Samsung NX mini SMART camera announced

Samsung officially announced their previously rumored NX Mini SMART camera with a 20MP 1" CMOS sensor and three new lenses. The camera kit is priced between $449-$549 depending on the included lens. Additional information after the break:

Promo videos:

Press release:

SEOUL, Korea – March 19, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd announced today the launch of the NX mini, the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera. The portable and stylish design of the SMART Camera NX mini, along with its stunning image quality makes it the “go-to” device for great photography, allowing users to capture special moments in stunning detail. With NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities, it allows users to take impressive shots that can then be shared quickly and easily, for friends to enjoy in real time.

“The NX mini has both style and substance, perfect for trendsetters looking for a fun way to capture their life in outstanding photo quality,” said Myoung Sup Han, Executive Vice President and Head of the Imaging Business Team at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung introduced the first flip up touch display camera in 2011 as a leader of the selfie trend, and has designed the device in response to evolving consumer demands. This approach is exemplified by the NX mini, with features such as a 3.0-inch Flip up Display and wide angle lens exclusively designed to address the global passion for selfies. Its lightweight design also means that it can slip in a pocket, for photography anywhere and everywhere.”

As the slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera on the market, the NX mini is the ultimate way to capture life on the go without any hassle. Weighing only 158g (body only) and sporting an ultra slim (22.5mm) design, the NX mini can easily slip into almost any pocket or bag, yet still delivers the powerful results passionate photographers demand. The camera features a solid premium metal body with a luxurious leatherette finish, making the camera the natural choice for style-conscious shooters looking to make a statement. Available in five different colors (white, pink, mint green, brown and black) users can choose the color that best suits their style.

The ‘sefie’ has found a permanent place in vocabularies across the world in recent years and its popularity shows no sign of stopping. The word ‘wefie’ has entered the urban dictionary as a photo taken in the same fashion as a selfie but with 2 or more people, and Samsung is poised to lead this trend of wefie with the NX mini. Reflecting this recent consumer trend, the NX mini has a range of exclusive features which allow photographers to effortlessly indulge in the global trend of self-shooting. With a 75.2mm (3.0-inch) Flip up and Touch Display that flips 180-degrees, users can frame images of themselves perfectly. The NX mini’s powerful optical performance provides crisp and clear, high quality images ensuring that the subjects in the photos are always looking their best. With the ultra-slim 9mm wide angle lens, the NX mini can capture group shots from an arm’s length away, so users can easily frame themselves and be part of group memories.

Maintaining a flattering pose while also attempting to press the shutter release button when self-shooting can be tricky, but with the NX mini’s new Wink shot feature, users are given the perfect hands-free way to capture their real selves. Users simply need to set up their shot and wink at the camera to capture an image. Once a wink is detected, the NX mini takes a shot automatically after two seconds, without having to press any buttons.

Despite its slim appearance, the NX mini packs a big performance into its small body. Its large 1-inch type 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor enables users to capture high quality images, ensuring no details are missed. With the highest resolution in its class, pictures captured with the NX mini burst with vivid color.

The NX mini’s impressively fast 6fps Continuous Shot mode allows photographers to take continuous shots, so every detail can be captured and no moments are missed. The fast 1/16000 sec Shutter Speed freezes fast moving scenes, allowing for the dramatic capture of motion in crisp detail, without blurring.

Tag & Go, simply tap to share memories 

As with all of Samsung’s 2014 SMART cameras, the NX mini features advanced Wi-Fi and NFC integration that makes it seamless to share images. Exclusive to Samsung, Tag & Go connectivity allows the NX mini to pair with NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, simply by touching the two together. Once paired, users can:

  • Select and transfer multiple images to the paired mobile devices through Mobile Link;
  • Send images to up to four devices with Group Share, eliminating the time-consuming and repetitive process of sending pictures to multiple friends;
  • Control the NX mini via a smartphone with Remote View Finder Pro;
  • Use the camera as a Baby Monitor.  When noise is detected, the paired smartphone is activated via an app, allowing parents to see if they need to attend to their child.

