New Fuji X camera customization service offered in the UK

Fujifilm started offering customization service for Fuji X cameras in the UK (similar to Leica's “à la carte” program). For now potential buyers can now choose only different leather/color options:

Fuji-X-cameras-customizations-2 Fuji-X-cameras-customizations-3
There is no word if this service will be available outside the UK. For additional information, visit the new Fujifilm X Signature website.

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  • ThePatriotMuckraker

    Yawn. Pentax has been doing this for a while. Still, fans of other camera systems will get more color choices;)

    • Zos Xavius

      See, who said pentax wasn’t innovative? 😉

  • Mike45450

    Over £100 for some stickers…hahaha! No chance.

    • Mahmoud Amandine-Jade

      There’s no info regarding the materials used.

  • Mike

    For those who like the look of Lunars…

  • Mike

    For those who like the look of Lunars…

  • Neopulse

    Learning from Pentax I see…. Smart move.

  • Neopulse

    What if I did it with my X-E2? Not really different from the X-E1 :-/ and If I had to choose it would be Red. (Double post, my bad).

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Crying Game colors.

  • guest

    Where’s the Fuji a-la-carte jokes? Do I have to do everything?

  • Nishi Drew

    Anyone have a decent DIY method instead?

    • stefano

      been doing this for years on all my cameras (leica, fuji, sony, olympus, you name it); there are at least 2 great sources for quality leather replacements, one in the usa,, one in japan, The process itself is not too difficult, the results can be very rewarding – choice of right color for the camera is essential though!

      • FMJ

        Thanks Stefano for the two site, looks like i will be buying some soon!

        • stefano

          you are welcome; the process is fairly easy, just take your time and follow the instructions. enjoy!

  • lamazn

    what about fuji crap watercolor artifacts?

    • stefano

      people should actually try cameras instead of repeating like parrots the same nonsense over an over again

      • lamazn

        yeah… go buy a holga

        • stefano

          maybe i will, thank you but that is not pertinent.
          judging by the tone of your reply, i am guessing you must be about 12, so i will not waste much time responding to you.

          my wish, in general, is that people like yourself would refrain from posting pointless comments on these sites, and embarrass themselves talking about things they evidently know nothing about.
          If you are interested in a Fuji – or any other camera, for that matter, the ONLY way to assess it is to actually get one and shoot with it.
          Repeating random comments posted by some other ‘reviewer’ does not help anybody. Make your own judgement AFTER you have worked with one.

          I have owned, amongst many other brands, several Fuji cameras, the x100 (two), the x pro1, the x-e1, and currently an x100s.
          Unless i shoot a watercolour painting, there are NO such ‘artifacts’ anywhere to be found.

          • lamazn

            i have 2 x100 … xpro1 ..xe1 35 23 etc…. c1 photo ninja iridient tested billion of time compared with leicas panasonic olly even with apsc canon-nikon-sony … even with old D-Mf backs… 3 years and no proper raw conversion even from fuji… so why? my point is even fuji dont know how to handle that crap xtrans, is only a marketing hipe… so go buy an holga please 😉

          • stefano

            i KNEW i should not enage in a conversation with you; you are still missing the point entirely.
            it is NEVER about what some lab test shows, it is about what YOU can get out of the camera.
            stop repeating the nonsense you read and start using your camera properly; LR conversion is far more than ‘proper’.
            ANYONE who cannot get spectacular images out of that sensor should change hobby.
            Maybe YOU should get that Holga that you are so obsessed about. Why do you insist buying Fuji if they are crap???

          • lamazn

            its not about spectacular fuffy images! is about architectonical detail for anchient buildings surveys, im not a fuffy artist and is a sensor only fault because other sensor arrays are optimal.. so shame on fuji 3 years from now and no support!

          • stefano

            i am tired of repeating the same things, so i will stop answering you now, this is my last note to you (in case you haven’t noticed, the posting was about CUSTOMIZATION, not tirades against Fuji) – but you should know that the more you say, the more you are embarrassing yourself. IF you indeed own any – and at this point I highly doubt it- i think you should sell all your Fujis RIGHT AWAY and replace them with some tools more adequate for your un-fuffy photography.

          • Corbin Dallas

            You hate Fuji’s, so you buy 4 of their bodies and multiple lenses? I don’t buy it. The vast majority of people I’ve heard say anything negative about Fuji cameras have never actually used one.

            I’ve seen the “watercolor” effect in maybe 2 of my shots and it’s only visible when viewed at 100 or more %, also note that I’m only using Lightroom 4.4 for editing at the moment (very outdated for Fuji files).

          • lamazn

            you must print more

        • sperdynamite

          We should all buy more Holgas!

  • Wannabeleica

    Where is exotic wood and leather? I’m not interested in plastic stickers.

  • FreddyNogo

    Get it for your panny lx7 !! ebay!

  • itsmyname

    I am going to order Red because I know it will make the Camera take a better picture.

  • Adam J Piper Ba

    I like the idea, but the standard black is best, sorry. The choices are not very tasteful.

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