What to expect from Samsung in 2014 (NXF1, NX1, lenses, no full frame)

Samsung - EV-NXF1 camera
Here is the information I received regarding the new Samsung cameras rumored/expected to be announced in 2014:

  • The Samsung NXF1 (or F1) camera will have a 1" sensor and Wi-Fi. This will be thinnest camera available on the market (as thin as a smartphone). There will be 3 new lenses for the NXF1 camera - one of them will be a 9mm prime, the other two will be zooms. The official announcement will be in April 2014.
  • New entry level NX3000 camera
  • Samsung NX1 will be announced in autumn (Photokina) with a 28MP APS-C sensor and 4k video recording capabilities. The camera will be weather sealed and will run on the Android OS.
  • Samsung has no plans to release a full frame camera this year.

Update #1 - I changed some of the details - the three new lenses will be for the upcoming NXF1 camera (with 1" sensor).

Update #2 - here is another set of rumored Samsung NX1 specifications:

  • 28MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Hybrid AF
  • Video recording capabilities: UHD 4K 3840×2160 at 30p/24p and full HD at 60p
  • Magnesium alloy body (weather sealed)
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  • Oliver Stein

    I doubt this 9mmm prime information ;), this is most likely from an EXIF set that I posted on DPR and that was derived from the NXF1 that had the 10mm Fisheye as lens (and for what ever reason showed this as 9mm optical focus length in its EXIF’s

    • Marco –

      I was about to say the same 🙂

    • madmax

      It´s for sure a 9 mm, 24 mm equivalent lens.

    • Mistral75

      Given the emphasis put by Samsung on the thinness of NXF1, the 9mm (1″ sensor hence 24mm equivalent focal length) is most probably a pancake lens such as Samsung 16mm f/2.4 and Sony E 16mm f/2.8, both for APS-C sensors.

  • boy, 28mpx aps-c sensor, pixel wars continue.

    • Update: I changed some of the details – the three new lenses will be for the upcoming NXF1 camera (with 1″ sensor). Sorry for the confusion but I misunderstood the information I received.

      • Mistral75

        There is still a bit of confusion; you write both
        Samsung NX1 camera will be announced in April 2014.
        Samsung NX1 will be announced in autumn (Photokina).

        I presume the first sentence refers to NXF1.

        • Mistral75

          P.S.: Technically speaking, the 2014 Photokina (from 16 to 21 September) will be in summer, not autumn ;).

        • Yes, sorry – a lot got lost in translation. I believe the NXF1 will be announced in April.

          • jk

            is that a 4k or 2k camera?

          • The NXF1 will not be 4k camera, but the NX1 will be.

  • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

    Samsung have started the year soo well but that will all be for nothing if they make the NX1 with android as they are aiming it at pros. Samsung need to realize there entry level cameras should run android and there mid to pro levels should be there own UI

  • Marco –

    Noooo, please, NOT android on nx1…


    Rather, a rangefinder retro camera with Tizen with a super powerful cpu to make operational speed finally acceptable.

    • jk

      then what OS do you want on it?

      • Marco –

        Tizen, as I wrote, and as in nx300, nx30 and nx2000. Much faster, more responsive, with much longer battery life.

  • guest

    “Samsung NX1 camera will be announced in April 2014.”
    maybe NXF1?

    • madmax

      Maybe. You see, also the post says NX1 will be announced in autumn Photokina 😉

  • jk

    obviously , they are not as stupid as Sony, FF is still good but only for die hard bokeh or thin DOF fanatics.
    for pure IQ , we will have to go MF anyway.
    I think affordable MF cameras for most of us are on the horizon, and as some one actually releases MFDB at 8k(the price for the D3X) , then many of landscape or studio guys move up to MFDB land.

    so it is extremely wise to shun so-called FF or FX, I think it is just too arrogant to call tiny 35mm chip as FF.
    I personally hate the name FF and FX although I still have a few of them.

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