Additionally, extensive storage options are integrated into the NX mini and images can be uploaded directly from the camera to the cloud for an easy storage solution. Users can upload their pictures directly from the NX mini to both Dropbox and Flickr, the popular photo sharing site. Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage to new users, accessible from just about any device and with Flickr users can upload up to a terabyte of images.  With all the storage and sharing technology built into the NX mini, it’s easier than ever to share and store beautiful images.

Specialized NX-M lenses for NX mini 

Samsung has introduced three NX mini lenses (NX-M) which are optimized for use with the NX mini body, providing a variety of options to meet individual shooting preferences.


  • The NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED lens has an ultra-slim design and its wide angle makes it the ideal choice for those capturing landscapes and self-portraits. This lens also provides the optimum angle for taking selfies, ensuring the camera becomes the go-to choice for those looking to share the best of themselves.


  • The NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens is a micro-compact zoom lens with a stylish design and is small enough to comfortably fit in pockets and bags. This compact-sized standard zoom lens offers a variety of shooting options from wide-angle to telephoto shots, with optical image stabilization for sharp results.
  • With the NX-M 17mm F1.8 OIS lens, photographers can enjoy a beautiful bokeh effect which makes the highly detailed subject stand out from the surroundings.

NX mini owners will also be able to use fifteen NX lenses with the device by using a specialized NX-M Mount Adapter (ED-MA4NXM). These lenses are sold separately.

The world’s slimmest & lightest interchangeable lens camera (March 19, 2014, Result of Samsung internal research)

Sample photos taken with the NX Mini:

Samsung NX mini SMART camera sample images Samsung NX mini SMART camera sample photo 3

Samsung NX mini SMART camera sample photo Samsung NX mini SMART camera sample photo 2

Samsung NX mini product specifications:


Additional images:

More information available here.

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  • JustGuest

    Are there lens covers? How do you protect the lenses?

    • Mr.Black

      No need for protection, this is a selfi camera. At least you have fancy white carrying cases.

      p.s. There is some kind of cover at 0:01 of 2nd video but I think it’s body cover.

  • Why 9mm f/3.5? They could had done a f/2.8 like so many pancakes are, even more when the zoom also starts with f/3.5.

    • Sebastian

      Not that easy to make a wide-angle pancake. Look at how Sony screwed it up

      • Using Sony as a baseline is not really the way to go and that is not an argument for saying it’s not easy. Micro4/3 has some wide angle pancakes and although pancakes are not about the best optical quality, those lenses are far from being as bad as Sony’s.

        I doubt Samsung couldn’t make it, it would just be slightly bigger, just that but my major point is that if the zoom lens also starts at 9mm f/3.5, this lens loses a lot of its appeal. Sure it’s smaller but you don’t gain in light and the zoom is much more versatile, a lot of people would give up the size in exchange for practicality.

        • Sebastian

          I see you point that a prime should be faster than a zoom, but still 24 mm equivalent is harder to do than m43’s shortest pancake, which is 28 mm equivalent. On the other hand, Samsung already did a 16/2.8 APS-C, so you’d think they just scale it down.

  • For the first time I think Samsung might have something here. They are finally pricing it lower – and it can get even lower a few months from now – and it has pop culture all over it with those colors and fake leather. It’s indeed small and light with a minimalistic design.

    Sure, I’m not the target of this camera but I can see people buying, the selfie tiltable screen and sharing options do have a great appealing among yongsters and the Sony’s RX100II sensor performs pretty well. I think it’s the same sensor, even more with the exact same pixel count and there are not many 20MP BSI 1″ manufacturers out there.

    I’m also curious to see how this camera sells in Japan, small and colorful cameras are specially popular among females in Japan – more than in Europe or in the USA. But this can have a wider appeal than just girls in Japan.

    At least it’s more interesting for the market than the rest of the NX line up.

    • preston

      With 1″ sensor at f/3.5, it’s no better than a smartphone selfie. Nikon 1 system has way better lens options (ultra wide angle zoom, telephoto zoom, fast portrait lens, fast normal lens, super telephoto birding lens). The only thing this camera has on it is wifi.

