter, too. I guess it’s the same here.

  • phil

    To my opinion, if those rumors are real, there are no reasons to buy this 7D Mk0.0002 just to replace my 7D which works perfect, the specs are just slightly better than the actual, but not worth paying 1800€ for a 70D+. Canon cannot just release such unadvanced camera in this segment, i don’t believe that ! But if those rumors come true, then, i don’t understand their marketing strategy…

  • stoooopid

    Is this going to be the same sensor as the one in the 70D? I have seen test reports saying that it is not much of an advance over the old 18MP sensor that has been in so many Canon bodies. The dual pixel thing is cool, but not of much use to stills photogs.

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