Leica rumored to announce a new model T type 701 mirrorless camera

Leica is rumored to announce a new model T type 701 mirrorless camera on April 24th. The new camera is expected to have an APS-C sensor and will mostly likely be produced in Germany, while some of the lenses could be made in Asia.

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  • a4

    Leica Model T? What a brilliant sense of contradiction 😀

    • Musouka

      You can have it in any color as long as it’s black 😉

  • Can’t care for the body but I hope they at least make the lenses full frame so might have a chance of increasing small FF lens options for other mirrorless cameras

    • Harold Glit

      you are kidding right ? The idea of having a system is to have the lens designed for the cameras.. Plus have you seen the number of M mount lenses for 35mmavailable.. How many more do you need?

      • Which part of “chance of increasing small FF lens options for other mirrorless cameras” with the keyword being _options_ are you confusing with not wanting OEM lenses?
        Also a majority of the M mount lenses were designed for film cameras and they don’t always perform as well on digital sensors. The Leica T is a digital camera and therefore will have its lenses made specifically for digital. Therefore these lenses would be better choices than M mount lenses for digital mirrorless cameras.

  • DP

    I just hope it’s really really inexpensive.

    • guest

      Sure, but it will have to have pale red dot. Maybe a Hello Kitty Pink dot.

  • Aragon

    Like german cars, Leica is just overhyped shit…
    There is no more “German Quality”…

    • madmax

      I owned two top of the line Volkswagen cars. All with serious problems when 3-4 years old. Some friends also bought Volkswagen and Audi cars and all were very disappointed after only three years. Maybe Porsche is the only German brand still making excellent quality products, but not better than others not so renowned and very expensive. The same about Leica, I think. Good cameras, but way overpriced. There are better options out there.

      • Brunehilda Porsche

        Your problem is that VW’s bread-and-butter cars weren’t good enough for you. I’ve owned nothing but VW since a 1974 Beetle and all but one of them (the rest Jettas) have been fantastic, and all kept for between 8 and 14 years. The single clunker in there was an ’82 Westmorland Rabbit. But, of course, the UAW was involved there…

        • madmax

          The problem is today VW and Audi cars are not really made in Germany but elsewhere and quality controls are not good. Also I suspect the greedy VW owners want to make a lot of money selling cheap plastic spare parts at gold price and so they cheat customers making some pieces that only last the warranty period.
          By the way, Brunehilda, could you get me a good discount in a Porsche?

    • jojo

      “Over-engineering” made a lot of sense with film cameras. For
      example, brand X would use a simple steel pressing for a small part that would work perfectly for say 15 years and then break. Leica would machine an equivalent part that would perhaps last twice as long – in the meantime the aging camera could use new films, lenses, etc. and produce results as good as much newer models.

      With digital and the pace of improvement and replacement of cameras, it surely doesn’t make sense to add to production costs in this way for a camera that won’t be used for that long.

      Leica have tried to maintain the “German Quality” perception, but were rather exposed by the tsunami in Japan leading to parts shortages and production delays!

    • Wow, seriously? Take it you never shot a Summilux.

      • Mardock

        I have. Nothing special.

        That “Leica look” is marketing bullshit. Like the old saying goes, “It’s the photographer, stupid.”

    • El Aura

      So, whenever somebody is paying for something that you don’t consider is worth its price, it is just a conspiracy-like manipulation of people’s minds?
      Or could it be that these products have some qualities that some people are finding worth paying for? And comparing German cameras (ie, Leica) with German cars is really comparing very different marketing positions. Leica has a marketshare of maybe 0.02% (20 000 in 100 000 000), German cars have a bit more than that. Leica is more like Rolls Royce or mechanical Swiss watches. There will always be be people with enough disposable income that want something that few people will be able to afford.

      And there will always be high-end products that command a premium price of maybe at most twice as much as the competition but not five times as much. German cars probably have around 50% market share in Germany, German cameras at best 0.5%.

    • Say What?

      Aragon, do shut up will you? You have the slightest idea what you are talking about. Why is it people who don’t own the cameras sprout this rubbish?

  • Kynikos

    Are we sure this isn’t another Panasonic rebadge?

    • Leicablood

      There is no such thing as Lumix APS-C camera, so it can’t be rebadged, Maybe Sony…

  • Marco –

    Compared to this thing even the samsung nx30 will look inexpensive 🙂

  • El Aura

    So, Leica will now have three completely different lens lines to support. Looking how the big guys do with that (Sony, first three, now four, Nikon three) that might be not so easy. But then at least those are for three different sensor sizes, not like Sony which has two APS-C and two FF lines. And Leica doesn’t need to be that complete. The S lenses are few but it has adaptors for Hasselblad and Contax 645 lenses with full AF, which means, for MF cameras they probably have the widest range. And there are already a lot of M lenses if we accept that nobody needs zooms or tele lenses ;).

    • Harold Glit

      not really because while the camera will be made by Leica in Germany, the lenses will be manufactured in Japan under license ( most likely by Panasonic)

      • El Aura

        Somebody still has to develop the lens and pay for the development. I wasn’t think about production (I don’t think Sony or Nikon have much problems with productions) but about lens development.

  • Mike Kawasaki

    Actually it is Leica’z deal with Ricoh, not Panazonic. Lensez will be made in Ricoh’s fabs and use their new coating tech too.

  • JiaminC

    As a Chinese I could understand all of the form. One line clearly says: Camera function: No.

    • madmax

      Hahaha! Right.

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