      • You completely missed the point of my comment.

        First, this camera is way better than a smartphone, the aperture has nothing to do with the IQ and DR of the sensor itself.

        Second, Nikon1 is a way better system but that is missing the point, do you really think that the people that this Samsung camera is aimed at even know of the existence of the Nikon1 system? I don’t think so.

        Nikon1 cameras are sold to photographers, they are sold as a second camera, the marketing is way different from what Samsung is doing and that changes everything.

        It’s not a matter of which is a better system, it’s about how do you market it, does it have any appeal? And a small, light, hipster-like with fake colored leathers, selfie and sharing ready camera does that. It has an appeal towards a group that the Nikon1 does not and Nikon1 is priced higher as well, the build quality is different, it looks different, it’s a tool for photographers.

        If not, why they sell more NEX cameras than Fuji X cameras if Fuji has a way better system, with better optics and better focal length choices as well?

        This camera is not for most of the people that follows rumors sites but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be people that are willing to buy it. Panasonic’s GM1 is in a similar category but not really, it will be interesting how the two pair up. Samsung has a way better marketing power, the GM1 is most likely a better camera and certainly has a better system what will prevail. who knows.

        • preston

          I challenge the assumption that there is even a market for these selfie obsessed non-photographers. Sure, there are plenty of people that love taking and sharing photos, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they are looking for something better than their smartphone. Image quality from smartphones has improved to the point where it doesn’t leave this crowd longing for something better. Canon tried for this market with the Powershot N and it didn’t sell well at all. The point I’m making is that the crowd that actually does want better IQ than their smartphone offers have enough of an interest in photography to consider themselves a photographer, and hence will consider the differences between a Nikon and Samsung system!

          Also, the point about the Nikon 1 system being more expensive is flat out wrong. The S1 with zoom kit lens is $280 compared to $550 for the Samsung!

          • Les

            The Nikon 1 system wouldn’t be that cheap if more people wanted it. Those are near-closeout prices.

          • Exactly and the same might happen to this Samsung if nobody wants it and it can become even cheaper since the starting price point is lower.

          • preston

            No, that is exactly MY point. The Nikon 1 system has to lower the prices because nobody wants it! The same will be true as the very very similar in just about every way Samsung NX-M.

          • PGi

            But in case of Nikon their silly pride or ego does not let them do it right in pricing, etc.
            So I will recommend this Samsung to all my coworkers and friends(who are casual photogs).

          • All I said was not assuming there IS one but that there might be one and that this camera is more interesting that the rest of the NX cameras.

            Of course it’s not just about Selfie obsessed people, if you buy an interchangeable lens system, you are at least interested in photography maybe not enough to buy a DSLR. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t make use of a camera like this one from Samsung.

            The Powershot N may be aimed at part of this crowd but it’s not the same. Why would they abandon a smartphone and use a normal P&S? They wouldn’t, the market for for anything not high-end in the P&S market is pretty much doomed.

            This is about people that like Instax, Lomo, etc. They like to take pictures, they like photography but they want it for fun much more than IQ. They would like the idea of having a small and light ILC, even if they don’t actually use more than one lens. But in this case, digital, it has to be practical, that’s why the selfie screen and sharing feats may be appealing for them.

            And again, that’s not the same target as the Nikon1 has, it’s more like people that would buy those Lomo toy lens for Micro4/3. The Pentax Q still survives but it has none of the aesthetic appeal or feats, it’s just small, not the same thing.

            This is the same crowd that Sony aimed their QX cameras, except those cameras are not practical and neither small nor light. A thin ILC that can easily share the pics with the smartphone is much more practical and that’s a major flaw of those QX cameras. If amanufacturers didn’t believe this market existed or better, if they didn’t believe in its potential, they wouldn’t invest so much money on it. In the end, they can all fail, but there is a reason they try.

            This is all just speculation, I’m not saying 1+1=2, I’m saying part of this might happen and if it succeeds it’s because of these reasons. That there are some things that might turn this more successul than the rest of the NX cameras and with this pop culture/hipster appeal, it might even be more successul than the Nikon1.

          • G16

            Do you know Hyundai? When their first car was released, it was a crappy car compare to any Japanese car makers. But it sales and survive until today.

            Do you know why? It is because many Korean people deep down they “Don’t like” Japanese. They want to compete everything Japan has offer, and people in the country is supporting it.

            It doesn’t matter what the product can or can’t do as long as their Korean company has it, they will buy it.

            This is a fact. Don’t believe me? Ask your Korean friend.

          • PGi

            You guys are tiny hearted morons indeed, none here cares about you talking about racism from either Korea or Japan’ perspective.
            We do care about cameras and lenses not shitty Asian racism.

        • PGi

          And the Samsung is well connected with best wifi implementation to go with

      • Les

        I don’t think you understand this camera. It’s not for insecure, size-obsessed, socially inept, pixel-peepers.

        It’s made for people who love to share pictures and who otherwise would only use a smartphone.

        These customers don’t want to carry around five different “lens options,” they want to take pictures whenever they feel and share them with all their friends.

        They don’t want ultra-fast lenses that render everything out-of-focus. They want in-focus pictures that they can blur with instagram filters.

        Before you get all judgmental about “real photography” and whatnot, ask yourself who is having more fun. You can also ask yourself who is better at documenting the people, places and events that are shaping their lives.

        • PGi

          Right it is for normal people.

    • Lorenzaccio

      I really don’t see how it could sell well in Japan, given the fact that Korean cameras are not being sold here. I have never seen a samsung camera (nor TVs, etc.) in a Japanese store. So the answer is: it will not sell very well. You’d better look at the Chinese market, which is way more receptive of Korean stuff…

      • Well, so the Korean and Chinese market will be up to that test.

    • PGi

      Well said entirely agree, this is what the Nikon j4 should have been

  • ymppa

    So the serial copycat attacks Nikon this time…

    • lord eels

      fuji xt copicated sony a7

  • Nope

    Look likes the offspring of an iPhone and a Nikon1… So, this time, they copied both Apple *and* Nikon?

    • a4

      …while Apple invented (smart) phone and Nikon was the one to come first with interchangeable-lens camera.
      Get real.

      • PGi

        Apple did not invent smartphone,google did!

        • AM I Am

          It was actually Ericsson the one that invented and coined the term smartphone.

  • I wonder if the Leica T system will be based along similar lines.

    I like the Mini NX, but the 1″ sensor is not quite up to the minimum standard that I would want. Micro 4/3 is as small as I would go. APS-C is plenty. YMMV. 🙂

  • mooh

    Unlike the Nikon Df which is a mess of compromises, I see the NX mini as a well engineered, simple and efficient product with certain group of customers in mind. Very specialized.

    Neither you nor I would buy one, and Samsung still needs a lot more marketing effort in the West, but I cannot help but feel this one is what good product management should come up with.

  • SensiblePricesSeeked

    This could be a Nikon 1 or m43 killer if well done.
    Pity – stupid that wide angle is so dark.

  • smarty

    They should have given Ellen one of these at the Oscars. Would have sold 2 million immediately.

    • preston

      Why would that have made it sell better? Nobody even knows or cares what type of smartphone she used.

    • AM I Am

      Who’s Ellen?

  • Andre

    PLEASE SAMSUNG MARKET THIS WELL!! This seems like a great little pocket camera, it has a clear aimed market and has smart pricing.

    This is Bloggers, Instagramers, Facebookers, Hipsters and Twitterers dream pocket camera but also i believe great for young families to

    Very Slim (poketable)
    Great Design
    MUCH better Quality the phones or CCs
    Instant access through the best camera wifi system
    Selphie Machine!!!!!

  • stoooopid

    Wow, really almost no external controls beyond what is always put on little point and shoots. Not interesting for many of the same reasons that the Nikon 1 system is not interesting.

  • PGi

    I usually hate Samsung but this time I must say well done Samsung,a great product this is what the Nikon one should have been.

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